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RUSH: Over there on Fox & Friends today they’re talking about Hillary’s e-mail server, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Here’s the sound bite.

HASSELBECK: Rush Limbaugh has a theory as to why the president might actually be involved in this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Here’s Obama, two years left. In his mind there’s been no greater president. Look at all the firsts! Health care? People tried for 200 years and he got it. He stopped Iran from getting a nuke. (I know that’s not what happened. That’s the news, though. …) He got us out of Iraq. (All lies. But that’s the legacy. The media will write it for him.) What if Hillary comes along and does an even better job? He’s not gonna permit that chance to happen!

RUSH: I said that, I think it was yesterday or the day before in explaining the e-mails and this drip, drip, drip and, “Why in the world would a Democrat-run Department of Justice go after Hillary?” I had people calling and asking, and I said just what you heard there. I added one other element to it: It’s Obama’s legacy. That’s what he really cares about. And he doesn’t want to take the chance of the next Democrat president being considered even better than he was, nor does he want the next Democrat president unraveling his agenda or legacy. And that’s why I think he’s gonna go Biden. That’s correct. I think he’s gonna endorse Biden. Biden is Mr. Loyal. I can just hear the campaign announcement (impression), “You want to run a third term, but I can’t! You know the best way to get me third term? Joe Biden! Meet my good friend, Joe Biden, vice president of the United States.”



RUSH: Just imagine this, folks. Let’s say you’re Barack Hussein Obama, first African-American president in history, and there is no way you want your historicity — my word: Your history or story, your “historicity.” You don’t want that undermined. I don’t want this great legacy. I mean, Obama thinks all these things he’s done are once in a generation or multiple generations, and nobody ever got health care ’til he did it.

Nobody ever was able to sit down and talk to the Iranians and get ’em not make a nuke like he did. I mean, none of this is true. That doesn’t matter. This is the legacy. This is what the media’s gonna write about him. “Nobody ever saved us from going into a great depression like Obama did with his great economic recovery!” You know, all of this garbage stuff in his legacy is gonna be a history of firsts and never-before-accomplished items that only he could have done. You think a guy like that who cares about things like that is gonna want all of that unwound?

Or, worse, in their perverted view, improved on by, say, the first woman president, who already has the reputation of smartest woman in the world? You think he wants that? No way. He doesn’t even want to risk that. You think he wants the next Democrat president to come along, an Hispanic, and either outdo his great accomplishments or unravel them or make mistakes that show how Obama’s accomplishments were actually giant failures?

He doesn’t want to put any of this at risk, particularly when you talk about the Clintons, which… The Obamas and the Clintons, I don’t care what you say, there’s a lot of friction there. You’re gonna want your record for the purpose of your historicity to stand for a while, and that’s why I really think that there’s a good possibility Biden’s gonna get into the race. It’s made to order on so many levels. It may not happen, but I’m just telling you I won’t be surprised if it does.


RUSH: Obama’s got his legacy, and it’s made out of Swiss cheese. It’s made out of balsa wood. It’s constructed out of things which aren’t true.

Obamacare is a disaster. His immigration policy is destroying so much of this country, as is Obamacare. The cultural rot that he has presided over is literally perverting our culture. But in his world these are first-time achievements that nobody’s been able to do. National health care, sitting down with the Iranian mullahs and getting ’em to promise not to do nukes and all that. There’s the thing, though: It wouldn’t take much at all on the part of the next president to improve on this. That’s how bad things really are.

Now, I don’t know. I’m not a narcissist. So I don’t know if Obama has the capacity to understand that he is this imaginary greatest president ever on top of a bunch of phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller achievements. I don’t know if he knows that all this is just a bunch of media fraud and creation. I don’t know if he knows that this is really no great shakes or if he really does believe it is.

Either way, in the real world, it wouldn’t take much to do better than what we’re doing right now. And it wouldn’t take a whole lot of different policy adjustments to effect an immediate improvement in the lives of millions of people. Immigration alone! Do the right thing there, and we have already put the brakes on big time. Then repeal Obamacare and go about reconstructing it and getting us back to the best health care system and best medical R&D in the world.

