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RUSH: Audio sound bites. Let’s get back to them. Scott Walker this morning was in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, talking about people tired of the Republican leadership in Washington that does not deliver.

WALKER: We just got a government in Washington that can’t quite seem to get the job done. When I talk to people all across this country, people all across America are fed up with Washington. And I feel your pain. I’m fed up with Washington, too. We were told by Republican leaders during the campaigns last year that we just needed a Republican Senate to be elected to repeal Obamacare. Well, here we sit. Both chambers of the United States Congress have been controlled since January by Republicans, and yet there’s not a bill in the president’s desk to repeal Obamacare. I want to be perfectly clear: Americans want more than just campaign promises. They want results. Actions speak louder than words.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, do you know what this means or represents? This is Scott Walker joining Ted Cruz. What is starting to happen here — and we’re going to note it as it happens. Right now, it’s just barely a trickle. But what is beginning to happen here is that you have Trump over here doing what he’s doing, and you’ve got Cruz here doing what he’s doing next to Trump.

And now you’re starting to see other members of the pack from the remaining 14 try to distance themselves from the pack and get closer to what Trump and Cruz are doing. I call it the me-too phase, but it is… It is… Well, I’m trying to be very guarded here. I asked yesterday. You know, you have all these people complaining about Trump and whatever his plan is, I mean, immigration, take the issue he talks about.

Where are the…? I know there is a reluctance on the part of people to speak out against Trump, which is indicative of things itself, and that’s because he’s so popular. I mean, the only people willing to speak out against Trump (chuckles) is the Washington establishment. These candidates are not doing it because they don’t want to insult Trump’s voters. They want Trump’s voters! I’ve been wondering, well, where is…

Where are these other candidates actually joining Trump on this field, say, on whatever. Immigration. “My plan’s better. I like what Trump’s doing if they do it, but my plan’s better.” Where is that? Well, we’re starting to see that now. We will see if this continues. This to me is a potentially explosive time and portion of this entire Republican primary here, and this is two days in a row here that Scott Walker has attempted to move away from the pack, distance himself from the pack.

Yesterday it was, “Hey, you know what? I have a lot of things I agree with Trump on this immigration stuff.” Today, he’s joining Cruz in the criticism of the Republican leadership in Washington and Congress. So this is beginning to take place. Now, Jeb Bush is never gonna do that. Jeb Bush is never gonna leave the pack. He’s gonna try to remain the one guy in the pack after everybody else leaves it.

The strategy in the establishment here is to have all these so-called conservatives out there divvying up the vote with Jeb Bush left standing as the moderate inheritor of the fractured vote and winner of the primary, so he can say that he won the nomination without pandering to the base. That’s his objective.

The Jeb Bush objective is to have the base vote split so much by all these other candidates that he’s left standing alone in the pack, and he can then say, “Hey, I was true to my word! I told you I was gonna win this nomination without the base.” That’s what he’s trying to do. So we go to a Charleston, South Carolina, campaign event. Here’s Jeb Bush speaking about immigration reform and Trump.

JEB: This is not about the big personality in the room. This is about, “How do you fix problems that are broken?” We need to start solving the problems instead of just saying how bad things are. And so, um, I — I appreciate the fact that Mr. Trump now has a plan, if — if that’s what it’s called. But I think the better approach is to deal with the 11 million people here illegally in a — in a way that is, uh, realistic, and to have border security that is done in the right way to lessen the number of people crossing our border.

RUSH: Okay. All well and good. This border security business, though, I have to tell you something. Of course it’s the right thing to do, but we’ve had nothing but lip service on it. You know what? If we really had border security, if we were able to stop what I think is an invasion… Folks, I’m gonna open up here for a minute. I don’t even think we’re talking about immigration here. This isn’t immigration, what’s happening in this country. It’s not even illegal immigration.

We’re being invaded!

These are refugees from either poverty-stricken or war-torn parts of the Western Hemisphere, Southern hemisphere, whatever. It’s happening in Europe. European nations are facing the same influx from people in Third World countries that are having to leave because of poverty and war, what have you. But this is not illegal immigration, what’s happening here. I mean, it is, when you have solutions that call for them to eventually become citizens. But what’s actually happening here, to me, is not immigration.

We don’t have an immigration system that permits this.

