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RUSH: Here’s Art in Hartford, Connecticut, as we head back to the phones. Thank you for waiting, Art. Great to have you on the show.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Look, I’m kind of confused about the whole Iran deal. I mean, the Constitution says Congress is supposed approve treaties.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And that’s a deal between two countries, which this is.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: So I was thinking now, why would the Republicans want to reverse the burden, why doesn’t Obama need to get a 66th vote? I think they really don’t want the decision on this. I think that they’re afraid that if the treaty gets turned down by the Senate, then if we do have to bomb (unintelligible) Iraq or any of those places (unintelligible) Obama will turn around and say this is the fault of the Senate that we’re doing this. And I think they’re afraid of that responsibility, so if they figure this way, if the deal goes bad, they can just say, “You know, it’s Obama’s deal, it’s his fault.” So they’re more concerned about the politics than they are about the principle of stopping Iran from getting a bomb. They don’t care about it. You know, they don’t care about our dead soldiers.

RUSH: I think you’re overthinking it. I don’t think the Republicans are thinking down the road at all. I think they’re thinking no further than their nose, and it is we just don’t dare publicly criticize or oppose our president. Obama’s loved and adored. He’s African-American. There’s nothing in it for us. So they go through the motions with the Corker Bill of making their supporters think that they oppose it and are fighting it, when they’re not. The Corker Bill actually put the onus on the Senate to stop it, which it was never gonna do, rather than putting the onus on the president to make it happen. They just don’t want any part of being seen as opposing Obama.

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