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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton — apparently, obviously clear here — is gonna get away with violating all kinds of national security. The latest thing that she’s guilty of here — and it’s a felony. Andy McCarthy wrote about this today at National Review Online. (shuffling papers) Let me find it here. What it is, Obama issues an executive order, number 13526.

“In the first year of his administration (December 29, 2009, to be exact), President Obama issued Executive Order 13526, entitled ‘Classified National Security Information.’ It explains that information is deemed classified if its disclosure would cause ‘damage to the national security.’ Beyond that, whether the classified information is categorized as ‘top secret,’ ‘secret,’ or ‘confidential’ depends on how serious the damage would be.

“With that as background, the order makes clear that there is one category of information that is automatically deemed classified: information from foreign governments. Section 1.1(d) of the executive order decrees: ‘The unauthorized disclosure of foreign government information is presumed to cause damage to the national security.'” I’m sorry; guilty! There is no way Mrs. Clinton can say that this did not happen with these e-mails that she has or has not released.

We can document it. There have been e-mails about foreign governments, disclosure of foreign government information. Hell, she’s out soliciting donations from them, for the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, for crying out loud, and her future presidency. She’s in violation of executive order. The executive order governs the executive branch. I know you’re probably saying, “Wait a minute, Rush! Are you validating an Obama executive order?”

Yeah, because this is about behavior in his administration, all of the employees there, and what they can and can’t do regarding classified data. She’s clearly in violation of this, if nothing else. His own executive order. I mean, it’s been clear from the beginning here, and you’ve got this 6,000 e-mail release that the Clintons deign to preserve, 125 of those reportedly contain classified information. That’s information we have learned today.

These are e-mails that Clinton sent, received, and stored via her private server were rife with information from foreign governments. She’s clearly in violation of Obama’s executive order; it’s felony. Where’s the action? Where’s the call for action? Where’s the demand that something be done to her over this? There isn’t. I’m just telling you, you can release all the facts about this you want — you could release the most damning evidence in the world in this e-mail dump — and if there is no call by anybody to do something to her, nobody’s gonna think it matters.

The low-information crowd is not gonna think there’s anything to it, because he will rightly conclude, “If there’s something she did something really bad, if she was really harming the country, somebody would do something about it.” And since nobody is, you can’t blame the low-information crowd for thinking there’s nothing to see here. You know, in another e-mail of hers she writes to somebody, “Please send that to my private server.” Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute!

She’s acknowledging she’s got two different locations for collecting and disseminating and dealing with e-mails. “Please send that to me private server. Please get back to me at my private address.” What’s that? I don’t care what it is. It’s clear evidence that she is operating in the dark. She doesn’t want any accountability. James Carville admitted this on Meet the Press earlier this year when he’s trying to crack a joke.

He said, “I’m sure that Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want Louie Gohmert going through her e-mail.” It’s clear as a bell what she’s trying to do. She’s trying to behave without any accountability. She wants secrecy. She doesn’t want anybody to see what she’s doing. Don’t misunderstand. In a normal, sane world, she would be hip deep in legal trouble. She is hip deal in legal trouble. But if nobody’s gonna pursue it, then big whoop.


RUSH: Ah, Hillary Clinton’s e-mails were born classified. Classified E-mails Matter. It was an e-mail to George Mitchell, the former Democrat majority leader in the Senate, former commissioner of something, special advisor here or there. He was the most partisan man in Washington, DC, and he got away with it like Puff Daschle did. George Mitchell was the most soft-spoken, just looked like your avuncular grandfather that maybe you wouldn’t mind showing up on Thanksgiving. He was the most partisan, vicious political hit man behind the scenes, just to tell you low-information people who he was or is.

Anyway, Hillary sends him an e-mail, says: Here’s my personal e-mail. Please use this for reply. She was telling Mitchell to send information from a foreign minister to her private e-mail. Makes it automatically classified, according to Obama’s executive order. It isn’t arguable. It’s not a subject for debate whether or not she was trafficking in classified data. She was, by virtue of her own president’s definition, in his own executive order, December 29th, 2009. It’s automatically classified, without being stamped, because it contained information from a foreign minister, and she wanted that sent to her private e-mail.

What the hell is her private e-mail? Where did that go? Is it a different bathroom in Denver? Or is it a different bathroom in a different city? Or is it a different room in the Chappaqua compound? George Mitchell is now the special envoy to the Middle East, so whatever he was talking about was highly sensitive, and it was about foreign governments. And she was trafficking in it, in violation of Obama’s executive order. It’s important, folks. It would be easy for somebody to stand up and say she has violated the law, she trafficked in classified data, we demand action.

Let’s get to the phones on this. Allentown, Pennsylvania. We own Allentown. We’ve owned Allentown since 1988 when the program debuted. Here’s Angelo. Angelo, great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, mega dittos from the Lehigh Valley.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yes. Big time Rush country. Rush, I think that maybe we kind of want to string Hillary along. You know, she’s a weak candidate to start with, I think before this even started. And with this trailing behind her, it makes our candidate even stronger. What do you think?

RUSH: Well, as I understand what you’re saying, the strategy is for the drip, drip, drip to add, add, add, build up and build up and build up and make it look like Hillary’s got constant questions about her. This will cause the Democrats to get nervous and maybe look for somebody else to run in her place, like Biden. It may be, but I don’t think the Republicans — (laughing) — I guarantee the Republicans are sitting around watching this, hoping that it turns out okay for them. They’re not trying to make anything happen. They’re just hoping it works out for ’em, whatever that would be.

Now, Richard Trumka, the scrunchy faced head honcho of the AFL-CIO — well, he is. Looks like his head has been put in a vise, top to bottom, like he was in a Bond movie or something. Anyway, he’s out there saying — what did he say? They’re calling for more debates, more Democrat debates. And he’s saying the field is still wide open. So the news, quote, unquote, is that there continues to be a little bit of unhappiness on the Democrat side where Mrs. Clinton is concerned. And so the Republicans in their brilliance, seeing that this is happening, have decided to stand off to the side and let the drip, drip, drip hopefully drown her. But I think the drip, drip, drip is designed to bore everybody.

Look, I don’t want to repeat myself. I really don’t, but if nothing happens, the drip, drip, dripping isn’t gonna hurt her. Just go back, this is how they beat Ken Starr. There was a drip, drip, drip every day about what a sex pervert he was. And back then people looked at Ken Starr, “Sex pervert? You gotta be kidding, nobody’s gonna believe that. Ken Starr? He’s maybe never even pulled his pants down. Sex pervert? Nobody’s gonna believe this.” So they didn’t react to it.

James Carville’s on C-SPAN accusing him of working in concert with Martians to kill kids by selling cigarettes. Larry King (imitating King), “Ken, are you really working with Martians to sell cigarettes?” And Carville (imitating Carville), “See? See? He doesn’t even have the guts to deny it, Larry.” That’s the kind of stuff — we parodied it, but every day they attack Ken Starr as a sex pervert. And the Republicans, “Nobody’s gonna ever believe that.”

But it wasn’t about making people believe the specifics. It was about shifting the focus of blame to who’s the real problem here and it became Ken Starr. And of course Ken Starr, “I will not sully the office of the independent counsel by responding to these cheap political attacks. I will continue with my investigation. I will not get down in the gutter with them.”

Well, the gutter was where the war was fought, and we didn’t have anybody there. Then the Alberto Gonzales story is another classic example. Look, the Republican Party would rather drive Trump out than Hillary. Don’t you get that impression? They’d rather get rid of Trump than Hillary. Hillary’s one of them. She’s an elite. Party establishment. The known quantity.

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