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RUSH: Hillary Clinton. This is great. “My greatest weakness is stupid people who don’t understand why I should be president.” No, no, she didn’t say that. It’s what she means. Let me tell you what she said. She was asked about her “greatest weakness,” and she said this: “How much time do we have? I am impatient and I sometimes come across as impatient, which is not always attractive, and [I] get really frustrated with people who donÂ’t understand what I think it’s going to take to make our country great tomorrow just like we were yesterday.”

What she is saying is, “My greatest weakness is stupid people who don’t understand how great I am and why I should be president.” Or there’s another translation: “My greatest weakness is people who are too stupid to understand what I’m telling them, people that are too dumb and too dense to understand how brilliant and advanced I am. I’m sick and tired of having to explain things to numbskulls who don’t understand what I’m trying to say!” That’s what she’s saying.

She doesn’t know that.

She doesn’t have enough humility when she says, “Oh my gosh, I get impatient. Sometimes I come across as impatient, get really frustrated with people who don’t understand what it’s going to take.” She’s mad at people who don’t understand her. They must be stupid. She doesn’t like saying what she says over and over again. She thinks everybody ought to understand it the first time and never question any of it. What she really resents is people asking her what she thinks.

She doesn’t think she should have to lower herself to have to explain herself to lesser people than herself. And I am not kidding, folks. I know that you think I may just be flapping my gums here. I’m not. I’m trying to give you as honest, as I really think it to be, appraisal of Mrs. Clinton. I think she resents having to explain to people she considers beneath her on the social scale, intellectual scale.

I think she just resents having to even deal with them, to the point that I think, back in 2008 — and I think it survives even now. I think she resents having to go through the whole campaign process. I think she thinks she should just be coronated and be done with it because that’s what’s going to happen anyway. All of this is just a waste of time and beneath her, to have to do this the way that everybody else does.

Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want to ride the bus like everybody else rides the bus. She doesn’t want to drive her car like everybody drives their car. She doesn’t want to fly commercial like everybody else flies commercial. She doesn’t want to campaign like everybody else campaigns. She just wants the job. She wants to be anointed coronated or what have you. The rest of this is an act. It’s beneath her. You can tell she doesn’t like it. You can also tell she’s not very good at it.

That’s why she doesn’t like it, and there’s another reason she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like people. You have to love people to be in this business. I would think that you have to love people. If you decide that you’re going to be president and you want to be president, what are you signing up for here? Aside from the rigors of the job, from the moment you announce — from the moment you decide to do this — you are committing to seven days a week, dressed to the nines, made up to the nines.

Whatever that is. Whatever. The days of T-shirts and blue jeans and taking a day off now are over. You have to go to every corner of the country — and believe me, do you think she likes going to fish fries? You think this woman likes going to Iowa barbecues and hanging around farms with the smells that are there? Do you think so? It’s all this. This is beneath her. This is just the gunk you gotta do and she resents it and doesn’t like it.

She’s going to do as little of it as she has to, because at the end of the day, she doesn’t like people. She doesn’t being around people, because she’s so far above them. And she doesn’t like having to lower herself. She doesn’t like having to act interested in people about whom she only cares about one thing, and that is how they vote. The rest of it she couldn’t care less. She’ll talk a game like she cares and she’ll try to… She doesn’t even pull that off. She doesn’t come across as empathetic, sympathetic.

She comes across as robotic. I just don’t think she likes any of it. And that’s what this means. “Well, you know, I get really frustrated with people who don’t understand what I think it’s going to take.” That means, “It’s frustrating. Stupid people don’t understand what I’m saying. I have to repeat things over, same questions over and over again.”

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