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RUSH: I mentioned the conclusion of the previous hour that Hillary Clinton has been caught on an undercover video arguing with activists from Black Lives Matter who were comparing her and her husband to plantation owners. CNN is actually playing some short clips from this. But they are not showing you what you’re gonna hear here. They’re not showing you the part where the activists lecture Mrs. Clinton and blame her for the black incarceration problem in America and compare her to a plantation owner.

We have three bites. It was last Tuesday in Keene, New Hampshire, after a campaign event. Hillary Clinton meeting with Black Lives Matter activists, and during the meeting, an activist says this about African-American incarceration and the 1994 Crime Bill — which, of course, was her husband’s.

ACTIVIST: Until we as a country — and then the person who’s in the seat that you seek —

WOMAN: Mmm-hmm.

ACTIVIST: — actually addresses the anti-blackness current —

WOMAN: Mmm-hmm.

ACTIVIST: — that is America’s first drug… We are in a meeting about drugs, right?

WOMAN: Mmm-hmm.

ACTIVIST: America’s first drug is free black labor —

WOMAN: Mmm-hmm!

ACTIVIST: — and turning black bodies into profit.

WOMAN: Mmm-hmm!

ACTIVIST: And the mass incarceration system mirrors an awful lot like the prison — the prison plantation system. You and your family —

WOMAN: Mmm-hmm!

ACTIVIST: — have been in no uncertain way partially responsible for this, more than most.

RUSH: Okay, so the Black Lives Matter activists decided to give Bernie Sanders a break, and they headed on over to a Hillary event, at which time they said, “You know what? Anti-blackness is America’s first drug, right? America’s first drug is free black labor.” That’s slavery, folks. That’s what he’s saying. “Slavery is still alive and well. This is what most people want in this country,” that’s his charge, “and turning black bodies into profit.”

And he says to Hillary Clinton, “You and your family have been in no uncertain way partially responsible, more than most,” and then he was talking about the 1994 Crime Bill. Hillary turns around, lectures this guy and tells him a few things.

HILLARY: You can get lip service from as many white people as you can pack into Yankee Stadium —

WOMAN: Mmm-hmm.

HILLARY: — and a million more like it who are gonna say, “Oh, git it! We git it! We’re gonna be nicer,” okay?

WOMAN: Mmm-hmm!

HILLARY: That’s not enough. Let’s get an agenda that addresses as much of the problem as we can, ’cause then you can be for something, in addition to getting people to have to admit that they’re part of a long history in our country of, y’know, either, y’know, proposing, supporting, condoning, discrimination, segregation, et cetera. Now what do we do next?

RUSH: Okay, so she’s telling this guy from Black Lives Matter it’s up to his movement to come up with an agenda. Now, again, this is undercover video. Hillary… I don’t know if she knows that there were cameras there. I don’t know. This sounds like, you know, Hillary Clinton’s not reading from a teleprompter telling stiff jokes about Snapchat. “You can get lip service from as many white people as you can pack into Yankee Stadium and a million more like it are gonna say, ‘Well, we get it. We get it. We’re gonna be nicer,’ okay?”

But that’s not enough in her book. All she’s suggesting is for us sinners… In other words, “We white people are sinners. You’re right, Black Lives Matter guy! You’re right! We are sinners. We gotta find some common ground on agendas that can make a difference right here and now in people’s lives, ’cause you gotta be for an agenda. You just can’t be running around there being against things. You gotta be for something,” and the guy pushes back.

He doesn’t take it. Hillary thinks it’s over then. This is Hillary’s… Hillary’s world is here comes an activist raising an issue, making the complaint. Whatever she says is supposed to be accepted, whether it makes sense or not. Whoever she says it to is supposed to be proud and happy that she even addressed them, and be satisfied and walk away. This guy pushes back and Hillary has something to say to in the process.

ACTIVIST: If you don’t tell black people what we need to do, then we won’t tell you all what you need to do. This is and has always been a white problem of violence. It’s not… There’s — there’s not much that we can do to stop the violence against us.

HILLARY: If that is your position, then I will talk only to white people about how we are going to deal —

ACTIVIST: That’s not what I mean.

HILLARY: — with a very real problem.

ACTIVIST: That isn’t what I mean.

HILLARY: I don’t believe you change hearts! I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate.

RUSH: Did you catch that? Okay, so Hillary says (paraphrasing), “Look,” to the Black Lives Matter guy, “All right, yeah, you’re right, we sinners, us white people, you’re right, we gotta do better. But you gotta join us. You gotta help us with the agenda.” The Black Lives Matter guy comes back and says, “It’s not up to us. It’s not up to us. There’s not much we can do to stop the violence against us. That’s all on you.” And Hillary’s, “Oh, okay, so you’re not gonna join me on this agenda, fine, then screw you. I’m only gonna talk to white people about how we’re gonna deal with it.” The Black Lives Matter guy says, “That’s not what I mean. That’s not what I mean.” Clinton says, “I don’t believe you change hearts. I believe you change laws.”

Folks, right there, “I don’t believe you change hearts,” that can also be read, “I don’t believe you change minds.” What Hillary Clinton is saying here, she’s not interested in persuading people. She’s not interested in debating people. She’s not interested in trying to get to people’s hearts or minds because she doesn’t think it’s possible. What she wants to do is bully them. She wants to use the power and the force of government and create laws and regulations and dictate behavior that way and then come up with behavior that becomes penalized.

She doesn’t want to try to talk to people and make ’em better. She is not interested in engaging people and having them improve and maybe get rid of prejudice or whatever. If they don’t then they’re gonna deal with new, tougher laws, because Hillary doesn’t have time for it. The entire conservative movement, when it comes to abortion, is almost all about changing hearts and minds. That’s the only real way that you effect permanent, deep change. You have to reach people. You have to connect with them. You have to try to persuade them. There’s an art to it.

That’s how you build momentum. It’s how you build support for your agenda, whatever it is. And she’s not interested in that. She’s not interested in actually sitting down and changing minds and hearts. She doesn’t think it’s possible. She just wants to dictate to people what they’re gonna do and what they’re not gonna do, and if they violate what the dictates are, then here comes penalty A, penalty B. I mean, that is overwhelmingly informative about just who this woman is.

I don’t believe she would say something like this in a speech. I don’t believe she would say something like this for public consumption on a campaign stump. She would not dare say, “I don’t believe you change hearts.” Her entire campaign’s based on, “I have big heart. My heart’s bigger than yours, and we want everybody’s hearts to be pure.” Well, it turns out to be all bogus. This woman’s not interested in changing hearts. You don’t change hearts. You change laws. You change allocation of resources. You change the way systems operate. In other words, you bully, you dictate. You punish. You do not try to make people get better, help them get better. I think this is profound.

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