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RUSH: Planned Parenthood. Ma Richards’ daughter Cecile Richards, president now of Planned Parenthood, says that all of these videos that have been secretly made and released are “extremist videos” and they’re “nothing short of an attack on women.” “Planned Parenthood has been a trusted nonprofit provider of womenÂ’s health care for nearly a century,” and that’s the biggest misnomer about Planned Parenthood that it’s about healthcare.

This is one of the greatest illustrations of the butchery, if you will, of our culture and the literal attack on words to call what happens in a Planned Parenthood clinic “health”? Whether you preface it by saying women’s health or whatever, there’s nothing healthy going on in here. “Planned Parenthood has been a trusted nonprofit provider of womenÂ’s health care for nearly a century, and each year, 2.7 million people come to our health centers for high-quality, nonjudgmental, compassionate care.

“Since our very beginning, our health centers, providers and patients have come under outrageous attacks, political and otherwise. These attacks are not about us. They are about the ability of women across the country to access health care.” See? Abortion has become health care. Abortion. Pregnancy, it’s an illness, and Planned Parenthood is there and anybody getting in the way is conducting a “war on women” as an extremist. “[O]ur health centers … are about the ability of women across the country to access health care. Period. The most recent attacks in this decades-long campaign represent a new low.”

So, right, if videos revealing the butchery and organ harvesting at Planned Parenthood are attacks on women, then I don’t know what anything means anymore. Planned Parenthood, of course, went out and hired a damage-control PR firm to change the narrative. This article I just read excerpts from was written for Ma Richards daughter by her PR team, and it’s deflective damage control.

The next story, Fox News: “Court Bars Anti-Abortion Group From Releasing New Videos of California Company Officials — A temporary restraining order has been issued preventing an anti-abortion group from releasing any video of leaders of a California company that provides fetal tissue to researchers.” This would be StemExpress. “The group is the same one that previously released three covertly shot videos of a Planned Parenthood leader discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for research.

“The Los Angeles Superior Court order issued Tuesday prohibits the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video of three high-ranking StemExpress officials taken at a restaurant in May. It appears to be the first legal action prohibiting the release of a video from the organization.” So what the organization has done, is they have sent videos to the state of Texas attorney general. I’m convinced this is one of the ways they’re trying to fight various biased judges and courts who are going to find in favor of Planned Parenthood and StemExpress.

By the way, little departure here, just to kind of make that point in a different way. In reading about the legal proceedings that are about to happen here in the Tom Brady case… You ought to read the Sports Drive-Bys, writing about this, talking about, “Well, we hope Brady ends up in this court because the judge there has been appointed by Clinton, and that means the judge is going to be more favorable to unions.”

And then another story will say, “It really would be hopeful and helpful if the Brady team could get their case heard by judge David Doty in Minnesota because Doty has a history of finding against the NFL. And then we hope he ends up with a good labor judge appointed by a Democrat president in New York if it ends up there.” I’m left to ask myself, “Do you mean it matters the political leanings of the judge? I thought it was the law that everybody was concerned with when you got to court.” I know. I’m being purposely naive here to illustrate a point. I know. I know. Everybody judge shops and court shops. But it just illustrates that the law is secondary to the personal political policy preferences of the judges.


RUSH: I don’t think that ban on the videos of Planned Parenthood in California is too effective, because another video has been released, and we have the audio. A couple of sound bites of the audio, coming up here in just a second. A fourth video was released today. But it doesn’t seem to involve any StemExpress people. They’re the ones who got the temporary restraining order from the court out in California. But, folks, this is getting, literally… It started sick and depraved, and now we have “Planned Parenthood Plots Sale of Legally Alive Fetuses.”

I don’t know what the website for this is. Oh, Cybercast News Service. Just pathetic. And there’s this. This has got some people… I got some e-mails about this last night, people asking me to explain something to them. This is a story from TheHill.com and the headline, “63% Oppose Defunding Planned Parenthood.” The people that had heard this and were asked about it said (paraphrasing), “Rush, I don’t understand this. I don’t understand it.

