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RUSH: “An American animal psychic claims that Cecil the Lion has spoken to her and given instructions on how to deal with his death.” This is in the UK Daily Mail. “Cecil, a 13-year-old lion in Zimbabwe who was killed by a hunter in early July, apparently moved self-proclaimed ‘animal communicator’ Karen Anderson to tears with his message. Anderson posted on her Facebook that she ‘wanted to let him know how loved and honored he is’ when she made contact with the protected animal whose death has caused outrage towards Minnesota dentist and hunter Walter Palmer.

“‘Let not the actions of these few men defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts. If we do then we become one of them. Raise your vibration and allow this energy to move us forward,’ Cecil” the lion to this animal psychic. Hey, I’m not making this up. It’s right here in the Daily Mail. There is an American animal psychic, and she “reached out” to the dead Cecil. Cecil heard her. Cecil the dead lion replied. “Let not the actions of these with few men” i.e., hunters” defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts.

“If we do then we become one of them. Raise your vibration and allow this energy to move us forward.” This is what the animal psychic said that Cecil the lion told her. Despite the possibility that talking to Cecil would unveil clues about his death, the animal did not offer an explanation. The lion was quoted as saying, “What happened does not need to be discussed, as it is what it is.” Are you following me on this, folks? We have an animal psychic who claims that Cecil the lion “reached out to her.”

He would not tell her how he died, what really happened here, and urged her not to be defeatist and not to let darkness enter everybody’s hearts, because then we would all become hunters. And of course, that would be bad. Cecil the lion “supposedly told [animal psychic Karen] Anderson, who specializes in speaking to clients’ deceased pets and,” by the way, “charges $75 for a fifteen-minute session with up to two animals, that he is now ‘finer than ever.'”

That’s what he told the animal psychic.

So, no harm, no foul!

If Cecil’s “finer than ever,” we need to find this hunter and thank him. Cecil’s in a better place. Cecil himself is saying so to the animal psychic. He apparently said he is “grander than before as no one can take our purity, no one can take our truth, no one can take our soul.” Folks, I’m not making this up. This is in the UK Daily Mail. “He apparently said he is ‘grander than before as no one can take our purity, our truth or our soul.’ ‘Be strong and speak for all the others who suffer needlessly to satisfy human greed. Bring Light and Love and we will rise above this.'”

And this woman’s only charging $75 for a 15-minute session! The headline’s right here: “Animal Psychic Claims Cecil the Lion Has Spoken to Her and Given Instructions on How to Deal with his Death.” And, you know, the scary thing about this is that there are people who have read this, and they’re believing it! They’re talking about it, and they think it’s wonderful. They’re thinking Cecil is even a better person, better guy than we knew.

We know people are believing it because they’re paying this woman $75 to do a seance with their dead pets. And, of course, she’s able to make contact with every one of them. So you know people are believing this. “Another American has been accused of an illegal lion killing in the same safari park as Cecil was killed.” This from the UK Express. Another American accused of illegally killing a lion in Zimbabwe with a bow and arrow just a few months before Walter Palmer brutally slaughtered Cecil the lion.”

Are you people aware that Barack Hussein Obama has written favorably about lion hunting in one of his books? I have it right here from The Daily Caller, August 1st, over the weekend. It was Saturday. “Obama Impressed by Lion-Killing — President Obama was really impressed by lion-killing years before his administration started investigating the killing of Cecil the Lion. Obama, whose administration is assisting the Zimbabwean government in an investigation into Cecil’s killing by [the] Minnesota dentist … didn’t used to have a problem with lion-killing, according to his 1995 book ‘Dreams From My Father.’

“Obama detailed his conversation with Masai guardsmen protecting him during a visit to Kenya. Obama explained that the guardsmen ‘had each killed a lion to prove their manhood.’ The guardsmen engaged in illegal lion-hunting,” and Obama wrote about how impressed he was with it. Don’t doubt me. I’ve got it right here. Here’s the passage in question from Dreams From My Father, page 192: “At night, after dinner, we spoke further with our Masai guardsmen. Wilson told us that both he and his friend had recently been members of the bachelor class of young warriors who were at the center of the Masai legend. They had each killed a lion to prove their man has had.

