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RUSH: Headline is from Real Clear Politics: “Morning Joe Panel in State of Crisis Over Clinton E-mail Server Spin.” That’s really all you need to know. The server is blank! There’s nothing on it.

So now they’re worried about obstruction of justice. There’s nothing on the server. How did that happen? Only one way that can happen: Hillary did it, or whoever’s working for her. Now they’re worried, “Oh, my God, that’s obstruction of justice!” They can’t believe why she didn’t turn the server over months ago. They can’t? Why can’t they believe it? We’re talking about the Clintons for crying out loud! When’s the last time they ever cooperated with law enforcement on anything?

Her husband even lied under oath in his testimony on this — oh, whatever it was. And he condoned perjury on the part of others. They really, they’re asking themselves, “Why didn’t she turn server over?” Why didn’t she just turn the server over? Because of what was on it! That’s why she didn’t. Anyway, they’re now worried about obstruction of justice. TheHill.com: “Democrats Near Clinton Panic Mode.” Now, this thing prints out to three pages, and we’ve highlighted here in red all of the words that convey the sense of panic that the Democrat Party is in.

“Democrats are worried that the furor surrounding Hillary ClintonÂ’s private email server will be prolonged… The Clinton campaignÂ’s decision to give up the server and a thumb drive containing backup copies of emails left Democrats scratching their heads as to why [Hillary] had resisted for months turning over the server.” Really? They can’t figure out why she wouldn’t turn it over? Because she’s lied about what’s on it! Are you kidding me? If there are 10 e-mails about yoga on this thing, I would be surprised.

What are we gonna have, iPhone screenshots of Hillary in various yoga positions with some yoga instructor e-mailing her back on the right and wrong of it? And then e-mails of the wedding of Chelsea’s wherever she was registered at Home Depot, whatever it was. They are “scratching their heads”? It’s like the Morning Joe crew. “Why didn’t she turn the server over? My God!” Now that it’s empty, they’re worried about obstruction of justice.

“Coupled with new polls that suggest Clinton is vulnerable, Democrats are nearing full-on panic mode.” Now, I know what some of you are screaming at me right now. I know this because I have empathy. I do know my audience. And I know some of you out there are shout, “Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush, don’t forget!” I know. You think that all of this is a giant ruse from which she will magically recover and triumph and be pronounced clean as a whistle, and once again will have outsmarted everyone and we will be down in the dumps and depressed over how the Clintons have escaped again.

I know that many people think that’s what’s going on here, that we’ve been sandbagged, that we’re being led down this path of belief, “Hillary, they’re really gonna get her this time! They’re really gonna get a Clinton,” but it’s all a setup; she’s gonna survive it. She gonna. The only thing arguing against that is that that’s not in Obama’s best interests, and all of this is happening… If that theory is what’s going on — all of this is a game, all of this is a head fake and a scam designed to ultimately depress us — that means Obama would have to be in on it.

And I don’t think Hillary has the juice to be able to tell the Obama administration to execute a plan that she has, and I don’t see him being complicit with her. Time will tell, but the stories are all over the place about the panic and fear in the media and in the party over Hillary and the server. She’s plummeting numbers in the polls. They don’t understand it, and they’re really, really worried. And I think it’s really, really real.


RUSH: Ah, this story is not even off the first page yet, the story at TheHill.com, “Democrats Near Clinton Panic Mode.” I there’s something else, folks, that argues that this is real. They don’t have anybody on the bench. I mean, the idea that this was Hillary’s turn and it was a coronation, means there’s nobody on the bench. There are O’Malley (no name recognition to speak of) and Bernie Sanders. When he announced he was gonna do this, it was a giant laugh session. Bernie Sanders is not the bench. Martin O’Malley is not the bench.

They don’t have a bench.

They don’t have anybody in the wings if something unexpected happened to Hillary. This was it. And now I think the panic is legitimate. This is another bunch of people that do not… They don’t even know their candidate, much less their audience. They’ve gotta be living in a dream world after 2008, if they thought it was gonna be smooth sailing. But with the success they’ve had with Obama, they’ve won at every turn. They have hoodwinked and snookered their opposition every inch of the way. Who can blame ’em for thinking it was gonna be easy to keep doing that?

Here’s just some of the phrases in this story. “Slew of unimpressive poll numbers… losing swing states… continuing weakness … general suspicion … much more damaging … losing the ground she lost on trustworthiness and honesty … letting the worse of hypothetical matchups… Voter skepticism about Clinton personally … 52% of Iowans holding an unfavorable view of Clinton.” They’re ignoring what the inspector general said, which is that there was not one single accusation of wrongdoing alleged against Hillary and her use of e-mail.

The first fact it listed was that none of the e-mails sent to Clinton were labeled at “classified” or Top Secret. “Why did the Clinton campaign not simply hand over the private server when the controversy first erupted in March?” They haven’t been able to find anybody to degauss the thing, folks. They had to go out and find somebody to erase that thing who would keep quiet about having done it, opening herself up for blackmail down the road. Somebody had to wipe that server. Now, it could have been the RAID array.

All you do is, you get rid of the date on one server and the other servers in the array take care of it, as the caller said yesterday. But if you’re gonna wipe it, you’re gonna go to somebody who knows how to really wipe it. Not just reformat it, but just totally wipe that thing, get rid of every directory and every bite on that drive, and means a giant electromagnet like Oddjob used in Goldfinger to crush the car.

And then whoever you get to do that, you’re gonna have them to swear then to secrecy under threat of what? And I contend it took a while for Mrs. Clinton to do that. That’s why she didn’t turn over the server over. ‘Cause otherwise, it would have been confirmed what everybody suspects now was on it.


