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RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, okay. I’m ready to go here. A lot to do, folks. A lot to keep organized. Great to have you with us. As always, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, and the distinguished and prestigious Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. The telephone number, if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. And the e-mail address ElRushbo@eibnet.com. More Planned Parenthood videos. More Planned Parenthood news. Some of it unbelievably outrageous.

Some of it, all of it sickening, all of it just senselessly sickening. And, by the way, I am one of the people being pilloried, by the way, in elements of the Drive-By Media for daring to compare Planned Parenthood to Cecil the Lion. People on the left who are overly concerned with Cecil the Lion say they are offended that they are being accused of caring more about animals than they are about “clumps of cells.”

They think the analogy is inappropriate and pathetic, which tells me that we’re on the right track with the analogy. But there are different kinds of stories. By the way, the Daily Beast ran a story yesterday that I just savaged. What was it about? It was… Well, somebody will refresh my memory. It will come to me. Was it something to do with Trump? It will come to me. Anyway, they’re back. Remember what I said yesterday about what’s going to happen in the jungle now, because of the death of Cecil?

They’ve got a whole seven-page story on exactly what I predicted is going to happen in that pride of lions and about how Cecil’s kids are at great risk now from other male lions that are going to try to wipe them out. The only thing… It turns out that Jericho is not a competitor. Jericho is one of Cecil’s sidekicks. Jericho is one of Cecil’s buddies. They had formed an accord, kind of like the IRA and the Russians. (They never did. I’m just kidding. I like the word play.)

Jericho apparently is going to be one of the male lions now trying to protect… Is it Ses-sil or See-cil? Cecil. If it was a British lion, they’d be calling it Ses-sil, or if he was a Hollywood lion they’d be calling him Ses-sil. Mia Farrow lost it. She gave the dentist’s address out on Twitter, and now this dentist is running for the tall grass. He’s running for the hills. People want to kill this guy. People want to kill the dentist. And you know what is not being reported is the number of lions that are hunted and killed every year.

It will stun you. People think it’s the only time this has happened. People think lions… A certain generation thinks that all animals are protected; you can’t kill any of them. No, you can read it. You can see various things. A lot of people, the Millennials and younger, think that this is the only lion that was ever killed. I mean, in modern times. And that, of course, makes it even worse, as far as they’re concerned. We cannot escape Donald Trump. Donald Trump remains in the news even though he’s in Scotland.

He’s at his golf course in Turnberry because the British Women’s Open is being played there. So here’s Trump going to be surrounded by a bunch of professional women at his golf course where the British female Women’s Open is being played, and of course, the photos there are going to provide anti-evidence of any so-called Trump war on women, Trump’s a rapist. All these women will be surrounding Trump and loving Trump and respecting Trump and he’s going to trump them again.

Trump has also said he doesn’t expect Hillary to survive, that he thinks his opponent is going to be Biden. He thinks that Biden is going to rise here at some point. Mitt Romney… Can you ever recall a presidential candidate, either party…? I’m serious about the question. I tried to think of the answer today and I couldn’t come up with one. Mitt Romney has savaged Ted Cruz for the language he’s using ripping the Iran deal and other things.

And I was trying to think today, if there is — in either party — a presidential candidate who lost recently, two, three, years, savaging potential presidential candidates in his own party prior to the next election. I was thinking Rockefeller savaged all kinds of Republicans, but he never became a nominee, did he? He never became a candidate. I can’t think. Reagan? After ’76 he was savaging, but he didn’t get the nomination in ’76. I can’t think of a Republican presidential candidate, somebody who won the nomination — who was the candidate, who lost — who then begins savaging members of the next crop of candidates before the next election.

But Romney is, and it just means that within the establishment they circle the wagons. Ronald Kessler is out with a new book that reads like an old book, says that Clinton is still cheating on Hillary, this time with some buxom blond. Clinton? This is not news. But Kessler supposedly has inside information. Also Chelsea apparently learns well. One of the things that we remember from the ’90s… By the way, this new book of Kessler’s about Bill cheating? Keep in mind that the Millennials…

It’s not a put-down, just an observation. The Millennials don’t know this side to the Clintons unless their parents have tried to tell them. They have not learned this in school. They’ve not learned about Clinton and his behavior with women, and they don’t know that Hillary enabled Bill Clinton by running the bimbo eruptions unit. So if this story gets legs, it’s going to be news to you and me reading Kessler’s book; it’s been there, done that. It’s just more of the same with different women this time around.

We don’t think Clinton ever stopped cheating, and we know Hillary is the most-cheated-on woman in the world. That’s why there’s a lot of sympathy for her in the Democrat Party. It’s unsaid; it’s unspoken, but it’s human nature. So that’s… Chelsea has been discovered as calling Secret Service agents “pigs,” just as Hillary did. Hillary, in the Kessler book… It’s not new either. Hillary… There were stories when they were in the White House of the disrespect and the condescension they had for the Secret Service and for the uniformed Marine guards in the White House.

