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RUSH: Hey, I thought I’d made myself clear in the last hour. I warned you people, I’m not getting sucked into anything here. When I see the Department of Justice is going to investigate Hillary Clinton (or whatever her server, her e-mails), you don’t have to tell me that that means Obama is gonna investigate Hillary, which means that nothing’s gonna happen. You don’t have to tell me that. I understand. I got loads of e-mails here.

“I never thought you’d fall for the trick, Rush. I never thought you’d fall for it.” I’m not falling for anything. I’m telling you that it’s one little part, one cog in the wheel that is the Hillary Clinton campaign. We have a presidential candidate under criminal investigation. Whether they do anything with it or not, time will tell. We’ve not seen this. The Democrat campaign itself, basically, we got two people running and pretenders, and Walter O’Malley… Sorry. Walter? What’s his name?

Martin O’Malley. I keep thinking Walter O’Malley of the Dodgers. So you’ve got Martin O’Malley out there. He can’t get any traction anywhere. You’ve got Lurch thinking of get in, and he probably will. Biden? I don’t think there’s any doubt Biden’s gonna get in, depending on what they do, and that could be why they’re doing this DOJ stuff with Hillary, by the way. Obama doesn’t want her. I’m convinced that Obama doesn’t want her messing with his legacy.

Okay, here’s the way these people think. Here’s Obama, two years left. In his mind there’s been no greater president. Look at all the firsts! Health care? People tried for 200 years and he got it. He stopped Iran from getting a nuke. (I know that’s not what happened. That’s the news, though. He did it.) He got us out of Iraq. (All lies. But that’s the legacy. The media will write it for him.) What if Hillary comes along and does an even better job? He’s not gonna permit that chance to happen!

A better job in terms of the way the Democrat media would write it up. It’s a worse job as far as all of us are concerned. So you have Hillary: An aging, unappealing, it’s-her-turn kind of candidate, again. She is not exciting. She’s not charismatic. She’s not — I don’t know what — friendly. She just doesn’t have all of the characteristics to say her husband has. You never hear her described the way he is. He walks in the room; he owns it. When he’s talking to you, he makes you think you’re the only one in the room.

Does somebody ever say that stuff about Hillary? Nobody does. And we’re finding out that those kind of characteristics do not transfer within a marriage. Okay, so he may be the alpha male, top dog and women melt or whatever it is they want to say. None of that is ever said about Hillary. Okay, over here Bernie Sanders. And, by the way, Bernie Sanders, his polling data is not the only bad news for Hillary. There’s other bad news for her, polling data in Iowa in terms of the Republicans who now beat her.

Four different Republicans now beat her in Iowa. So Iowa and New Hampshire, she is in a world of hurt. She’s down 44-37 in New Hampshire against Bernie Sanders. The Democrat Party they tell us is the party of the young, party of the hip, the party of the future, the party of the Millennials, the party of cool. Really? You got an 80-year-old guy here tromping around, getting pushed off the stage by #BlackLivesMatter protesters. And you got Mrs. Clinton, who can’t stay out of the crosshairs of the Department of Justice.

There’s nothing young, cool, hip, futuristic about either of them. Somebody want to explain this to me? Meanwhile, on the Republican side, you’ve got diversity like the left claims to demand. You’ve got youth. You’ve got cool and hip in its own way. And plus you have all the great other attributes of conservatism: Respect for the founding and traditional American values and so forth. I don’t even see the contest here, but particularly on the left, where you have all these people, Hollywood and everything.

They own pop culture. Where is that reflected in their presidential field? (interruption) Well, don’t give me that. Lincoln Chafee wanted to change to the metric system? Give me a break! Who even knows who Lincoln Chafee is? Anyway, nobody ever says that, but if you’re an average voter or whatever, and you look at the way this is playing out, I don’t think the optics of the Democrat presidential campaign just don’t do it.

The only thing fueling it, I think, on the left is hatred for us I think that’s what primary energy driver on the Democrat campaign is hatred for conservatives, hatred for Republicans. (interruption) I don’t… Maybe “the first woman president” matters to some, but I don’t think nearly like first black president mattered to a lot of people. The first black president crossed all ethnic boundaries, because you have here the original sin of slavery and everybody wants to wipe it out.

