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RUSH: This is Paul in Akron, Ohio. Welcome, sir. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. Snerdley told me to get to the point, so I’ll do this. The Planned Parenthood video that you talked about where babies are being dismembered while they’re still alive is symptomatic of a culture that treats people as property, as commodities. You’ve been talking about it. Hillary says that people need to be controlled by laws. You know, what’s the difference between the slaves in the 1800s that had shackles around their legs and laws that shackle our freedom now?

It’s just… It’s just all part of the same thing. It’s just a culture where people need to be controlled, they need to enslaved, they have no freedom, and we’re bringing up… We’re encouraging illegal aliens to come into this country. Uh, it’s no different than the slaves being brought over from Africa where basically, again, they’re treated as commodities. They’re doing the same jobs the slaves did in the 1800s: Working in the farms, doing manual labor. And all for the hope of, “Well, maybe we’ll give you a little bit of money. We’ll keep you off the books. You know, it’s a better life.” So-and-so, quote-unquote.

RUSH: Look, I realize what… The analogy here is not quite complete. Slaves, by definition, were not paid. And the illegal aliens are, somehow, some way. Those who work. But, look, I get your drift. Your basic point is that there has been a cheapening and a coarsening of the entire notion of the sanctity of life throughout our culture. And that is… I know what you believe. You believe that is at the root, or is the foundation, of so many things falling apart culturally. For example… I know what he means, folks, because I’m host.

In the case of the… I’m gonna stop calling this illegal immigration ’cause I really don’t think that’s what this is. I think… Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a trap. But it does cause a different way of thinking about it. If people could change their attitude of what’s happening and look at it as an invasion — or if you don’t like that term, how about this? How about “colonization”? The left hates that term, right? Okay, if the word “invasion” is too much for you, if that makes you uncomfortable — you don’t want to think of the daily border crossings as an invasion — then think of it as colonization.

They’re not assimilating. There is no desire to assimilate, and we are not forcing it. We are making it very easy for subcultures to exist as subsets of the American culture or with no relationship to the American culture, and it’s destructive. But his point here is that if life is worth so little that Planned Parenthood can abort babies that survive the abortion and still kill them while they’re alive to harvest body parts for whatever reason, without any national outrage, then we have become a country that doesn’t value things like we used to.

And if we’re not gonna value life at its earliest stages, then who’s gonna care about the way adults are treated, the elderly are treated, or what have you? And if then you couple that with what we’ve learned about Mrs. Clinton, that you can’t change minds and hearts, and that you shouldn’t even try, and government’s job is to force people to behave the way they want? Well, when you’re forcing people to behave the way you want, you have to deny them freedom, which is his point.

And Mrs. Clinton, whether she knows it or not, that’s exactly what she said when she was talking to that Black Lives Matter guy. When she said… He was trying to tell her that until she better understands the plight of African-Americans, it’s worthless to talk to her about it. And she got mad and said, “Well, if that’s your attitude, I’m just gonna keep talking to white people … ’cause you can’t change minds and hearts.”

Meaning, she’s not even interested in understanding who people are and why they do what they do. She’s only interested in how to force people to do what she wants them to do. You want ’em to have health insurance? Okay, here comes Obamacare and forces ’em to, and if they don’t, it’s either a fine or jail time. You don’t persuade ’em how it’s good, you don’t persuade ’em it’s the best thing for them, you don’t try to sell them. You don’t waste time doing that, ’cause that’s not your goal. You’re not interested in that.

You’re interested in behavior, forcing behavior you want. In fact, not even behavior. You are demanding and forcing conformity. And for this to be happening with ever increasing levels, our caller believes there has to be an overall loss of appreciation for the specialness of life. (interruption) The Official Program Observer, for the third time in this monologue, is interrupting and asking for the opportunity to ask a question.

What’s the question? (interruption) Do I think what can change hearts? (interruption) Planned Parenthood video? (interruption) If it’s seen, yeah. (interruption) Yeah, I’ve always thought if these videos, particularly this one with the woman… I only saw a still shot, but of the woman holding the little fetus in her two hands. Oh, there’s no question if people saw what’s going on in these clinics, I think there’d be a national outrage. But his point is, “Why should it take that? Why can’t you hear, in words, what’s happening and be outraged by it?”