“They had participated in numerous cattle raids. But now there were no wars, and even cattle raids had become complicated. Only last year another friend had been shot by a rancher. Wilson had finally decided being a Moran was a waste of time. He had gone to Nairobi in search of work. But he had little schooling. He ended up as a security guard at a bank. The boredom drove him crazy and eventually he had returned to the valley to marry and return to his cattle. Recently one of his cattle had been killed by a lion, and although it was illegal now, he and four others had hunted the lion into the preserve.

“‘How do you kill a lion?’ I asked. ‘Five men surround it and throw their spears,’ Wilson said. ‘The lion will choose one man to pounce. That man, he curls under his shield while the other four finish the job.'” Obama writes, “‘It sounds dangerous,’ I said stupidly. Wilson shrugged. ‘Usually there are only scratches. But sometimes only four will come back.’ The man didn’t sound like he was boasting ?- more like a mechanic trying to explain a difficult repair?…'” That’s Barack Obama in his own book talking about the art of proving one’s manhood in Kenya, by virtue of killing a lion and then describing how it’s done.


RUSH: Okay, so we have this psychic, Karen Anderson, who spoke to Cecil the lion from that great jungle in the sky. Cecil was of course magnanimous in death, claiming that he’s finer than ever and we must not become dark of heart and we must be forgiving and so forth.

That takes us to CBS This Morning, and a guest there with Gayle King, BFF of The Oprah. The guest is Animal Planet large predator expert, David Salmoni. Animal Planet, that’s a cable network, and if it’s anything else, I don’t know, but I know that it’s a cable network. They have a guy, he’s a large predator expert, and his name is David Salmoni. They’re talking about the killing of Cecil the lion, and here is Gayle King.

KING: Every time I see the pictures of Cecil walking around he looks so majestic to me. It’s like something out of Lion King the movie. It really is heartbreaking to see him when he’s walking around, and I wonder how his death has affected other lions in the region and your thoughts on that.

RUSH: Yeah, I’m sure the other lions are talking about it. I’ll never forget, folks, we had a story, it was wintertime in Pennsylvania and some — I forget the details — I think it was a reporter, apparently what had happened was that a cow had fallen through the ice of a frozen lake somewhere in Pennsylvania. The ice was not thick enough, and the cow being too stupid to know, just walked right onto it and bammo, the ice gave way, and the cow vanished and that was it.

The reporter said that the other cows looked on in fear and hope. Really? The other cows looked on in fear and hope? Why didn’t they call 911? Why didn’t one of the other cows go get a rope? Why didn’t a cow jump in, try to find the cow that fell in, tie the rope around one of the hooves and why didn’t they all band together to drag the fallen cow out of the ice? They just stood there, which, frankly, is normal behavior for cows. I mean, they stand around while others end up at the slaughterhouse.

So Gayle King — see, this is how it happens. We humanize and — (interruption) I’ve just been cautioned by helpful staff on the other side of the glass that I am quickly going down a slippery slope. What slippery slope? (interruption) Okay, so I’ve just been told that — say that to me again. Animals what? (interruption) Okay. (interruption) Okay. (interruption) All right. Animals have real sadness and they have emotional connections to others in their species, and so when one cow falls in the ice, the other cows are devastated by it. Is that what you’re telling me?

Okay. So maybe Gayle King’s on to something here, that the other lions in the jungle are now affected by Cecil’s death. And they’re asking the expert, large predator expert what the other lions are saying about it, thinking about it? Look, I know we humanize. I know this is why the death of Cecil has had such an impact on people. I understand all this. But why have not the other lions attacked? Why haven’t they formed a group, planned a strategy, and had a mass mauling of every human being or hunter they could find? Why hasn’t this happened?

You know what’s happening in the pride? The remaining lions are trying to figure out how to kill Cecil’s babies. That’s what’s going on, as I pointed out last week. They’re not plotting revenge against humans. They’re trying to figure out how to get themselves, the other males as head of the pride. They’re not worried about whoever did this to Cecil. Did they know his name was Cecil, Dawn? (interruption) They love their own babies? They love their own babies. Well, okay. So if Cecil ran into his mother, he would know her? (interruption) He would? Cecil would know his mother? Years after he would know his mother? Is that right?