This is happening in violation of the immigration laws, which is the whole point. To call these people “illegal immigrants” is to give them a status that I don’t think is valid. Even though they may say, “No, we’re coming here; we want to become citizens.” Well, yeah, of course that’s what you’re gonna say. You want asylum. But that’s not what this is. “Immigration” is when what happens is legal. There are people who fill out forms. They apply. They go through the process.

They wait, they get visas, they follow the law.

That’s immigration.

This isn’t.

This is something else.

Now, you call it whatever you want, but I look at it as a bunch of refugees flooding the country, and Democrat Party and the Republican Party are not interested in stopping it, because they have uses for these people. The Democrats see them as voters. The Republicans see them as cheap labor, or at least their business donors do, and maybe some Republicans also see them as voters, or what have you. Whatever, it’s a total mess.

Here’s the thing. If there were really border security, like there is at practically every other border, like you can’t do this at the Canadian border. We guard it. We govern it. People don’t even try. But on the Southern border, it’s wide open. If that were shut down, and all these candidates give lip service to it but nothing is ever done. We build a fence and then we stop after 10 feet. A state then gets frustrated and tries to do something about it, they get sued by the Obama administration.

All the state’s doing — in this case, Arizona — was attempting to create state laws that were a mirror of federal law that is not being enforced. The administration sues them, saying you don’t have jurisdiction, it’s our issue. So people have rightly concluded the establishment’s of both parties don’t really want to stop it, because if you did, you wouldn’t have to go do anything about anchor babies. There wouldn’t be as many. You wouldn’t have to propose changing the Fourth Amendment. You wouldn’t have to propose getting rid of birthright citizenship because there wouldn’t be very many, if you actually were enforcing the immigration law.

But we’re not. There’s a reason why we’re not. But that’s not what this is, and it’s a big mistake to even call it immigration, illegal or otherwise, because it isn’t that. Real immigrants go through the process of following the law. They become citizens. They want to become Americans. They attempt to assimilate in the American culture. None of that is what’s going on here and this is why people are outraged by it. People know full well what’s going on. This nation is being flooded, and in the process the job market is being diluted, the wage scale is being destroyed, the welfare state is being expanded, all for the benefit of the political parties, with no benefit for the American people.

And Jeb Bush, I’m sorry, but this is not an act of love. This is a mass invasion of refugees and people aren’t gonna accept that. They’re not gonna fall for it. So here comes Trump saying what he’s saying, and because people clearly realize what this is, they’re standing and supporting it because they want somebody to. Now more and more people are starting to say, “My gosh, I mean, if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country.” And it’s true.

But this isn’t immigration. I don’t mean to be redundant here, but I think we even get sidetracked calling it that and supposedly debating it as that because that isn’t what it is, and the people behind this — and I’m not talking about just the parties here. There are people outside the United States who are promoting this, say other governments, other countries that are not our friends that are promoting it, they know full well why they’re promoting it and they know full well the impact it’s gonna have in diluting the greatest country ever.

People want to come here and become Americans, assimilate, become part of the greatest country on earth, we welcome ’em. We have all kinds of processes for people to follow and make it happen so that when they take that oath and they have their naturalization ceremony, they are Americans from that moment forward. None of that is going on with this, not even close. If there were border security, 90% of what Trump proposed wouldn’t even be necessary, is the point.


RUSH: John Kasich on Trump’s immigration plan.

KASICH: I don’t favor citizenship because, as I tell my daughters, you don’t jump the line to go to a Taylor Swift concert, okay, you just don’t do it. The idea that we would go out in cars and hunt people down, it’s not doable, and secondly, I don’t think it’s right. I don’t think it’s humane.

RUSH: So Kasich is saying, deport ’em, it isn’t possible, we’re not gonna do it, it’s screwy, it’s inhumane. Jeff Sessions, who helped Trump put together the plan, explains a little bit of it last night on Fox.

SESSIONS: ItÂ’s just a mainstream plan to do what politicians have been promising to do for 30 years and haven’t done. These are things like, you have — end the jobs magnet by not allowing people who are here legally to get jobs. You strengthen border enforcement. You stop the visa overstays of illegal entries into the United States of people who come on visas and overstay. These are things that he talks about in his plan that are bread and butter. Basic. And need to be done. And if we do them, we’ll be surprised how dramatically we can reduce the illegality.

RUSH: Jeff Sessions, Alabama, helped Trump put together the plan.

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