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RUSH: “Six weeks after setting her candidacy into high gear … Hillary ClintonÂ’s poll numbers are continuing to fall, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday. Across nearly every key metric, from trustworthiness to caring about voters to leadership,” and that caring about voters is a biggie as you in this audience well know because I have told you. For Democrat voters, for liberal Democrat voters, if these clowns that believe life doesn’t begin until you leave the hospital.

Do you know what the next logical progression of that is? Liberals say that as long as a baby is dependent on its mother, it really doesn’t have its own life. Well, in that case, a liberal never grows up because a liberal is always going to be dependent on somebody acting as its parents. Either its real parents or the people that they’ve moved in, or the government or whoever. To those people, the government caring about them, that’s the most important thing.

Because they assume, “They care about me! They’re going to take care of me! They care about people like me. They’re going to relate to people like me and they’re going to take care of me.” And that’s why it’s so important. That’s why exit poll data, when I saw Romney lose to Obama on that question 81 to 19 percent, I said, “This is over.” That and the fact that Bush was still being blamed for the economy. This is the 2012 elections. I said, “This is over.” And Hillary is losing big on that question: Cares about voters, leadership, trustworthiness.

“has seen an erosion in public approval, as likely Republican rivals have erased her leads in the poll.” She’s not beating anybody, or very few. “Clinton has a net -11 favorability rating in the poll, with 40% of the American public viewing her positively and 51% negatively, with more than 50% of independents on the negative side.” Now, I don’t care. These are not numbers that you launch a winning candidacy from. These numbers do matter where it comes to Hillary. These are the numbers that Democrats don’t ever get.

These are Republican-type numbers, engineered by pollsters and others. But this is not the kind of stuff that you go on to be elected president from, even if you’re Hillary, even if there’s a giant (D) by your name, because what’s going to happen… Even Trump is now saying he expects his opponent… Trump already thinks he’s got the nomination, by the way, and he thinks his opponent is going to be Biden. But over there, way over there, Bernie Sanders had a rally, and did I read this right? One hundred thousand people?

Did I read that right? It says on Drudge. I haven’t clicked the link. Let me click it so I can see what this actually is. It says, “Bernie rallies 100,000 people.” Yup. “Bernie-Mentum? Sanders Hosts ‘House Party’ for 100,000.” Hillary doesn’t… I don’t care what it took to get 100,000, five days or whatever. Hillary doesn’t have anywhere near this kind of organic dynamic support, and she never has had. It isn’t looking good.

Now, this may not be an indication of the end of things, but this is not where anybody expected her to be. The Democrats are as good at lying to themselves as the Republicans are, and when they anoint their nominee, they think that everybody’s going to fall in line in their party and support them, and they’ve got this won. Actually, you know, truth be told, I think in the inner sanctum of the Democrat Party, whatever and wherever that inner sanctum is — we know it isn’t in a womb because no Democrat’s safe in the womb.

But wherever this inner sanctum is and whoever is in it, the idea that Hillary Clinton is inevitable, I think, is a myth for public consumption that a lot of powerful Democrats have never really believed. And my evidence for this is how easily swept aside she was by a relatively unknown newcomer in 2008. In 2008, it was hers. Yes, 2008 was to be the giant thank you, the giant payback to Hillary Clinton for making sure that nothing happened to Bill’s career. And for being loyal and all those things.

This was the ultimate payback.

She had a premature payback when Clinton gave her the health care project in 1993 and she blew that. But she’s always been owed something, and they set up a coronation for her in 2008, and here comes some young African-American that… I mean, they’d heard of him, but nobody attached presidential perspirations to Barack Obama even after he speaks at the Democratic convention. And he took that away. I mean, we almost saved her with Operation Chaos.

I don’t even think top-ranking Democrats think that, and this polling data is indicative, and now we add to it. Ronald Kessler is back with another book. To those of us who have been around a while, this is just the next chapter in an ongoing saga of Bill Clinton and his infidelity. We go to the audio sound bites. This was on the radio in Philadelphia yesterday, the EIB affiliate. Kessler is being interviewed and the question: “You say in this book that Bill Clinton is still up to it.”

KESSLER: He has a blond busty mistress, and she’s been code named “Energizer.” This is unofficially, but that is what they call her. She comes in to the Chappaqua home whenever Hillary leaves and the details coordinate to make sure that they don’t cross paths. Agents say that it’s a business relationship. It’s not a marriage at all. And it’s a total fake. Like everything else about Hillary. It’s just a big show and a scam.

RUSH: Now, again, I know many in this audience are Millennials. You may not admit it, but we know you’re there. Many in this audience are liberals and Democrats. You may not admit it, but we know you’re there. But if you are under 35, maybe tops 40, this could be news to you that Bill Clinton sleeps around. You might have heard it alluded to as you were growing up. But when that… You probably also heard it claimed to be untrue; that it was just typical Republican tricks.

You probably heard all these things. But you really weren’t subjected to it the way those of us paying attention were back in the ’90s. For those of you young and unaware here, Hillary Clinton is the most cheated-on woman in America. And maybe American history. And not just by her husband. I mean, she’s had the rug pulled out from her on so many commitments and promises that you can’t count them all. But just the cheating that her husband’s done…

The point is, a lot of people really do not know it. They’ve been taught other things about the Clintons — how great they are, how charitable they are, how selfless they are and all that — and so this is going to be old news. But even though it’s old news to us, see how it plays out as this book and these allegations hit the same time her poll numbers are plummeting. And Kessler continued…

KESSLER: Hillary Clinton pretends to be this champion of the little people, but the reality behind the scenes is she treats her agents and others less powerful than she is with contempt. In fact, she’s so abusive to agents that being assigned to her detail is considered a form of punishment.

RUSH: Again, I don’t mean to sound like know it all, “Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!” But this is not news to those of us who were paying close attention, even people that weren’t paying close attention but were adults back in the ’90s. So the key here is the young generation of people hearing this kind of stuff for the first — and they’re not tolerant of this, by the way. They have entirely different viewpoints on this kind of thing, using women and belittling women and treating women as throwaways.

This young generation is not into that kind of thing. So it certainly isn’t good news for Hillary. It remains to be seen how damaging it might be.

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