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RUSH: “Trump Has Lowered Expectations For the Debates.” This is clever.

“Donald Trump said on Thursday he has ‘no idea’ how he will perform in [the August 6th] Republican 2016 debate. Trump argued that he is a man of action rather than words during a news conference in Turnberry, Scotland,” at his golf course where the British Women’s Open is. “‘As far as preparing for the debates, I am who I am,’ he told ABC News. ‘I’ve never debated before, I’m not a debater,’ Trump said. ‘I get things done. I don’t talk about it, I get it done.'”

He doesn’t have to debate in his organization. He is the final word. He tells people what to do. He doesn’t debate anybody. He may ask his lawyer for an opinion now and then or this or that. But I think this is clever as hell. (paraphrased) “I don’t know how I’m going to do. I’m not used to being subservient to other people. I’m just not experienced at that.” (interruption) I’ve never been to Trump’s Turnberry course, no. I’ve played Kingsbarns and the old course in Scotland.

I played Carnoustie in steady… (interruption) St. Andrews, the old course. (interruption) Yeah, and the first time you play it you need a caddy, because you don’t know where you’re going. Some greens are used for two holes. They’re long and you’ll see two pins and the pins are different colors. But you have to have somebody going around with you that’s played before. Carnoustie, I played in 40-miles-an-hour, sustained winds. Those winds were so strong that the wind would blow a 30-yard chip, a 30-yard shot 20 yards off course.

You had to account for it. I’ve played in windy conditions, but not 40-miles-an-hour sustained. 40 mile an hour gusts, yeah. Sustained, no. It was fun. It was fun. It was one of those things to be there, done that one time. So the old course, St. Andrews, Kingsbarns just up the road from St. Andrews, which is new. And we played Carnoustie and bopped over to Ireland played a K Club and Royal County Down and Portrush. Yeah, we made sure we went there.

Anyway, I’ve not been to Trump’s course over there. But he said, “I don’t know how I’m going to do. I’m not used to this. I don’t defer to a lot of people. I’m not a man of words. I do things. I’m a man of action.” (interruption) I don’t know what’s going to happen. Here’s one thing that Jeb Bush, big Politico story today. Jeb Bush is being advised to pretend Trump isn’t even on the stage. Do not go there. Do not get anywhere near him. Don’t fall for any Trump trick. Don’t get sucked into debating Trump. Don’t do it.

Here’s the theory. This is what the Republican consultants are telling Jeb Bush: “Do not wrestle with a pig. You’ll look silly. You can’t win, and besides the pig likes it.” In this case Trump is the pig. So they’re telling Jeb, “As best you can, Trump’s not even there. Don’t address him. Whatever you do, don’t insult him either directly or by innuendo. Just pretend he’s not there.” Now, do you think…? That kind of advice, that tells me that the people advising Jeb Bush firmly believe Trump is not going to last.

And that there’s really nothing you can do to help yourself right now by taking Trump out. The best you can do is not let Trump hurt you. And the best way to do that is to pretend he’s not even there. “If he comes after you, don’t even acknowledge that he said anything. Just stay on message and don’t react to anything. No matter how tempting!” I think these consultants and their advice is predicated on the fact that in the normal scheme of things, Jeb Bush is way up here on a pedestal and all the others are way up here on a pedestal in terms of professional politics.

And Trump’s down here at the novice level.

And what they’re telling him is, “You do not go down to be a novice. Don’t get into an argument with a fool because people can’t tell the difference.” That’s their active strategy. That tells me that they think Trump is temporary, that he’s not in their league, that he’s rogue and rough around the edges. It tells me they don’t get Trump yet. They do not understand yet why Trump is working, why Trump has the support. This could come back and bite them. I mean, we’ve seen what happens in a debate when you pretend your opponent’s not there. It happened to Mitt Romney after the first debate. The second debate was sort of milquetoast. The third debate was one of the biggest blown opportunities in presidential history that I can ever recall.


RUSH: Moving over to Donald Trump. Donald Trump has launched an all-out attack on Huma and Weiner, and it’s in the UK Daily Mail.

I don’t know of a single Republican, elected or otherwise, who would ever go after Huma. But Trump is doing it. And I don’t know anybody else who would call Hillary criminal, but Trump is. Trump said that Clinton’s handling of her e-mails from the start was terrible. It’s criminal. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s criminal what she did. He is saying Hillary’s right-hand woman Huma Abedin Weiner is…

The first thing he does is call Weiner “the worst deviant in the United States.” I mean, what Trump does is verbalize what everybody knows about these people. He verbalizes it. He says it. And I don’t know about you, when I endeavor to talk politics with people outside of the radio show since 2008, you don’t… The scuttlebutt about Huma, rumors about Hillary and Huma? It’s all anybody that I know on the conservative side cared about. They thought there’s always been a story about the relationship between Hillary and Huma.

It’s more than anything else about what does Huma know and who the hell is Huma? What is she privileged to? Who is Huma Abedin? A mother? Is this or that. Is she a security risk or whatever? But the point is ,none of them would ever say it publicly. They would talk to me about it. They’d send me e-mails about it. They’d whisper about it. None of them. I’m talking about politicians, elected officials. I’m talking about commentators, people that you see on Fox every day and night.

They would talk.

They’d try to get me to talk about Huma. But they didn’t do it.

Some of them a couple of them wrote columns about it. Other than that, it was all scuttlebutt people talked about but not publicly. Here comes Trump launching publicly on both Huma and Weiner. “Donald Trump argues Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff is a security liability because of her marriage to … Anthony Weiner. The person seeing her emails more than anybody else is Huma. And who’s Huma married to?

“The worst deviant in the United States of America.’ Hillary shares ‘confidential, top-of-the-line secrets’ with confidante Huma Abedin, Trump says, who then likely spills them to her husband. Weiner was forced out of Congress after carrying on online relationships with women including an adult film…” That’s not what he was doing! He was sending them pictures of… his wiener. He was sending people pictures, nude pictures of himself.

“Weiner was forced out of Congress after carrying on online relationships … He now has a six-figure contract Trump cannot believe that. Trump cannot. Here’s the biggest deviant, “worst deviant” in the United States. Trump did this interview in his New York office with the Daily Mail. Trump said “that ‘the person seeing her emails more than anybody else is Huma. And who’s Huma married to? The worst deviant in the United States of America, right? Weiner!’

“Challenged on whether the former New York congressman is actually the nation’s ‘worst deviant,’ Trump retreated an inch: ‘Well, he’s right up there.'” He’s a loser! But the point is nobody else goes there. Nobody else says these obvious things that everybody is thinking or asking, and then he sent shockwaves through the entire American left yesterday by announcing his attorney general pick: Trey Gowdy.

He said his attorney general would be Trey Gowdy. Well, Trey Gowdy is who’s trying to nail Hillary on Benghazi. But more importantly, Trey Gowdy is a conservative and he’s a no-nonsense prosecutor, and he’s the exact opposite of the kind of person the left wants either as attorney general or anywhere else in law enforcement.

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