Well, it hasn’t worked out that way for dogs. When I was young we got a puppy. It was a daughter of a friend of my mother’s. And years later we put the dogs together and there was no indication they knew each other. There was no indication the mother knew that it was its kid. There was no way the dog we had knew that it was talking and dealing with its mother. There’s no way of knowing. Unless there’s something they smell on the rear end that says, “This is my mother.” All right. So a good time to take a break, then, if I’m heading down the slippery slope, we’ll just put the brakes on right here.


RUSH: Empire State Building in New York — There’s a documentary that is about to be released called Racing Extinction. It’s about the fact that we humans are wantonly killing every animal species out there. They are trying to start a PR promotional movement for it in New York City using the Empire State Building over the weekend, and it’s working. It’s working on young people.


RUSH: Dawn, what would you say if I were to tell you that the male lion is the worst father in the animal kingdom? (interruption) Look, I know I’m running a risk here, folks. I know what animals mean to people. I was saddened when Cecil was shot. I think this is crazy, to have an animal on a game preserve and let hunters go in there? I think it’s crazy.

I just want to be on record as I’ve stated from the get-go that I think it was totally unnecessary for this animal to be hunted and for this animal to be killed. It’s no great feat by the hunter, nothing major was accomplished here. I also don’t believe that it means the end of lions. I don’t believe it means we’re on the road to extinction or any of that. It was just bad form, and to celebrate it is no big deal. What kind of prowess did this take? The lion can’t shoot a bow and arrow back at you and the lion can’t pick up a rifle and shoot back at you. All the lion can do is try to scare you off, if the lion even knows you’re coming. But there was nothing — if you want to use the concept of fairness, there was no fairness here. No sport. I understand that.

And I’m an animal lover like everyone else is except I do not think they’re human. You know, I have fun playing with my pets. But a lion isn’t a pet and it never will be, neither is a tiger, neither is a giraffe. They’re not pets. It’s impossible to make them pets. There are exceptions. You can take a lion, remember Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion, the old TV show, way, way back in the seventies? It was funny. It was a comedy show and there was a cross-eyed lion that was the star. His name was Clarence. And I read how they did it. They kept that lion so fed, he was constantly fed, just all that lion did was eat, so killing a human being was not on its mind.

They also had to drug him a little bit. He was genuinely cross-eyed and they had it rigged so the lion drove a Jeep around, looked like the lion was driving. It was a cute-as-it-could-be show, and I remember the star of the show was a guy, his first name is Marshall, and I can’t remember his last name. He had a daughter, and they ran some sort of game preserve. Or, not a game preserve, a hospital area for injured animals and so forth. And this particular lion was only usable for a very short time.

Chimpanzees are the same. Chimpanzees, when they’re little babies, are cute. You do not want to get anywhere near an adult chimpanzee. No. They’re nothing like when they’re a kid. The story of this crazed woman in Connecticut that had a pet chimpanzee and her friend came over, I don’t even want to describe to you what happened. It’s sickening what the chimpanzee did, but the chimpanzee was just doing what chimpanzees do.

You know, a chimpanzee is a chimpanzee; a lion’s a lion; a tiger is a tiger. You know, ask Siegfried and Roy. They had this act in Las Vegas with I think Persian tigers. From the moment the lions in their act were born, or tigers, Persian tigers, from the moment they were born they slept with them. They tried to raise them as pets. They were constantly with them. They tried to get these tigers as docile and take the predator out of ’em, and one of these guys, Siegfried or Roy, not sure which of the two, ends up nearly killed because one of the tigers gets mad at being whipped one too many times during the act.

And, by the way, he knew right where to go. He went for this guy’s carotid artery. He was wounded, then had a stroke in recovery or shortly after, and that was the end of the act. I remember the tiger’s name was Montecore. They wanted to put the animal down and Siegfried and Roy, whichever one was still conscious, “No, don’t put the animal down.” They knew it wasn’t the animal’s fault, a tiger is a tiger, does what it does. But the Lion King, Gayle King is watching the Lion King here. It happens to be a cartoon show, a great cartoon show with a lot of great Elton John music in it, but it’s a cartoon, and it was not at all descriptive in any way of what lions are really like.

But kids love this stuff. I myself, my friends, have fallen prey to this. I have a series of children’s books with a talking horse that time travels. I mean, it works. But here’s the problem with this. The problem is that everything that happens on the left is political. You know, we’re losing our country. We are losing the culture of our country. We are turning people into genuine skulls full of mush. We are turning them into sentimental ignoramuses.

