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RUSH: Here’s Fred, a trucker, in Iowa. Great to have you, Fred. How are you?

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Dittos. I’m a 26-year listener. I’m one of those people that actually lost a digit off my finger dialing the number.

RUSH: One of the people that has lost a digit. (laughing)

CALLER: You used to say that, and I haven’t heard it in a while, but, no kidding, it’s gone. Anyway, right to the point. Oh, by the way, kudos to Mr. Snerdley. Couldn’t have been treated better. Thank you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: This gentleman that wrote the article that you’ve been reading from, first of all, this guy is not a conservative. He may even be a Democrat. I wrote down a couple of notes. I think he has the moral authority of Harry Reid. He has the intellect of Nancy Pelosi and Rita from Milwaukee.

RUSH: Rita from Milwaukee! (laughing)

CALLER: Yeah, I told you I’ve been listening a long time.

RUSH: You have. Obviously you have. That’d be Rita X.

CALLER: Yes, Rita X, good old — oh, boy. Anyway, I think I have finally found the solution for all these people.

RUSH: What is it?

CALLER: If they finally, at long last, elect Nelson Rockefeller as president, then they’ll be happy.

RUSH: You know, there’s more truth to that than you — I know you’re making a joke, but there’s more truth to that than you know. They have been trying to get Nelson Rockefeller elected president ever since 1992, no question about it, meaning Republican-in-Name-Only, a Northeastern liberal Republican, sophisticated establishment type. Anyway, Fred, I appreciate the call, I really do.

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