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RUSH: There’s all kinds of new polls out, ladies and gentlemen. A new Quinnipiac poll. You know what the word most commonly associated with Hillary Clinton is? “Liar.” I’m not kidding. The second most closely associated word Hillary Clinton is “dishonest.” And the third most commonly associated word with Mrs. Clinton is “untrustworthy.” And she is the Democrats’ leading nominee. And Joe Biden is getting out that he doesn’t know if he’s got enough emotional fuel in the tank.

He just doesn’t know if he’s got it.

On the Republican side, there’s big news with Trump. Trump has told Republican brass that he will forgo a third-party run. That could be a game changer. Well, I don’t know, inside the RNC if it’s gonna be a game-changer, but that has been one of the primary roadblocks that several — and there are many. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t want to overemphasize this. But one of the early hooks that Trump opponents had to latch onto was, “Hey, the guy won’t even take a pledge not to run third party.

“How the heck could you support that guy?”

Well, he’s taken that hook away from ’em, and so now they’ve gotta glom onto other reasons to see they’re not interested in Trump. Meanwhile, he has hit 40%. This is a Gravis (or Grah-viss. I’m not sure how to pronounce it) Marketing poll, front-runner Trump at 40%. It’s the first time a candidate has reached above the 30% mark. This outfit, Gravis Marketing, does political polls via robo-calls, so maybe only Trump supporters are enthusiastic enough to actually respond to ’em. It’s not one of these scientific polls, but it is a new number that nobody else has hit, and it fits with the Trump momentum.

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