It was popularly reported Hillary referred to her Secret Service team as “pigs,” which they’re law enforcement and if you’re from the ’60s the cops were pigs and Hillary is a hippie chick from the ’60s at heart. So pigs would be in her vernacular, in talking about law enforcement and authority figures. And apparently Chelsea has picked up on it, too, because she’s quoted as being on the phone with one of her girlfriends and having to hang up because “the pigs are coming.” I know. It just…

And then Brady. Folks, poor Tom Brady. In addition to what he’s having to deal with, now it’s been revealed that his 15-on-a-scale-of-10-wife, Gisele Bundchen, sneaked over to Paris for plastic surgery to deal with sagging bazooms and eyes, which is okay. I mean, women do this. It’s not a big deal. But the problem is the Daily Mail has the expose on New York Post Page 6. But the problem is Gisele went over there July 16th, went over with her sister, and they disguised themselves as Muslim women.

Head to toe Muslim dressed, burka and everything, getting out of the Mercedes. Some S Class Mercedes (probably an S550) and going into the plastic surgery clinic in Paris. They know it was Gisele because she uses the same chauffeur from the Hotel Bristol and the chauffeur’s recognized her. And they made a mistake. Gisele and her sister made a mistake. Muslim women are not allowed to open sandals or open toed shoes and Gisele and her sister are.

Honestly, they’re close-up pictures of the feet to prove these are not really Muslim women. This all happened a day or two before Brady found out that he was going to have his suspension upheld. So it’s just… “When it rains it pours,” as the cliche goes. It just keeps going. And then the media! The vitriol for Tom Brady. William Rhoden, African-American columnist in the New York Times, I read his piece last night. I got a sneak advanced copy of it.

Tom Brady may as well be the biggest reprobate that’s ever been in this league. It’s incredible. I got to thinking about an aspect of American culture that just is Americana. And that is we find people that we love and adore and envy and resent and respect and all this, because they’re so good, they’re so beautiful, they’re so special. And we elevate them and we elevate them and we elevate them, and then we take ’em down. We lift them up. We put them on a pedestal so high you need a pair of binoculars to see them up there.

And then the first chance we get, we will chop that beanstalk down and top-drawer celebrities will come tumbling down to earth and join the rest of us nobodies in disgrace and embarrassment. It’s just distinctly — and that’s not new. You can trace this all the way back, almost back to the beginnings of the country. (interruption) What? (interruption) Oh, yes. Yes, I am. I’m just… I’m old hat, old news. Yes, I am. The point isn’t that this happens. It doesn’t matter generationally. It doesn’t matter what century.

This is something distinctly American. We build these people up. We build them up. Tiger Woods, Hollywood actresses — politicians, in some cases — you name it. We build them up. We build them up and then we delight… Well, not all of us. But people revel in the fall, and I’m telling you these sports people writing about Brady, they’re loving it. It’s like they’ve been waiting to do it, and some of it is really savage. It tells me that it has been held in abeyance, that a lot of people have been waiting for the chance to do this.

They’ve had their stories written, minus the details of the specifics of the incident. But they have been waiting to write the story that Brady is falling, and a lot of people think that there’s lingering anger because of Spygate that they weren’t properly punished back then that the Patriots are cheaters and it’s karma, that it’s all coming due. There are so many lessons here. The NFL puts out this story that Brady destroyed his phone to destroy evidence on the day before the league and Brady were going to get together for the appeals hearing.

That story circles the globe, and within seconds of the NFL releasing that, Tom Brady is known worldwide not as a guy who cheated by deflating footballs, but as a guy who destroyed evidence. And it took the Brady camp some hours before they responded with their version of it, which nobody even cares about. But then, of course, they deny it. “We didn’t destroy evidence; that’s not why we did this.” But the savage reporters don’t care about the Brady side of the story.

The fall, the plummet is just too juicy to interrupt here. Let’s see what else is… Folks, we’ve got Brady has even been compared in the New York Times to Richard Nixon and the 18-minute gap on the Watergate tape. Rosemary Woods. You can’t get much lower than that in terms of the Drive-By Media opinion of you. So we have that. We have closed the loop — well not closed, but continue the latest developments in Cecil the Lion and Planned Parenthood. And try this headline.

There’s a new study out CBS Eyeball News Atlanta: “Bullies Have Higher Self-Esteem and Lower Depression Rates Than Other People.” Bullies are happier. Bullies are more self-confident. (chuckling) does that go the exact opposite that bullies are insecure reprobates? Remember Chaka Fattah? Not to be confused with Chaka Khan. Chaka Fattah is/was a member of Congress in Philadelphia. He was constantly on TV during the Clinton era, defending the Monica Lewinsky stuff. I always liked the name Chaka Fattah.

He was charged in a 29-count indictment, RICO. This guy looks as guilty as they think Brady is. Healthcare, Obamacare, swimming, failing, drowning in its red ink. John Kerry said we are not allowed to see the contents of the side deals in the Iran nuclear deal. I’ve got to take a quick break here because of time. But, folks, you can see the table is full. It’s just a matter of when we do what today on the EIB Network.

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