Do you know what the most powerful political force in this country is right now? It’s the low-information voter. The most powerful political force in this country is, whatever you want to call ’em, the ignorant, the low-information voter, the know-nothings, the whatever, because there are more and more of them every year, and they are guided by their emotions. They haven’t been taught to think. They haven’t been taught to think critically. They have been propagandized and inculcated with claptrap as education.

And you might think this animal stuff is harmless, but it’s not. It’s all a part of the same modus operandi. The whole animal rights movement is the same as the climate change movement. It’s the same people. It’s the same thing that motivates them and they have the same objectives: a bigger government, regulating more and more of average, ordinary, everyday life. That is predicated on the belief that human beings are the problem on the planet and that human beings need to be regulated and controlled and policed because it’s the human being that is the threat to nature.

To these people, the human being is not the highest form of life on earth. These people are raised to believe that the human being is the most destructive form and the most dangerous and the worst. And that is why in the environmental movement you have legitimate people, people who legitimately believe that the greatest threat to the planet is mankind. We are not considered to be part of nature. We’re not considered to be highly advanced. None of that is considered. No goodness is attached to us. That kind of thinking, you think, “Well, what’s the harm in that, Rush? Okay, so people love animals.”

It’s not about loving animals, folks. It’s about being taught that human beings and a subset, really, Republican or conservative human beings, are the primary problem on this planet. Not ISIS, not Al-Qaeda, not the Iranians, not the Iranians wanting nuclear weapons. No, no, no. Guys like this dentist in Minnesota. They’re the plague. They are the bad guys, guys like this dentist. These are the people that we have really got to fine and punish and put in jail. These are the people that we need to make examples of. They’re the absolute reprobates. You can see it play out.

I think this dentist is an idiot. I don’t understand beating your chest over killing a lion that has no idea you’re coming. Big deal. You know, big whoop. There’s no manliness in that, and there’s no manhood in it, and there’s no great attributes in that. All of that, you know, I agree with. But, as usual, it’s about much, much more than that.

Look at this. CNN had a story. Headline: “Empire State Building Shines Light on Endangered Species.” Well, who’s endangering species? Us, folks, human beings. “Cecil the lion was among a group of endangered species honored on a canvas 1,250 feet tall on the Empire State Building.” Never mind that lions are not endangered. Lions are nowhere near being endangered. Even this Animal Planet large predator expert said on CBS This Morning that the biggest problem with the death of Cecil is his kids are gonna get killed by other male lions, exactly as I told you.

Other male lions are gonna get rid of the Cecil blood lion. This is instinct. They don’t know they’re doing it, they just do it. It’s the way they’re created. Get rid of Cecil’s cubs and then take over Cecil’s women, the female lions, and establish their own bloodline and their own pride. So killing Cecil has put his kids at great risk, not from other hunters, but from the other male lions. Other male lines are gonna kill Cecil’s kids. They’re not good fathers. They may be the worst example of fatherhood in the animal kingdom. It is what it is.

I realize people gonna hate me for saying so ’cause they’ve seen the Lion King and the Lion King doesn’t say that. I know it doesn’t, but that’s not what the purpose of the Lion King was. So, anyway. “The Empire State Building’s famous light displays were used to draw attention endangered wildlife. Along with Cecil, whose death has sparked international outrage, a snow leopard, tigers, lemurs, and various snakes, birds and sea creatures were projected onto the building.

“The spectacle was staged to promote the documentary ‘Racing Extinction,’ a production of the Oceanic Preservation Society. Cecil wasn’t included in the presentation originally but was added to honor him after he was killed.” Lions are not threatened and they’re not endangered. But I want to read from one of the tech blogs just to show you how this stuff works, you know, Millennial tech blogs that I read. Not gonna tell you which one. The point is not to point to anything. You read it in one place, you read ’em everywhere.

“On Saturday night, the line to get into the 230 Fifth rooftop bar wrapped around the block, but people weren’t waiting for a drink. I filed on to the top of the building with hundreds of others and pushed my way through to the edge. The crowd stood shoulder to shoulder, all facing the looming skyscraper to the north. Then 40 stacked projectors on the top of a nearby building switched on, and the Empire State Building became the world?’s largest tombstone.

