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RUSH: Okay, here we go, folks. Now, let me make sure (muttering). Okay. The Drive-By Media, many in the Drive-By Media think that the performance — the best answer of the night was offered by John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, and it was an answer on Medicaid expansion. I’ll have the question here from Megyn Kelly, and then the answer from Kasich, and this… Hey, folks, just telling you right now what the left is saying. The Drive-By Media is saying about the first Republican debate and who they thought was the winner… Well, not the winner, but who gave the best answer of the night.

Here’s Megyn Kelly’s question…

KELLY: Governor Kasich, you chose to expand Medicaid in your state, unlike several other governors on this stage tonight, and it is already over budget by some estimates costing taxpayers an additional $1.4 billion in just the first 18 months. You defended your Medicaid expansion by invoking God, saying to skeptics that when they arrive in heaven, St. Peter isn’t gonna ask them how small they’ve kept government but what they have done for the poor. Why should Republican voters who generally want to shrink government believe that you won’t use your St. Peter rationale to expand every government program?

RUSH: All right, so that’s the question. And here is what many in the Drive-By Media are saying was the best answer of the entire night.

KASICH: President Reagan expanded Medicaid three or four times. Secondly, I had an opportunity to bring resources back to Ohio, to do what? To treat the mentally ill. Ten thousand of them sit in our prisons. I’d rather get them their medication so they can lead a decent life. Secondly, we are rehabbing the drug addicted. Eighty percent of the people in our prisons have addiction problems. We now treat them in the prisons, release them in the community, and the recidivism rate is 10%. And everybody across this country knows that the tsunami of drugs is threatening their very families. So we’re treating them and getting them on their feet. And finally the working poor. Instead of them having come into the emergency rooms where it costs more, where they’re sicker and they end up paying, we brought a program in here to make sure that people could get on their feet. And, you know what? Everybody has a right to their God-given purpose.

RUSH: “Everybody has a right to their God-given purpose,” and the explanation here of the Medicaid expansion (summarized), “Hey, look, Washington was passing out money, so I decided to go get some of it for the people of my state. St. Peter is not gonna be asking me what I did to reduce the size of government when I get up there. He’s gonna ask me what did I do for the poor.” The Drive-By Media… I mean, folks, they’re orgasming over that answer. The second answer from Kasich that they are barely able to contain themselves with, Megyn Kelly again with the question, which was the subject of gay marriage and religious government. “Governor Kasich, if you had a son or daughter who was gay or lesbian, how would you explain to them your opposition to same-sex marriage?”

KASICH: I’m an old-fashioned person here, and I happen to believe in traditional marriage. But I’ve also said the court has ruled, and I said we’ll accept it, and guess what? I just went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay. Because somebody doesn’t think the way I do doesn’t mean that I can’t care about them or can’t love them. So if one of my daughters happen to be that, of course I would love them, and I would accept them. I’m gonna love ’em no matter what they do, because, you know what? God gives me unconditional love; I’m gonna give it to my family and my friends and the people around me.

RUSH: So those two answers have the Drive-Bys all atwitter. They have assigned to those two answers optimism, Reaganism, and the bonus they say is that John Kasich… Folks, do not misunderstand. I’m just telling you what other people are saying. This is not people putting words in my mouth. I’m just reporting to you here as America’s Real Anchorman. They are saying that these two answers are some of the slimmest evidence that we’ve had yet that Republicans actually care about people.

Okay, so you put that in your pipe or whatever you smoke and smoke it.

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