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RUSH: This is Dominic. We have a 10-year-old from Lumberton, New Jersey, on the phones that’s held for quite a while. Dominic, how are you, sir?

CALLER: I’m very well, thank you, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: (laughing) I’m actually doing great, thank you very much. I’m glad that you called and got through.

CALLER: I wanted to thank you for writing those books. I really love them. I know my friends love them and all that, and I love your CDs, too. I only read two of the books. I don’t have the other one, not yet at least. And I also wanted to say I love the episode that you were in on Family Guy.

RUSH: (laughing) Your parents let you watch that?

CALLER: Yes. I watched it, yeah, I liked it very much.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. I knew there was a reason, a good reason to do that show.


RUSH: Now, wait a second. Dominic, which book is it that you don’t have? ‘Cause I want to send it to you. Is it the most recent one?


RUSH: Okay. So when we finish here I need you to not hang up so that the nice lady you talked to can get your address. We’ll send you a package of things here, Dominic, because you’re a great guy.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: You are. I’m so flattered that you like these books, and I’m so flattered that you’re reading them and learning from them. It makes my day.

CALLER: Hm-hm. I want to say hi to my parents, ’cause I know they’re watching, and my grandfather, my pop pop here wants to talk to you if he can.

RUSH: Sure. I’ve got about a minute. Put him on real quick.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: This is Terry from North Emerald in Pennsylvania.

RUSH: Hi, Terry.

CALLER: I just wanted to say I’ve been following you for years and years. I’m 77 years old. We really like you.

RUSH: Well, I thank you very much. I really do.

CALLER: What’s that, sir?

RUSH: I appreciate it. I thank you, I thank you very much for saying that.

CALLER: Yeah, I’m glad my grandson got through. I really appreciate that, Rush.

RUSH: Well, he sounds really cool, Terry.

CALLER: What’s that?

RUSH: He sounds like he’s older than 10 to me. Sounds like he’s really —

CALLER: Yeah, he’s 10, but he’s like 10 going on 20.

RUSH: Sounds like it. Sounds like it.

CALLER: I want you to talk to Dominic again, please.

RUSH: Okay, put him back on real quickly.

CALLER: Hello?

RUSH: Dominic? Thank you again.


RUSH: Now, remember, don’t hang up, son, so we can get your address, send these books to you, okay?

CALLER: Okay. Thank you for letting me be on the show.

RUSH: Well, thank you for calling, and you have a great weekend, Dominic.

CALLER: Go Trump.

RUSH: Go Trump. (laughing)

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