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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, The Viewers View babes are back. These are the African-American ladies for Trump, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, and they have reacted to Trump’s immigration plan on their YouTube channel.

HARDAWAY: Then he said, “You know what?”


HARDAWAY: “We gonna have to deport these illegals.”

RICHARDSON: That what he said?

HARDAWAY: And I said, “You know what?” I said, “Now, that’s how you lead, baby.” We won’t have to see Americans holding them signs talking about having to work for food —

RICHARDSON: That’s right.

HARDAWAY: — because now there will be jobs available.


HARDAWAY: Those people that gets out of prison —


HARDAWAY: — they will have jobs to go to.


HARDAWAY: Those people that don’t have a job —


HARDAWAY: — they will have jobs to go to.

RUSH: So it sounds like The Viewers View African-American babes are very excited about Trump’s immigration plan because it’s gonna reopen the American job market for American convicts. There are gonna be jobs to go to when people in prison get out. Right now there aren’t any jobs because they’re being taken by — (laughing) — what they’re doing at the RNC and the DNC when hear this. They can’t believe — (laughing) — it’s the most fun thing to contemplate. They just can’t — (laughing)

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