And everybody thought the country electing a black president would be the greatest evidence anybody could ever have or see that we have erased our past in that. And of course, who told you it would make it worse? I did. But there is no such similar thing about electing the first female president because there is no original sin in this country involving women. Not like slavery.

I mean, you can’t say suffrage, the right vote, whatever. It’s not even a factor anymore. So, no, I mean, there may be something strategic as far as the Democrats are concerned about wanting to have first female president because no criticism permitted; it would be sexist and War on Women. But I don’t object. I think look at the optics here, and I don’t see in either Hillary or Bernie Sanders some of the characteristics the Democrat Party stands for.

Now, when you get to ideology, Bernie Sanders owns it with progressivism, uber-leftism, and that is attractive to some people. Anyway, the news for Hillary (in addition here to New Hampshire, 44-37), I’m telling you, it is shades of 2008. And I don’t think it’s insignificant. As I said, I was making a joke yesterday, but I think the joke has got an element of truth to it — and as in many jokes, that makes it funny.

Obama comes along and just wipes Hillary out, and here comes Bernie Sanders doing that. What’s the common denominator? Hillary. Before both campaigns we’re told, “She’s just waiting to be coronated! It’s a fait accompli. It’s a done deal.” Except it wasn’t. “100,000 People Have Attended Bernie Sanders Events This Month. That Doesn’t Mean Much.” Philip Bump. “100,000 People Have Attended Bernie Sanders Events This Month. That Doesn’t Mean Much.” Okay.

“Poll Finds Hillary Losing to Four Republican Candidates in Iowa.” Now, this is from the liberal polling bunch in North Carolina, Public Policy Polling. But still, “Hillary Clinton would lose state of Iowa to several potential Republican opponents.” She would lose to Marco Rubio, she would lose to Scott Walker, she would lose to Mike Huckabee, and she would lose to Dr. Ben Carson in the Public Policy Polling poll. It says here, this is from TheHill.com:

“The results are likely to be of particular concern to Democrats given that President Obama carried [Iowa handily] during both of his election victories, in 2008 and 2012. Clinton is the dominant front-runner in the race for the Democratic nomination, while Republicans are locked in a dogfight.” But when you get down to individual Republicans versus Hillary, there are four of them that wipe her out.

“A recent survey by Quinnipiac showed Clinton trailing GOP candidates in the swing states of Iowa, Colorado and Virginia. Other polls have suggested voters don’t trust Clinton.” Her trust factor is way down. So whether or not anything actually happens of a criminal nature involving her server and her e-mails, it is part of the drip, drip, drip of little news stories here and little news stories there that add up to doing great damage.


RUSH: Here’s Bob in Glennwood, Illinois. Bob, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for taking my call. Twenty-year listener. I have two parts to why I called. The first part you may have touched based on a little bit while I was on hold and that’s Hillary Clinton. I remember back in April, I don’t know the events for the Q&A, but she was asked about the server and e-mails and be her response was very quick and to the point that nothing she received or sent was classified.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I believe it was in June she was asked again that question, and this is where I think she was instructed to add three words. Her answer was there were no e-mails that were received or sent on my server that was classified “at that time.” And those are the three keywords. I believe that’s her out. I believe she was instructed to say that because they knew they were gonna confiscate her server. I do not trust liberals. I think they’re gonna be the ones who are looking at her server, and no matter what they find and what they dig up, that’s gonna be their response when all this comes out, whenever that may be, that at the time she sent or received everything, nothing was classified.

RUSH: Okay, look, if you think that — if the liberals are gonna know gonna be the ones looking at the server and therefore nothing is gonna be found that’s incriminating — then why are they even going through the motions here, do you think?

CALLER: I think they’re going through the motions to save her. I think they’re going through the motions to help her out. I think they’re going through the motions to try and get her back in the fold, here. They don’t want Sanders there.

RUSH: Except the problem is, it’s liberals who have released all this news that we know about. It’s the liberals who’ve told us what was on Hillary’s server. It’s the liberals in the Regime, who’ve proven Hillary lied, and yet now the theory is it’s liberals trying to save her. We wouldn’t be here if liberals hadn’t spilled the beans on this woman and her server in the first place (i.e., Democrats in the DOJ). But I think your theory has some plausibility nevertheless.


