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RUSH: This is Sam in St. Simons Island in Georgia. It’s a beautiful place, too, by the way, folks. Sam, how are you?

CALLER: Great, Rush. Thank you so much. So Trump calls Anthony Weiner a perv, and the Drive-Bys are outraged? Andrea Mitchell just said Trump’s comments about Weiner are shocking?

RUSH: Well, they probably are to Andrea Mitchell.

CALLER: I mean, we all know what this guy did, but —

RUSH: See, that’s the thing. Whatever he did, what did he do? I’ve forgotten. What, did he get naked and take pictures of — that’s right. He took pictures of Mt. McKinley out there, put them all over the — well, I’m just joking. It wasn’t McKinley. That’s right, exactly, it was like a concave moon crater. Anyway, he put these pictures out there, and Andrew Breitbart, they tried to smear Andrew Breitbart with all this, and Breitbart put it all to bed and made it right. Apparently, Andrea Mitchell is not upset with what Weiner did, she’s upset with the way Trump has properly characterized it.

CALLER: That’s about as good as it gets, right there. I mean we all know what the guy is, but she’s outraged about what Trump said.

RUSH: Well, you’re just not supposed to… I mean, there’s a deal inside the Beltway with the establishment. Whatever they do, I mean, if it requires condemnation at the time, so be it, but then it’s over. Once the condemnation has occurred, it’s over, and they circle the wagons. After all, the guy is married to Huma and they can’t tear him apart because that’s tearing apart Huma, and Huma works for Hillary. So Trump comes along and happens to voice what the average, ordinary person who knows what Weiner did, what they think. That’s all Trump did. (imitating Trump) “Man, what a perv. Who in the world would do this?” And it’s quite telling that a Drive-By journalist who’s been there 70 years, Andrea Mitchell, would be outraged at the comment rather than the act.

CALLER: It’s just unbelievable. Unbelievable.

RUSH: Well, she’s not the only one, by the way. There are a lot of —

CALLER: Oh, I’ve heard a lot of more of ’em do it.

RUSH: Isn’t it amazing, the words you say are far more offensive and a far bigger problem than the actions undertaken by Weiner. But Trump is unfazed by it. In fact, I think he probably gets a rush when people like Andrea Mitchell go nuts over people like this, because he knows that he happens to be voicing, in the language used, the reactions by a vast majority of the American people.

Andrea Mitchell can’t hurt Trump; that’s the point. That’s why they’re so upset about his favorable-unfavorable doing this total 180 shift. He did it without them. I mean, aside from the achievement, the fact that he was able to do that without them playing a role, that scares them. That, if anything, will tell them that they are irrelevant when it comes to Trump that would be bad.

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