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RUSH: A new Fox poll out yesterday, last night shows Donald Trump is just soaring. Trump is gaining ground on everybody in the GOP field and over Hillary. It’s a Fox News poll, NBC poll, and in both of these polls, Hillary, the bottom is starting to fall out identically, exactly as it started to happen in 2008. And that’s why the Democrats are starting to push out these stories about what a great guy Biden is and those gaffes that he makes, why, they just make him more lovable. That’s old Joe. Telling the guy in a wheelchair to stand up, you know Joe didn’t mean anything by it. That’s just Joe.

He’s still the same sensitive, good-hearted, big-hearted guy that he’s always been. He just makes these gaffes and, you know, it’s kind of cute. It’s just Joe. So they’re setting this up. They’re setting everybody up for the entry of Biden into the race, because, make no mistake about it, Bernie Sanders may be drawing these huge crowds, and he may be knocking down the house, but the Democrat Party is not going to, at least with using as much as they have power here, control here, they’re not gonna let him get the nomination.
Not unless he starts renouncing some of this hatred for Big Business.

I mean, he’s gone beyond the acceptable in the Democrat Party operations manual. You know, in the Democrat Party owners manual, there are examples of approved ways to rip business and still telegraph to business that you really don’t mean them any harm, that you’re just talking. But Bernie has gone way beyond the owners manual guidelines and the Democrats know that he’s serious in his anti-business rhetoric. The problem is that the Democrat Party has become the party of Big Business. The Democrat Party has become the party of cronyism, and the Republicans want in on that. That’s what they want.

It used to be that the Republicans used to have this tight relationship with Big Business. But now that it’s become full-fledged cronyism between Big Business and government, that’s what the Republicans want. They want those chances. They want those opportunities. They want the power to be able to sit there and make cronies and make government crony deals with business for everybody’s mutual benefit now that that’s the order of the day, now that that’s the way it happens.

For all these years the Republicans have been trying to make everybody think they’re not the party of Big Business because it was a bad thing. But now that the rules have changed and now that it’s out in the open, I mean, if you’re a Democrat and you benefit from everybody thinking you got the best of intentions and you love people and you care, whatever you do is perfectly fine. So cronyism has become, as far as everybody’s concerned, accepted. Not crony capitalism, crony socialism, just cronyism. Just a mutual association between government and select businesses, not industries, although it may be industries at times, but select businesses.

A business gets in bed with a president. It’s cronyism. The government protects that business, and in the process hurts that business’s competitors. The politician benefits from all of the money and support from the Big Business and gets immunity from the charge that he is anti-free market economy. If you’re in bed with Big Business, everybody still thinks that Big Business is capitalism 101. So if you’re in bed with Big Business, cronyism or otherwise, how can anybody call you a socialist and make it stick? ‘Cause Big Business isn’t socialism. Ahhhh, maybe not. But it could be fascism. But whatever it is, it’s cronyism, and the Republicans want in on it.

And that’s why Democrats love it. And Bernie Sanders, if he ever became president and had a chance, he would end it. I mean, he would give action to what other Democrats only voice. The Democrats love to stand up and rip Wall Street and rip Big Business, but that’s just for your consumption. They don’t actually do anything about it. “Wait a minute, Rush, wait a minute. What about Dodd-Frank?” Yeah. Yeah. But who did Dodd-Frank actually end up hurting? It hurts the consumer.

It hurts the consumer. It bottles up regulations. It hurts the consumer. Some businesses have been hurt by it, but not all. Just like Obamacare, there are certain exemptions and waivers and this, that, and the other thing. But cronyism’s cronyism. And the Republicans, they want a piece of this action. They want to be in charge of the money. There’s no thought now to reducing the size of government or getting rid of a department here or a department there.

I mean, you could look at it… Let’s take a department. What’s…? Just to illustrate my point here, Reagan. Reagan actually at one time made an effort at closing the department of… What was it, education? Energy or education? Which one? (interruption) He failed. But at least he gave lip service to it. When did the Department of Education come into being? When did it start, and do you remember the president who started it? I’m not sure. I don’t remember.