RUSH: Here is Spencer in Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. I’m glad you waited.

CALLER: Dittos from the great city of Charlotte where Charlton Heston first said “from my old dead hands,” and dittos from the decrepit city of Charlotte where the Democrats named a government building and a school building after a convicted pedophile. Now –

RUSH: Who was that?

CALLER: (disgusted grunt)

RUSH: Who was that?

CALLER: Walton. The Walton Building downtown. (chuckles) It was a preacher, and he was arrested for… Well, I won’t be go there.

RUSH: I hatred when that happens.

CALLER: Yeah. Anyhow, I spent 30 years in IT, and I can —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. For you in Rio Linda, that’s “Information Technology.” It means he’s a computer guy for a company. Okay. Go ahead.

CALLER: All right. I can just about assure you that the server is clean. There’s a system on servers called a RAID Array, and what it does is it generates redundancy so if one of the hard drives goes down, the data is not lost. Now, when that hard drive goes down, you just swap it out.

RUSH: Yeah, but wait, wait, wait, wait. When you say “clean,” what do you mean? There’s data on it or no data on it?

CALLER: The data that she doesn’t want to be there is gone.

RUSH: Is gone?

CALLER: Is gone, and here’s how you do it. You delete all your e-mails that you don’t want to there and then you pull one of the drives and put a brand-new fresh drive that’s never been touched in.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And the redundancy program, the RAID program will write all the data to that drive.

RUSH: How do you know that she had a RAID array, though?

CALLER: (snorts) You have to have redundancy on these servers or you lose data if the hard drive crashes.

RUSH: We’re talking Hillary Clinton here.

CALLER: We’re talking a server also.

RUSH: She didn’t have any kind of encrypt —

CALLER: Hillary Clinton ain’t nothing to do with the server.

RUSH: Wait. She didn’t have any encryption on it.

CALLER: Well, it’s not encryption that I’m talking about.

RUSH: I know. But I’m using it as an example here that it was not top drawer. A RAID array… I mean, a guy walking in wants a server from his computer store is not gonna end up with a RAID array. You’re gonna have to specifically ask for that and set it up. It’s pretty advanced.

CALLER: Ehhhh, no. Just about every server you are going to buy these days is going to have a slot for four drives, at least. So she pulls one of the drives, puts a new one in, and it writes redundancy to that drive. And eventually all four drives, or however many drives are in that server, are in the trunk of her car with all the bodies headed for the car crusher.

RUSH: Right. Exactly what… Giant electromagnets are gonna crush those things like Oddjob did in Goldfinger.

CALLER: Yeah. When the server shows up on Trey Gowdy’s desk —

RUSH: (stifling laughter)

CALLER: — it’s gonna be a useless thing to go through it and tried to find something.

RUSH: What about the thumb drive out there, Spencer?

CALLER: Well, the thumb drive is another issue. I don’t know how the thumb drive was generated. If it was generated… Well, see, when you write the data over, it’s not gonna take the tracks that were deleted. The tracks that were deleted are still on the old drive. Now, you could take the old drive and restore the deleted data, but you have to have the old drive. The thumb drive is not going to have the deleted data on it because it’s on the old drive and it’s just useless data.

RUSH: Right. I don’t think anybody’s expecting this server to have data on it.

CALLER: No, it won’t.

RUSH: Because it’s been held for so long.


RUSH: Even if she doesn’t know what she’s doing, somebody with her does.

CALLER: She’s had time to have that thing completely refurbished.

RUSH: Right. Exactly. And they made no move to seize it when they found this out for whatever reasons. They didn’t make any move to secure it, and they let her print hard copies then go through the hard copies, and they let her decide that 30,000 of ’em were irrelevant, like related to yoga or wedding presents or what have you. So, I know.

CALLER: There’s gonna be no incriminating data on that.

RUSH: No, but they have some.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

RUSH: The inspector general says they’ve got at least 40,000 e-mails, 10,000 e-mails, and four of them classified top secret. They’ve got some data from this thing.

CALLER: But they’re not gonna have the critical data.

RUSH: Well, we’ll see. I think all this could end up being just a process by which she says (impression), “I can’t talk about anymore! My server is under investigation. The whole thing’s under investigation. I can’t talk about ongoing investigation. Shut up!”

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