Look, I don’t want to get distracted by that. ‘Cause to a certain degree, I accept the point that he tried to make there. I do think that there is an overall loss in the appreciation for the specialness of life, and there’s all kinds of reasons for it. I mean, look at the number of people watching TV for years. Bad people get killed and they’re alive the next day. I mean, what’s death really to some people? Other people, it is final, but they expect to die before they’re 25 anyway so no big deal.

There’s just a… There’s been a ratcheting down of expectations, lofty expectations. Look, here’s another way of making the point. I saw the James Harrison story, the linebacker for the Steelers who discovered his kids, his two sons won participation trophies. And he was outraged and he sent them back to the school. And he told his sons. And he did an Instagram post. He said (paraphrased), “My kids are not gonna learn that you get a trophy for showing up.

“My kids are not gonna learn that you get a trophy for trying hard. You only get a trophy for winning something.” Look at the outpouring of people that agreed. What I think we’re seeing here in a number of recent incidents is conclusive evidence that we’ve not lost the country. That what we’ve lost is Washington. We haven’t lost the country. People are still… Political correctness is a minority thing that somehow has bullied its way into dominance.

People are afraid to make waves ’cause they don’t want to call attention to themselves because people in authority can then punish them for it, such as principals and teachers at their kids’ schools. So they let whatever happens happen, and they just try not to get noticed. They don’t want to make waves. Everybody sees what happens the little pizza shop Indiana. Everybody sees what happens to these businesses that didn’t want to bake a cake or take photos for a gay wedding, and they say, “Gee, I don’t want that kind of treatment!”

But privately they’re seething, and the first opportunity they have to tell everybody think this PC’s a bunch of junk they stand up and say so. There was unanimous, almost unanimous acclaim for what James Harrison did. So I think that there’s actually more positive going on in the country than anybody’s aware of; we just don’t see it. But we’re starting to now, in rare instances. But the political correctness angle here. It’s a tool created by the left that is essentially censorship.

And it aids in enforcing the conformity that Hillary Clinton and other Democrats demand. Political correctness is an abject denial of freedom and liberty, and a punishment for those who violate it, all rolled into one. Now, for the longest time a lot of people have been thinking that it must be a majority view because there’s no protest against it whenever it happens, except I think that’s dead wrong. I think it’s just people are afraid to speak up. When something happens like James Harrison and they all have a chance to stand up for it…

Or Trump’s candidacy is offering people an opportunity to stand up and be fearless, ’cause there’s a leader out there showing the way. I mean, one thing Trump is doing… I don’t care whatever else you think of Trump, but one thing Trump is doing is killing political correctness. He’s wiping it out. He’s leaving political correctness in a trail of dust. He has violated tenets of political correctness from day one, and he is leading in the Republican polls and has pulled within six points of Hillary in a general, in the last CNN poll.

Everything that he was supposed to kill his candidacy has not; it has aided it. Everything that was supposed to destroy his chances has not done that; it’s done the opposite. It has enhanced his appeal. What does it tell you? It tells you people are fed up! They’re fed up with all kinds of cowardly, quiet, accepting, appeasement-oriented kind of behavior, particularly from people they think are their political leaders.

I think there’s a lot happening here in front of our very eyes that happens to be very positive, and I think people are seeing that themselves. I think we are in the midst here of a profoundly monumental opportunity that nobody could have predicted. You know, I can remember people calling here, “Rush, what do you think it is that’s gonna be the tipping point? There has to be a tipping point. At some point people are gonna stand up and say, ‘I’ve had it. I’m not putting up with it anymore.'”

“I have no idea,” I said. It’s unpredictable. Who knows what the future is gonna be. Who knows where the bottom is. Who knows where the event that causes people to stand up and say, “Screw this. No more,” and reject all this stuff from the left. We could be witnessing it. Time will tell.

In the meantime there are clearly very positive things to glean from all of this. And I think that’s what has so many people, whatever you call ’em in the establishment, the elites or whatever, I think that’s why so many of them are bamboozled now. None of this was seen, none of it’s predictable, and in the middle of it, everything that they predicted was going to happen hasn’t. The exact opposite of what all the smart people tell us, the opposite is happening.