All I know is it’s fairly recent within the entire scope of the history of the country. Now, let me ask you this. We have a Department of Education that’s sacrosanct. We can’t cut it because it’s “the children.” But what do they do to further education at the Department of Education? What happens? Do they actually do that, or do they impede it? Are there any teachers there? Any professional teachers there? Who are these people at the Department of Education? What do they do?

You’re never gonna get rid of these things, especially now that cronyism has come into being; cronyism is now accepted as just a government way of life. (interruption) Okay, Jimmy Carter recreated it in his own image and gave it new power, but it existed before Jimmy Carter. I just can’t recall who. He might have started it. I’m not sure. But the point is, what does Jimmy Carter know about education? I mean, nobody’s against it, that’s not my point. Would Jimmy Carter know how to teach people anything?

It’s like there might be better examples. I mentioned the Department of Energy. Do they…? Does the Department of Energy make any? (interruption) They don’t. All they do is tell the people that know how to do it what they can’t do. Right? That’s all the Department of Energy does is tell the people that are experts at creating energy what they can’t do. Peter principle? I don’t know whatever you want to call it.

But we have people rising to the top of incompetency at these so-called federal departments that don’t know diddly-squat, and Obama fits that to a T. I don’t think there’s anything he knows how to do, other than community organize. And he knows cronyism. Cronyism to Obama is protectionism for himself, and he’s engaged in it. My point is the Republicans want in on this. That’s why they want their economy chairmanships in the Senate! They want to be in charge of the money.

My overall point is that gone from all of these discussions, political arguments, debates, is the concept of reducing all of this and making it smaller and getting it out of people’s lives. I mean, a couple candidates come along and may provide lip service to it, but it’s just act opposite. Now, this is the reason… No, I’ve not lost my place. This is the reason why Bernie Sanders isn’t gonna be the nominee, because he would rip this cronyism apart. He really would try.

He’s not just uttering lip service to get Democrat votes; he really believes it. Hillary, Biden, Algore, whoever, they would all give lip service to being anti-business but they’re in bed with everybody in business. Clinton! I just saw something, and I think I printed out it out, too… Speaking of the Department of Education, some educational institution, nonprofit, paid Bill Clinton $16 million for speeches over a short period of time, number of years.

I forget what the number of years is. But this is a cesspool, and all these people are in it with each other. The idea that the Republicans are pro-business and the Democrats are anti-business is a formulation from way back that everybody’s still trying to make everybody believe, but it isn’t true. The Democrats… Obama owes his election to Wall Street and to major American corporations, and yet the Democrats are the biggest anti-corporate talking crowd you’ll ever run into.

But it’s all just for show in order to placate the lunatic fringe base. Now, the fact that we’re talking this way about Bernie Sanders means that Hillary is in trouble. She is continuing to lose. In fact, in the latest analysis of this data, her favorability with white women is plunging. It’s the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. “Many Democrats have long hoped that Hillary Clinton might expand Barack Obama’s electoral coalition by drawing in more white women voters.”

Hold Obama’s coalition of the African-Americans, hold his coalition of the Hispanics, hold his coalition of the young, and build on women as “the first female candidate.” Get all these white women supporting her and build on the Obama coalition. But the problem is, white women are abandoning her, and these other groups are just not that excited. This new “poll suggests she may have a tough time pulling it off,” this expansion of support from white women.

“Mrs. Clinton is losing ground with white women and many other important slices of the electorate, the poll shows, amid a spate of reports about her email practices, speaking fees and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. … Mrs. Clinton, of course, is a white woman. She was raised in the suburbs and earned both college and law degrees. She’s fared well among voters with a similar background in past polls, but this month’s survey shows thatÂ’s no longer the case.”

She’s losing ground fast with every group, but especially with the group of white women.

“By a five-point margin, suburban women had a negative view of Mrs. Clinton.” Now, I don’t pretend to know the explicit reasons, but I have a theory, and I think it’s the these e-mails, in part. I think it’s also her dryball, dull personality coupled with her arrogant condescension of expectation. This e-mail business, I think it’s hurting her more with people than anybody inside the Beltway understands, ’cause I think this is something, despite it being tech, that more people understand than Washington gives credit.