“The roof fell silent … The crowd cheered as snow leopards, manta rays, and elephants came into view.” All the animals I love which are being wiped out and may soon be gone. So you say, “So what, Rush.” So what? Okay, so here’s a documentary on how human beings are wiping out every species that they saw on the side of the Empire State Building, and it furthers this belief that humanity is indecent and that only a select few humans are worthy of leading others, and that would be touchy-feely leftists, of course.

I mean, it’s basic. It’s just telling lies to young people, propagandizing them for the purposes of co-opting them politically. And this is how it happens. It’s subtle and it’s things people don’t even pay attention to. Why do these kids think what they think? Well, this is an example of it. If you’re one of these people that don’t like that the lion was killed, but why has this become a worldwide thing? It’s because of what has been done to young minds.

Now, some might argue with me and say, “Hey, Rush, we’re making people more sensitive. There’s actually a greater respect for life.” No, there isn’t a greater respect. They’re all pro-choice, folks. Every damn one of these kids and every damn one of these people that’s going batty here over what happened to Cecil would be the first to defend Planned Parenthood. This is my point.

Anyway, enough of that. There’s other stuff. There’s Obama right now announcing, you talk about another fraud, this is how he gets away with it. Crap like this animal business. Here’s Obama announcing the most stringent controls on the coal industry ever, and he promised ten years ago he was gonna do this. He promised seven and eight years ago he was gonna put the coal business out of business, not by actually preventing them from existing; he was gonna tax them out of business. He was gonna make sure that it was impossible to financially stay in business, all for the purposes of saving the planet from climate change?

And in every story that accompanies Obama’s new regulations here, every story, they all admit, I don’t care if it’s the New York Times, the Washington Post, they all admit that Obama’s efforts here are not going to matter because we are not the worst polluters. The ChiComs are the worst polluters and then India, and they’re not adopting any of this. So even the people who praise Obama for what he’s doing are admitting it isn’t gonna matter.

So we’re gonna put the coal industry out of existence for no purpose other than to advance liberalism, to advance the concept of big government which knows better than everybody, to advance the idea that you need to have more and more of your freedom removed and taken away from you. Because left to your own devices, you might start a coal-fired nuclear plant. We can’t have that. Never mind how they’re gonna power their electric cars. How they gonna do it? Wind? Solar? Sorry. We’re not there yet.

So the coal industry, for no reason other than Barack Obama and his so-called consensus of scientists, have targeted them for blame, now has to be essentially put out of business. If they succeed, the amount of progress that we have had in the advancement of the human lifestyle and standard of living is gonna be rolled back to a point most people aren’t gonna put up with. By then it’s gonna be too late.

All these coal plants are gonna be out of business and replaced with something that doesn’t even get close to replacing the amount of energy we are about to lose. This is silly. It’s dangerously incompetent. It’s wrong, based on lies. But this greatest political force in the country, the low-information voter, they’re out there applauding this ’cause they think it means whatever they think it means good. It’s just silly.


RUSH: Mountain Hope, Arkansas, this is Don. Don, it’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m a fisherman. You know, fish are bad parents, too. The male bass, he spends about two weeks preparing the bed and the temperature has to be right, at 58 degrees, fdor a 60-day spawn. And when these fish become hatched, they’re fry, we call ’em, and they eat their young. When the fry get big enough, they eat as many of them as they can eat. And so God has programmed these things by temperature, conditions, food availability, and so forth, and a fish doesn’t reason. God has only made humans to reason.

RUSH: Well, now, I’ll tell you what: This very provocative language to say that God is doing all this, when to a lot of these people there isn’t a God, Don. Now you’re saying that fish and don’t reason; that they just do what they do. They’re like robots and so forth. Well, robots, but… A lot of people have been highly offended, greatly offended by what you’ve said. “Eat their own? That’s not true! That wouldn’t happen.” That’s what your average young skull full of mush is yelling at the radio.

And then if you had a chance to tell them, “Oh, no! That’s exactly what happens.”

They’d say, “Why? Why do they do it?”

Well, there’s no answer you can give ’em make ’em understand it, because there’s no answer. IT doesn’t make sense emotionally. They associate parenthood with their moms and dads, and if their moms and dads don’t do it, they don’t imagine anything else they like or admire doing it, either. But it’s true. They don’t reason. Do those…? Do those fish, Don, even know that they’re in water? What do they call it?

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