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RUSH: Here’s Kevin in St. James, Missouri. Hey, Kevin, I’m really glad you waited. Welcome to the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing today?

RUSH: I’m good. Thank you.

CALLER: Hi. I wanted to let you know right off the bat, I’m a Democrat. And there’s a couple things that I really don’t understand on your — about you.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: You always talk about low-information voters. And I want you to explain this to me because for some reason when you say that and you explain to your listeners as low-information voters — and my second question is gonna tie into this, too, about your last caller. What is a low-information voter? Because to me it seems like you’re always referring to people that are Democratic minded or liberal minded. That’s my first question.

RUSH: That’s interesting. No, no. Let’s take this.


RUSH: No, no, no. Most hosts would hang up on you here and tell you to have a nice day, but not me.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: When I say low-information voters, you think that I am automatically assigning ignorance to Democrats and people who disagree, and the only reason they disagree is ’cause they’re ignorant, they don’t know enough and that’s what makes them low-information voters? Is that right? Is that your impression that I give you?

CALLER: (background noise) Pretty much. Pretty much, yeah, because I spend about two hours every day listening to your show, and I spend about 10 hours of my extra time — 10 to 15 hours of my extra time a week, you know — looking through the Internet, looking at political things, keeping myself informed, keeping an understanding. You know, like what — how you talk about the bad nuke deal with Iran, a lot of it I think is kind of shoddy. But then again, with no deal at all, there’s no watchdog at all on ’em. But that’s kind of what I think.

RUSH: Okay, well, I’ll tell you. Let me explain it to you. You’re not far wrong, but I don’t say this in conceit. I say it out of frustration. I wish there weren’t low-information voters. I wish the people I’m talking about knew more than they do and were able to think independently more than they are. I think low-information voters fall for the daily soap opera script that serves as the news each day presented by the… Wwhat is that noise in the background there?

CALLER: I don’t know, really. I don’t… (nervous laugh) Um, I don’t hear anything.

RUSH: You don’t hear anything?

CALLER: Hang… Hang on just a second. (puts down the phone)

RUSH: What’s he doing?

CALLER: All right, there he goes —

RUSH: Am I… Was there a dog barking or a baby crying or a wife?

CALLER: (stammers) I have somebody off in the other room speaking.

RUSH: Ah. I see. Yeah. Okay. So, yeah, I think —

CALLER: Sorry about that.

RUSH: Here’s the thing. None of this is rooted in conceit, Kevin. I mean, I really do think that what I think is right, not because of any other reason than I think it’s correct. I do not make things up that I don’t believe in order to gain supporters, and I don’t lie to people to gain support because that’s not gonna get me anything. You know, you’re not a low-information person, and this is why you’re confused.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: You’re not the kind of guy I’m talking about.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: The very fact that you can ask this question means that you are not a typical low-information voter.

CALLER: Okay. Well, I don’t consider myself any kind of voter.

RUSH: You can’t possibly be. You listen to this program two hours a day, you can’t possibly be a low-information voter.

CALLER: So… But, to my second question. Uh, it’s the deal on the thing with Planned Parenthood.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I know you’ve been talking about Obama and the nuke deal. I would love to make some comments on that and have a good debate with you, a good argument with you on that, but that would be for another day.

CALLER: But the deal with the Planned Parenthood thing, I live in rural Missouri.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: All right? And the Planned Parenthood around here, they changed their name to Family Planning a few years back, and the thing about it is I don’t know of hardly anybody around here that has — I know a few girls around here that have had abortions, okay?

RUSH: I hate to tell you here, but Planned Parenthood is not in rural America. That’s one of the points, you think they’re needed, but they’re not there, because the numbers are not there for what Planned Parenthood wants to achieve. Planned Parenthood is an urban existence. Two-thirds —

CALLER: No, it is not. It is right here, it was right here in Rolla, Missouri, a few years ago and it changed its name. It’s all backed by Planned Parenthood, that organization that’s up here.

RUSH: But it isn’t — I’m telling you — it isn’t backed or whatever, but it’s not Planned Parenthood. Two-thirds of Planned Parenthood clinics are in black neighborhoods.


RUSH: They’re in urban neighborhoods. Now, I happen to have, just coincides with your call here, I have a piece. I just found this after the program started today. It’s from a website called The Federalist, and the headline: “The Largest Women’s Health Care Provider In America Is NOT Planned Parenthood.” This story talks about all of the smaller — it’s a group called Democrats for Life. These are pro-life Democrats, and they’re chronicling all of the tiny health care clinics that do serve rural America because Planned Parenthood will not go there.

“As Democrats for Life has pointed out numerous times in recent days, the number of local community health centers,” like the one you talked about, “outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics ten to one.” And believe me, Planned Parenthood does not do what you think they do, Kevin. Now, I’m not lying to you here. I’m not making it up, and I’m not trying to get you to believe something that isn’t true. They do not do the women’s health services that they want you to think they do. They want people to think they’re engaged in things much more than they’re engaged in abortion as a means of justifying their clinic’s existence.

Why don’t those signs say “abortion clinic” instead of Planned Parenthood family planning? Because they’re lying to people about what goes on behind closed doors in there as we are now learning. They chop up intact born babies and sell the parts. It is horrific what is happening in there. It is outrageous. It’s being received by some people as just a ho-hum, next news story, wow, that’s fascinating, okay, what’s next?

The fact of the matter is they don’t do mammograms, for example, and you’d be stunned at the number of women who think that Planned Parenthood does mammograms. If you don’t do mammograms, you are not a women’s health center, and they do not do them. That’s not why they exist. All of this talk about women’s health, the things that happen at Planned Parenthood in that regard are a snow job, they are a cover.

They are an abortion clinic. They are a mass abortion provider and performer. That’s what Planned Parenthood is. And they get two billion federal dollars a year to do it. And now we’ve learned that even more horrific things than just that are taking place in there. Believe me, Kevin, you don’t want one of these things in your neighborhood. Trust me. You don’t want one there. You don’t.

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