RUSH: Here’s Daniel in the Bronx as we head back to the phones. Hello, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for having me on. I’m a very big fan, so I appreciate getting the chance to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Well, I called to talk about Trump, but can I make a quick comment on the Democrat primary, just listening in the lead-up to you taking the call?

RUSH: Yeah. It’s just there’s not much time here, so just launch.

CALLER: Sure. Sure. I’ll be quick. Bernie Sanders, what he’s gonna do is introduce the term “socialist” into the lexicon a little more favorably. For years when we say they’re socialistic they say, “No, we’re not! No, we’re not!” The value he brings to the Democrats on the left is making that a little more acceptable. As far as Biden goes, I predicted back in February 2014 he’d be the nominee because it’s basically eight the more years of Obama.

Obama’s ground game is everything.

He can hand it over to Biden, and just like you said the press would love him, I put it out in Twitter on February 2014, “You guys watch. The will tout him as exactly what we need because he’s so approachable and honest and likable, and that’s what the American people want.” So I’m with you. I see it happening. And again, Obama, you know, he’d love eight more years. You can’t get that with Hillary. She’s her own person. Biden can be under his thumb a little bit. So Obama, if he throws anything behind Biden, forget about it. The press gets on board and we got eight more years.

RUSH: And because you think Biden is loyal to Obama, he will not do anything to upset whatever Obama’s put in motion?

CALLER: Exactly. And I think, you know, with the ground game and the activism happening in the grassroots, Biden will be beholden to Obama.

RUSH: Could be. But then over here we still have Hillary dumped again at the altar.


RUSH: Can I revisit a little recent history? Way back during the beginnings of the current campaign — and I’m just going back months. It isn’t very far. In fact, it’s probably not much further back than March. Hillary had not announced anything because, remember, she was still accepting paid speeches, and she had made a decision she wasn’t gonna announce her presidential “perspirations” until she had finished her schedule of paid speeches.

But all the talk about the upcoming Hillary campaign was in full swing. And I’m sure that many of you will remember on a daily basis my expressing my boredom and my lack of interest in Mrs. Clinton. That it’s old news. That I’m sick and tired of talking about it. I’m sick and tired of being upset with it. I’m sick and tired of being excited about it. I’m sick and tired of people being scared of her, all of this stuff. I went through it each and every day, and I begrudgingly reported the news about Mrs. Clinton.

And the Drive-Bys were all excited, everybody was just, oh, man it was the greatest thing. Here comes the new 2016 presidential campaign. Now finally time to give it to Hillary Clinton. It’s time to put the wheels in motion, put it all in progress so we can begin the official coronation of Hillary Clinton. And I was yawning and telling everybody how much I didn’t care. Because I had, ladies and gentlemen, a thought in the back of my mind, and I still do. And I see everybody now catching up with me.

Back in February and March I’m tired of Hillary, I’m bored about it, I’m openly telling you I’m resenting having to talk about her, and the American people are starting to catch up with me. If these polls are any indication, the bloom is off the rose. And I remember asking, probably not enough times, but I’m gonna ask it again here, something that has always guided me in imagining Hillary in the 2016 campaign, and that’s what happened in 2008. We got the same run-up in 2007 that we’re getting here in 2015 about Hillary Clinton. And we were told, it’s hers, it’s her turn. We’re coming off these horrible eight years of Bush, and it’s time to reward Mrs. Clinton for all she’s done for the Democrat Party.

And pretty much what that was was sticking with and staying loyal to her husband. If she hadn’t done that, he might have plummeted, he might have fallen, the Democrat Party might have taken it on the chin, but Hillary hung in there. She endured the cheating. Most cheated-on woman in America. She endured the humiliation. She hung in. So it was her turn, pecking order, her turn. Then something happened. A young, clean, articulate black guy came along. And right at the beginning of this half the Democrat Party chose him.

