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RUSH: This is Melissa, Peoria, Illinois. Hi, Melissa. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you so much. This is just such an honor. I love listening to your show, and you just crack me up. The thing that I am struggling with is I’m a new listener to your program, and I’ve always kind of considered myself a liberal, but I feel like that has changed over the years. And so over the past few years I’ve been trying to educate myself and be open to other views, and I’ve been listening to you more, I’ve been listening to Glenn Beck, and it makes sense. To me it’s common sense. But what really has me bothered is I’m a huge Facebook user and I’m always posting things with the intent to inform. I don’t make fun of people. I try to set a good Christian example. I think I posted one thing on Facebook one time that was like this cartoon of Hillary Clinton, but it was hilarious, I couldn’t help it.

RUSH: I know how you feel.

CALLER: Other than that, I try to set a good example, and every time I do, there’s a couple things that bother me. I don’t get enough support from my conservative friends on my post. I feel like I’m kind of alone, you know, where are their voices, too? And I’m tired of being bullied.

RUSH: I know how you feel. (laughing)

CALLER: I know you do. But what bothers me even more are the posts that my liberal friends, what they say. It’s so negative, it’s angry, it’s mean, and I even point that out. I say, why do you have to be so angry? Let’s just discuss this. The responses that I get from my liberal friends, most of them are of that nature. And I just don’t get it. I’m so frustrated. I want to defriend those people but I don’t want them to win. I don’t want to give them the satisfaction. I feel like I’m still being bullied if I defriend them. And I want to keep posting things to inform people. It’s my responsibility and I just want my conservative friends to back me up more.

RUSH: Well, there’s a lot there. First off, thank you. I’m glad you found this program, and I’m glad that you found it helpful. As to being on your own, look, you can do it. I can tell already you can do it. It would be nice if you had some support, but you might not get as much as you want, in a lot of areas in life, by the way. But you’re following your heart, you’re following your mind, you’re doing what’s right, you’re trying to persuade people. The biggest obstacle you have, you’re not gonna persuade people on the left. At least if you do, they’re never gonna let you know that you have.

And, Melissa, you’re saying you’re relatively new to conservatism. You know, I’m 64. My whole life I have noted how angry they are all the time. They’re never happy. No matter how much in a political sense they win, they’re never happy. And I’ve concluded there are many reasons for it. The primary reason is that what upsets them the most is that there’s any opposition at all. They’re not interested in debate, Melissa. They don’t care about your point of view. Yours isn’t valid. Their problem with you is that you exist. The better you are at expressing your opinion, the bigger problem you present to them.

They’re not interested in debate. They don’t think they should have to. They don’t try to win debate. They try to destroy your reputation, your character, people’s impression of you, to discredit you. They’re not happy because there is opposition. And they’re never going to be happy, and you can’t make them happy. Anybody, actually, happiness is a personal responsibility, I’ve always thought.

So you just keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll never know how many people you are truly influencing. Most people do not want to admit that they didn’t know anything until you told them. Everybody wants to think they’re independently smart. The best way to persuade somebody is to make them think that they’ve changed your mind. The art of persuasion is to set up circumstances to which the conclusion you want is obvious. They come to the conclusion, and they think they’re brilliant for arriving at it, not that you are for steering them to it. That doesn’t matter.

If you really want to persuade them, understand that very few are gonna say, “Wow, Melissa, you really opened my eyes.” Some will. But not all. So you have to seek refuge and confidence in the belief that you know you are doing right, believing right, and set the example. And let the chips fall. You’ll end up having much more happy people around you than you’ll realize.

You know what? Mr. Snerdley, ask if she will give us her number so we can continue this. I’m out of time here. It would be easier for us to call her back sometime than for her to get back through.

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