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RUSH: Have you all heard about Joe Biden’s son and Ashley Madison? You know what the Ashley Madison website is? It’s where if you want to have an affair, you sign up. You know what they found out about that site? There are only 12,000 women on it. The rest, in millions, are men, and most of the women have never even… The female members have never even used it. It’s almost exclusively a male site.

Anyway, Joe Biden’s kid is on the site, is a registered member, Hunter Biden, Robert Hunter Biden. Now, Robert Hunter Biden… (chuckles) I shouldn’t laugh. I’m sorry. Family tragedies and all. He’s saying that family enemies obviously did this to try to impugn him and the family name. But right there it is, an account on the Ashley Madison website. He’s a business executive, by the way, Robert Hunter Biden.

He’s an advisor to his father’s political career, meaning he’s a day-to-day advisor, not just on campaigns but every day to day. If Plugs has a question about anything, he goes to Hunter. He’s in that inner group of advisors, and Hunter Biden “told Breitbart News Monday that he suspected his enemies of creating a fake Ashley Madison account for him in order to discredit him,” and to tarnish the family name. “The email address provided for ‘Robert Biden’s’ account matched a personal email address once used by Biden, the vice president’s son confirmed.”

Now, Biden, Hunter Biden “thinks international agents, possibly Russian, who objected to his board membership with a Ukrainian gas company set up a fake account to discredit him. A source close to Biden told People Magazine after the first Breitbart story ran that the IP address for the account traces to Jacksonville, Florida.” Okay, so for this to be true, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, has an account on Ashley Madison, the I-want-to-have-an-affair website. He claims that he’s been tricked.

He claims that agents of Russia registered his name on that site (which means agents of Russia must have known the site was gonna get hacked). And then after that, the hackers must have been able — the Russian agents must have known the hackers were going to release Biden’s name. This is an all-encompassing thing. The only problem for Hunter Biden is, and I’ll bet many people don’t know this, when you sign up…

When you register at a website, you know, your phone has GPS in it. And your location is always registered. Your latitude and longitude when you sign on to a website, they know where you are. Even if you turn location services off, your phone can still be tracked. The location services on your phone gets rid of some trackability, but it doesn’t turn off the ability to find out where you are, and the GPS coordinators for Hunter Biden’s account trace right to Georgetown University where he works.

So it’s obviously his account. He had no idea.

“[A]ccount information shows that the profile” set up for Hunter Biden on Ashley Madison “which was confirmed by a credit card purchase in 2014, was used at the latitude/longitude point,” and the numbers are given. “That latitude-longitude point just happens to exist on the Georgetown University campus, at an administrative building on Reservoir Road. And Hunter Biden just happened to be teaching there around the time the account was set up.” How did the Russians know that?

How did the Russians know to get into Hunter’s phone, or how did the Russians know to hack his phone and put the correct latitude/longitude GPS coordinates in there when they registered and signed him up on fake account at Ashley Madison? I just… I don’t know. Something about it amused me, and what amused me was the… (laughing) I’m laughing at the tangle of misfortune here. It is, “Hey, the Russians did it! You know, I’m such a big guy, I’m such a big enemy, I pose such a big threat,” nobody’s ever heard of him, “that the Russians obviously set this all up.”

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