The other way of looking at it is half the Democrat Party abandoned Hillary Clinton, who, they were told, turn it was. Okay, so if half the Democrat Party abandoned Hillary Clinton in 2008, why, I ask myself, is this year gonna be any different? Why is 2016 gonna be any different? What has changed between Hillary bombing out in 2008 and seven, eight years later? Where has she gotten better? I don’t see any evidence of getting better. I see years and years of incompetence on display. Secretary of state, Benghazi, Russian reset, now these e-mails and the server, and it’s lost, and half of it’s gone, whatever it is with that.

There’s nothing that Mrs. Clinton has done in these eight years to distinguish herself. The biggest, best thing she’s got going for her is that there’s a capital D next to her name on the ballot. And now look what’s happening. I once again am being borne out. Now all of a sudden where’s the excitement? The excitement on the Democrat side and even with the Drive-By Media is, “And who could it possibly be besides Hillary?”

So now we’re talking about Bernie Sanders, and he’s drawing crowds at the tens, and in some cases hundreds of thousands. Now Biden has entered the race, and this was a no-brainer. Once we heard that he was told by his son on his dying deathbed, “Dad, you’ve gotta do it for me,” well, that’s all we needed to hear, Biden’s running. Just a question of when. And now they’re setting the table for that. Biden’s gonna keep everybody guessing ’til September, but all this means, it isn’t gonna be Hillary.

It means once again that Mrs. Clinton is not a fait accompli and she’s not the chosen and she’s not gonna get coronated, and she’s not the favorite. And it happened in 2008, why should it be any different? Now, if she had distinguished herself as secretary of state, if she had done wonderfully great things, won the Nobel Peace Prize or done something, just anything, but look at what’s come out about her?

She got all this money. She’s perceived as a money grubbing typical rich person, the way Democrats look at rich people. She wouldn’t even announce her candidacy ’til she finished her paid speech schedule, and this woman gets 250 grand a speech. This is not average, ordinary American people, Democrat union member stuff. But my point is what happened in 2008, why should we expect it to be any different in 2016. And the whole process is starting to repeat itself.

Now, one thing, this survey with the white women, this is a fascinating thing because at the upper echelon of the Democrat Party in the Hillary Clinton sector of that party, the belief has been, yeah, okay, we got upstaged by Obama in 2008, but that was a pecking order kind of thing. And what they decided then, first black president, oh, my God, they saw the gold mine in being the party of the first African-American, oh, my God, there’s so much tied into this. The president can never be criticized, can get to do whatever he wants. He’ll be nothing but sympathized and empathized with, nobody will dare criticism because nobody will want to be called a racist.

And then the Hillary camp said, hey, we can do that, too. It’ll be the first female president, and it will be the same thing. Nobody can criticize Hillary, she’s a woman, that’ll be War on Women, that’ll be sexism, so the Republicans will have to shut up, conservatives will have to shut up, and Hillary will be having an open field. And that was the thinking. And then after Hillary they’re gonna do the first Hispanic, and they’re looking at Julian Castro or whoever, somebody maybe not yet known, but this is their game plan.

But the problem is the very the very people who are supposed to be going “yay” over the first female president are the ones dropping out: white women. So this whole notion of the pecking order, this whole notion of it’s her turn, the whole notion of we owe it to Hillary for everything she’s done, if that’s true, then why do other people keep popping up?

If the Democrat Party wanted Hillary Clinton to be president — just don’t doubt me on this — and, by the way, the Clintons are still very powerful running this party, even though Obama’s the president, the Clintons still have a lot of power here. And if, I’m just saying, if the upper echelon of the Democrat Party wanted Hillary Clinton to be president, then Bernie Sanders would have been talked down, and there wouldn’t be any of this talk of Biden. But that’s apparently not the case.

My only point — I’m sorry to go so long in this, but the only point is Hillary is not inevitable like everybody has assumed. There’s no reason to be afraid of her like everybody on our side seems to be, because it’s becoming quite obvious that history is repeating itself 2007, 2008, now in 2015. And the stories of the day — and by the way, they could be setting it all up for a giant, giant recovery and Hillary smoking the field, always a possibility.

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