RUSH: We’ve had a development here, folks. We got audio to support this, too. And I need to find this. We broke the story for you that this little community, Huntington Park, near Los Angeles, had put two illegal aliens on its city council. We broke that story, we did a Morning Update about it.

Here is the latest, Breitbart from yesterday: “Francisco Rivera is a legal immigrant who delivered an impassioned speech to the Huntington Park City Council on Monday night, joining other residents in protest against their decision to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions. Rivera, who is originally from Jalisco, Mexico, told Breitbart News that he is opposed to honoring those who have broken the laws of the country. ‘You shouldnÂ’t get special treatment or get rewarded if you break federal laws by coming illegally.'”

We have audio sound bites of all kinds of people upset at what happened. Citizens outraged that Huntington Park, California, has illegal aliens on the city counsel. Here is the first. This is an African-American woman bringing up Trump.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Do you know why Donald Trump is popular? It’s because of people like you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We, the people, implies we, the citizens. Not we, the illegal aliens.

RUSH: They’re outraged out there in Huntington Park, California. They’re outraged. Here’s an African-American woman saying, “You want to know why Trump’s popular? It’s ’cause of people like you, putting illegals on the city council.” Here is Francisco Rivera, who is a resident there, who is also upset about it.

RIVERA: I don’t think it’s fair for the people that come to this country legally and they go through all the processes and the paperwork and, you know, all the things that they gotta do to, you know, to be legal here in this country, for somebody just to come in illegally and be in the position that this young man is, it’s kind of like when somebody cuts in line in front of you. It’s just not right, you know? We are a country of immigrants, but do we really want to be a country of illegal immigrants?

RUSH: See, I’m telling you, folks, we’re not talking about illegal immigration. I’ll tell you what is happening here. These people at Huntington Park on the city council, I don’t know if it was one person that made this decision or a couple of them that put the illegals on a couple of sub-councils, but in order to do it, they think that the illegals are victims. This is what’s really upside down about all this. I mean, there’s a lot about this that’s upside down. But because of the anti-illegal immigration chatter in this country, a lot of bleeding hearts think that the illegals have become victims and there is a lot of sympathy for them.

They are considered to be under assault. So we’re gonna be nice, and we’re gonna show that we care, and we’re gonna show we have compassion. So we’re gonna put ’em on the city council. And they’re getting a taste of what the citizens out there think about it. It’s outrageous. It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense. In the first place, they’re not victims of anything and all of this sympathy is not really warranted here. But this is just another example of many that are happening here all over the country serving to illustrate what actually is a majority point of view in this country, and is not what we are treated to in the news every day. It’s not what the Democrat Party tells us.

We are being governed, we are being bullied by a genuine minority that does not believe in anything but laws to force people to conform and behave the way they want them to. They don’t believe in trying to reach people’s hearts and minds and persuade them. They don’t want to have to convince people that their way is the best. They want to force people into behaving the way they want. And what we are seeing is that there is a big majority of people who are not happy with this, and it’s a positive, folks. It means we’ve not lost the country. And I never have thought we’ve lost it, by the way. Here’s one more sound bite from Francisco Rivera.

RIVERA: You know what? I could honestly say I think it was about time that somebody literally would stand up and say that, because I feel I have seen totally entire Latino communities going down the drain because people that come to this country illegally, they have no passion for their communities. I mean, they spray paint graffiti and it’s just very, very sad. I think it was about time that somebody literally say that. I guess this will really wake us up.

RUSH: He’s talking about Trump. He’s talking about Trump’s immigration plan. He’s in favor of it. Hispanic. We’re told the Republicans have to pander. We’re told Republicans have to pander to the illegals in order to win the presidency, get the Hispanic vote. Who is it showing up in opposition to this? Hispanics showing support for Trump. Once again, teachable moments.


RUSH: We live in exciting times, and despite what everybody may think, I think we’re on the cusp here of a profound opportunity. Anything can change overnight, make me change my opinion on that, but as we sit here today it’s exciting times.

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