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RUSH: James Harrison. I mentioned this at the very beginning of the program yesterday and I said at the end of the program yesterday that we were going to get into it in more detail today, and, lo and behold, here we are. Now, if you missed it, James Harrison is number 92 and an outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s the 3-4 defense, which means he rushes the passer. He is one of the most feared linebackers in the National Football League. He’s one of the most fined.

The man has been through a success track that are like the myths you hear, except his is true. His dad was a truck driver. He wanted to play football. He went to Kent State. I don’t think he was drafted. He shows up at the Steelers as a free agent. They cut him; I think they cut him twice. He keeps coming back. He keeps trying, finally makes the team, stays on the team as a backup, and finally after being with them four or five years gets the chance to start in the last game of the season.

They’re going to the playoffs, the last game is meaningless, and I think it’s against the Buffalo Bills, and if the Bills win this game… The Steelers have no reason to win. They don’t need to win to get to the playoffs. Their slot is already determined. But the Bills need to win to get in. The Steelers are playing their second-string scrubs; they end up winning. James Harrison has a break-out game and it was all over from that point.

If you’ve watched Super Bowls, you remember James Harrison with a 99-yard return for a touchdown interception off Kurt Warner over in Tampa, game against the Arizona Cardinals. Anyway, what happened was Harrison came home and discovered that his two sons had been given participation trophies. And he flipped out. In his world you don’t get a trophy for showing up. In his world you don’t get a trophy for trying hard.

In his world you only get a trophy when you succeed something, and you succeed at something that’s rare and become a champion. So he took a picture of the two participation trophies and he posted them on Instagram, and he said, “I came home to find out that my boys received two trophies for nothing, participation trophies. While I’m very proud of my boys for everything they do and I’ll encourage them to the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they earn a real trophy.”

And then he writes this: “I’m not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned, and I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe they’re entitled to something just because they tried their best, because sometimes your best isn’t enough, and that should drive you to want to do even better, not cry and whine until somebody gives you something to shut you up and keep you happy.”

He concluded with a hashtag: #HarrisonFamilyValues.

Now, this could have gone any number of ways. In our supposedly… It’s an important qualifier there. In our supposedly dominated-by-political correctness world, what should have happened is that James Harrison should have been written out of polite society, because this is a violation of everything. Political correctness has inserted itself in the sense of raising children, in school. There are no winners and there are no losers because they don’t keep score.

There are no starters and there are no bench players because everybody plays.

You get trophies for simply showing up.

We are never allowed to crown champions because not everybody can be one and to do so humiliates those who lose, and we will not do that.

This is supposedly the law of the land. Supposedly everybody falls in line with it. And you would think that James Harrison would be just excoriated, just ripped to shreds. But it didn’t happen. The overwhelming response to James Harrison was overwhelming, unilateral support. It’s a teachable moment here folks. I want to take you back. I want to listen to something I said on this program way, way back on May 1st of this year. Now, it happened to be a comment made during the controversial moments of gay marriage, but it relates. You’ll see. Here it is…


RUSH ARCHIVE: How can such a small number of people come to so dominate the American political system? How can less than a million people cause the havoc that they caused in Indiana recently? How can so few people end up closing down businesses, like flower shops or bakeries or photo shops or what have you. … It’s fascinating to me to watch it transpire and watch hardly any opposition rise up against it. It’s the only way it can happen. No push-back. And it’s exactly what is happening.

We are being run, this country is being run by a veritable minority, and that is of liberalism. Liberals are a minority of thought. The percentage of the country that’s liberal is less than 50. It’s not a majority. But, where are they? They are in the classroom. They’re running colleges, universities, high schools, school systems. They’re running the media: News, movies, books, television shows. So the impression — particularly with the control of the media, the impression is — that they are much larger in number than they are, much more widespread than they are, and much more powerful than they are.


RUSH: By the way, I think contained in this is an answer so many people are asking about Trump. “How in the world can Trump be doing so well?” The answer is he’s just nuking all of that. Trump is not putting up with it. He’s not being bullied by “minorities;” not permitting himself to be bullied. He’s taking it to them. There isn’t anything politically correct about him. And everything else, in addition to what he’s doing in immigration, all these other things he’s taking on, the very fact that Donald Trump may beat back political correctness and signal everybody that it’s okay to do that could be one of the biggest wins out of this whole thing.

Political correctness is censorship, it is stifling, and it is bullying, and it’s being practiced by a veritable minority of people! And Trump is not allowing himself to be steamrollered. And to show you that I think it is a minority, here’s a montage of all the people in the media… I mean from ESPN! Liberals at ESPN, liberals in the media. It’s a montage of people commenting on James Harrison making his sons give back their participation trophies.

BOB RYAN: Bravo to James Harrison!. He is absolutely right about this.

MICHAEL WILBON: His kids are going to be angry with him, and hopefully better off down the road.

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY: This is the right message!

DANA PERINO: I think he’s absolutely right.

STEPHEN A. SMITH: I completely, 1,000% agree with James Harrison. I think he’s right on the money with this.

SKIP BAYLESS: If I did have kids and they brought those trophies home to me IÂ’d say, “Get rid of them.”

DAMIEN WOODY: I understand exactly what James Harrison is talking about. Not everybody can be winner.

JEMELE HILL: As somebody who started every year I was in high school, I would have been outraged by receiving a participation trophy.

CAROL COSTELLO: You know, actually do something to like earn the trophy.

WOMAN: (guffawing)

CAROL COSTELLO: (laughter) I think he’s going to be Father of the Year.

RUSH: Look! It’s a perfect example of what I’m saying! Here you have a series of leftists all over the media agreeing? You would think they would back up the PC version. You would think these are the people that would rake Harrison over the coals for being insensitive and not understanding the plight of children, how they all can’t be champions and so forth, and yet everybody falls in line. I’m telling you, the people running this PC scam like everybody running this scam of liberalism is a tiny bunch, the hardcore are a minority, and Trump is illustrating once again how they can be pushed back against and overridden. And that is another positive out of it.

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