It wouldn’t take much to put the brakes on the devastating effects of Obamacare — and in the process, illustrate just how bad these seven years have been. It’s so bad the American people, particularly Millennials, have been told, “This is the new normal! You must readjust your expectations. This country’s past was phony. We didn’t deserve all that superpower status, and we certainly didn’t deserve all of that great economic power for all of those years because that came about as the result of our stealing it from other nations around the world.”

This is the common held belief of the American left today. The United States was a phony superpower, an undeserving superpower, an illegitimate superpower, and we are an illegitimate country because of our founding and so forth. So now Obama’s “fixing” everything. He’s amends and making corrections for all the mistakes made from the founding. And, as a result, young people are told, “This is your life. You’ve gotta lower your expectations. The ‘sharing economy’ is where it’s all at. Forget owning anything.

“That’s not cool and that’s selfish ’cause not everybody can own a house. It’s better if nobody does and everybody shares and rents.” And they’re buying into it, or have. Wouldn’t take very many tweaks to the tax code and a couple of other economic policies — get rid of some of these punitive regulations the EPA — and we’d turn this economy around on a dime. The point is it would be noticeable very quickly. That’s how bad things are. You think Obama wants to see somebody elected president who’s gonna do things like I just described?

No way!

So it’s a long, roundabout way of saying I think it’s entirely possible that this investigation of Hillary Clinton is inspired at the top of the Obama administration. And whether it is a direct assault on her with a full-fledged investigation or whether it’s nothing more than this continual drip, drip, drip. Every day we learn a little bit more that makes Hillary look a little more guilty. Every day a little more added to it makes Hillary even more suspected, makes even more people doubt here. Drip, drip, drip. Slow little water torture here.

It’s one of the two. Either that’s gonna continue or there’s a full-fledged investigation going on with who knows what’s gonna happen afterwards. What I know is that the power brokers in parts of the Democrat Party and the media are in a state of crisis over it. They are in a state of crisis particularly over Hillary. Remember, now: None of this was supposed to happen. This was gonna be 2008 done right. This was going to be her coronation. It was gonna be in 2008, too, but something came along: Barack Obama.

And what we’ve learned in 2008 and 2015 is when people in the Democrat Party have a choice, they take it. Mrs. Clinton is not universally loved. She is not universally respected. She is not universally feared, and she is not considered automatic. Two election cycles in a row. Hence, just like you said yesterday, too: “The Democrat Party is the party of the young, right? Supposedly the party of hip and cool, party of hip-hop, a party pop culture, party of all the neatest, latest cultural things to do.

They’re not at all old-fashioned. “Oh-ho, no! They’re not at all out of Jurassic Park. The Democrat Party is where it’s at. The Democrat Party is not stuck in the past.” Yet you look at the two leaders in their campaign, and their combined age is 180, or close to it. There is no youth in the Democrat presidential campaign. There’s no cool in the Democrat presidential campaign. There’s no hip. There certainly isn’t any youth and not any ties to it.

So one of these never-ending images of the Democrat Party as the party of progressivism, enlightenment, cool, hip, all that? It’s not represented here by the two people running for president. They’re the last thing that you would associate with any of that. It matters.


RUSH: Let’s grab sound bite… Let’s see, what would this be? It looks like number four. This is Karl Rove. Nope. It’s number three. It’s Rudy Giuliani and Rove, and they are talking about the… They’re speculating on whether or not Obama is out to get Hillary, but these are, you know, establishment guys commenting. Hear what they say…

GIULIANI: All of this information is coming out — and has to be coming out — of Justice Department, White House, FBI. Do you agree with me that maybe President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Mrs. Obama don’t want Mrs. Clinton?

ROVE: Well, I don’t know, but she’s certainly got to have a lot of people in the administration who are settling old scores, whether it’s at the State Department or the Justice Department or at the White House.

GIULIANI: By the way, leaking is illegal. So they’re leaking, and they’re leaking because they to want hurt her, which tells me they are not doing this unless somebody at the top is saying, “Please. It’s okay.”

RUSH: See? There’s Rudy Giuliani agreeing with your host El Rushbo that this is coming from the top, from Obama.

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