RUSH: Back to the phones we go. Who’s next, who is it? Todd, Springfield, Illinois. Hey, it’s great to have you on the program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Extremely nervous 24/7 dittos, sir.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Don’t be nervous. There’s no reason to be nervous.

CALLER: I’ve listened to you for 20 years, sir. I’m deeply honored. I have felt since February that there’s no possible way Hillary could make it to an election. But yet she continues fundraising, not answering questions. We on the right, we have put all our efforts towards her. Our attacks have been on her. Not really attacks, but our focus has been on her. This is kind of an October Surprise I see. I kind of see the media having to be involved with it because they push back the Democratic… (stumbling) Sorry, I’m stumbling for words; I’m so nervous. The Democratic… Where they talk… Rush, I’m really nervous. But she blames… She comes out in October or sooner, she blames the misogynistic mentality and a vast right-wing conspiracy, she drops out of the election saying that if… You know, she’s gotta take care of personal stuff. She gains pity, and she backs Joe Biden. Just kind of want to get your opinion on that.

RUSH: Well, now, here’s the thing about that. That would not qualify as an October Surprise. An October Surprise has to happen within weeks of the election, or it’s not a surprise. Now, if this October Hillary figures all is lost and she’s gonna get out of this thing, and she’s gonna make a statement saying so, and then blame it on the racism and sexism and bigotry and misogyny of the Republican Party, and then endorses Biden, I don’t think that would qualify as a surprise. I don’t think it would.

It’s not something that would occur within a time frame that would cause panic on the Republican side because there’d still be a year to deal with it. As far as the practical reality of something like that — Hillary deciding she’s out of it, can’t go any further, and deciding to blame it on the Republicans — I guess. I mean, she could do that. That would be whining. I mean, she’d be full-fledged whiner and moaner and so forth. But I don’t see her recommending anybody else.

I don’t see her endorsing anybody else, particularly Biden, because if she is forced out of this in October or whenever, it’s gonna be because of people like Biden and Obama and the Democrat Regime that have done this drip, drip, drop, drop, or maybe even full-fledged investigation whatever she was doing with her server and e-mails. So if she’s indicted will she have to drop out? I don’t know. I don’t. I can’t see her being indicted. I don’t. I don’t see it going that far. I mean, people joke about Hillary being in jail. That’s a dream; ain’t gonna happen.

Indicted? People like her don’t get indicted. You know, they quit and go away first. The political class, no matter what hap, they do not put each other in jail. They just don’t do that. They didn’t put Nixon in jail. They didn’t even put Spiro Agnew in jail. Well, wait a minute. But later. They just don’t do it. With Bill roaming around out there still, who could…? If Bill Clinton wanted to sabotage the Democrat in 2016 because of what they do to his wife — ’cause remember what they do to his wife they’re doing to him.

If they take her out, he’s out, too. Whatever it is he wants out of this is gone if she goes. So they can’t count on Bill Clinton being a loyal campaigner for whoever it is. I don’t see that. I can’t see her backing out. I can’t see her backing out. She would do anything to be president, folks. I’m telling you, this is not just a theory, this business that the Democrat Party owes her. It’s not just an explanatory theory that they owe her for hanging in there and ensuring that Bill remained in the White House, and all those indiscretions of his that she stayed married to him and didn’t bail.

She thinks that she is owed this. She wants this so bad. I shudder to think what she would do to get this. Look at what do we know here. The question is: Would Hillary get out because the Republicans mistreat her? The question is: What’s Hillary gonna do to the people she thinks are trying to force her out? You don’t think Hillary’s got some ammo here? Why do…? I think one of the reasons that server has been wiped is ’cause there’s stuff about Obama on it.

I don’t think we’re ever gonna find out. There’s stuff about Benghazi. I think one of the reasons why the Republicans are not that eager to get their hands on it is because it would have been shown that they knew what was going on in Benghazi long before anybody else did. Everybody in this thing is gonna try to hide what’s on that server, I think.


RUSH: By the way, I was just reminded why Hillary cannot get out of the Democratic race for the nomination, nor can she leave the presidential race. She’s already collected money in exchange for policy considerations. No, no, no, no! This is an excellent point. We all know that Hillary Clinton and Bill have sought donations from foreign governments, foreign multinational corporations — and they have donated significant money. They’re paying them 200 grand, 500 grand for a speech, three- and five million-dollar donations. One outfit… Wasn’t this the outfit in Canada seeking something in Ukraine.

About $100 million was involved. Too many people have purchased policy from president-in-waiting Hillary Clinton. She cannot get out. They didn’t give of her that money because she beautiful. They didn’t give her that money because they want to spend the night with her. Dinner. They didn’t give her that money because they’re great friends. They gave her that money because she’s gonna pay it back, once they get to the Oval Office. If she gets out of the race and she doesn’t go to the Oval Office? You know, the Clintons do not return money.

So all of these sultans and sheiks and counts and princes and whoever else are not just gonna say, “Well, guess our investment didn’t pay off.” They’re gonna want the money back, and the Clintons don’t give the money back. So she’s gotta stay in this thing. And she’s got to win. She’s already accepting payment, folks, in return for policy. They are selling and have been selling Hillary’s presidency on the come for at least a couple of years here. Do not doubt me.

And do not discount that. That’s another reason why there’s no way Bernie Sanders is gonna be this party’s nominee, ’cause he will not do that. He will not get in bed with the people this party is in bed with. The biggest myth in the world is that the Republicans are in bed with giant corporations and Wall Street. Hell, giant corporations and Wall Street pay for the Democrat Party, underwrite the Democrat Party! It’s one of the biggest scams and feints of direction in modern politics.

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