“Because every piece of polling data I’ve seen shows people just outraged and shocked over what’s happening at Planned Parenthood. The harvesting of baby organs for sale. I mean, there isn’t any poll that shows majority support for that. Tell me, Rush, how can 63% oppose defunding Planned Parenthood.”

Folks, I don’t think it’s hard to explain this. Remember, now, who are we talking about? Who gets polled? Low-information voters. A cross-section of the American people. What do you think most people think Planned Parenthood is? Do you think most people realize that it’s a series of abortion clinics?” I would submit to you that most people look at Planned Parenthood and they see Planned Parenthood.

I would venture to say that a lot of people look at it and think that it is a place you go where you want to talk to experts about how to plan your family, and they will advise you how many kids to have, what it’s going to cost you. That’s what I think most people think Planned Parenthood is. It says “Planned Parenthood” over the door, doesn’t it? It doesn’t say, “We do abortions here and harvest the organs for sale!” It says “Planned Parenthood.”

You couple that with all the news that has been out for decades about how Planned Parenthood is all about “women’s health,” and what do you think most people think it is? A place to go plan your family when you need some help. They probably think it’s a great service! “What’s wrong with planning your family? Most people should do that,” a lot of people think. I think there’s a disconnect. It’s about words, and more than words it’s about how long the words have been in the popular vernacular.

The left does this on purpose. They never title organizations they establish truthfully and honestly, just like Obama never told anybody the truth about what Obamacare was going to be. What did he say it was going to be? “You like your doctor? Keep your doctor! You like your insurance plan? Keep your plan! Your premium is going to come down $2,500 a month. We’re going to give everybody health care! We’re going to have everybody insured and we’re going to reduce the deficit. Yea, yea!”

The Republicans come along and want to oppose that? “You mean people! Why are you against everybody having health care,” they asked the Republicans. “Why are you against premiums coming down? Why? Why? Why are you so mean?” “Well, the president is lying.” “Well, no! The president said what he said,” and then they roll it out and the website doesn’t work, and it’s all falling apart now. But it’s already been established that the intentions are really cool.

It’s the same thing about Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has been around for decades, folks, and the news about what happens in there, graphically, is literally less than two weeks old. I don’t care what it is, there’s no two-week-old news story that’s going to counter decades of public perception of Planned Parenthood being a wholesome organization that helps people plan their families. For example, tell them how many kids they should have before they can’t afford anymore, and how to plan for it and how to pay for it.

Most people think it is. It’s been a very, very brilliant deceptive trick foisted on the culture. If people actually knew who Margaret Sanger was and what the real reason for Planned Parenthood was — if you told them two-thirds of these Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are in black neighborhoods — well, then you might understand. But nobody has done that with any consistency for long enough to counter the decades-old impression of what Planned Parenthood — “Who could oppose that?” — is.


RUSH: And the Planned Parenthood videos are coming, the ones… Even though they have a TRO out in California, the group still released the fourth series, and it just gets sicker, folks. I mean, it’s so sick, I kind of keep avoiding this and putting it off, than having to face this, because it’s just… Talk about inhumanity or inhumane? This is just… This is not who we are. This is not who we are.

Obama loves to say, “That’s not who we are,” as a world, as a nation.” Well, sadly we’re damn close to this being who we are. That’s what’s wrong with this. So I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. Even Mrs. Clinton has been caught up in this. She said it’s disturbing. You realize that is amazing, to get Hillary Clinton to say something negative about this? And she has to for political purposes.


RUSH: To the Planned Parenthood audio sound bites. I’ve finally worked up the courage to get to this. We just have two of these. This morning on the Center for Medical Progress website, they released an undercover video of vice president and medical director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Dr. Savita Ginde and an unidentified actor posing as a buyer discussing a potential partnership to harvest baby body parts.

BUYER: You’re talking about an intact specimen. How many of those do you see?

GINDE: Anywhere from three up to seven.

BUYER: Intact?

GINDE: Intact, it’s probably less than 10%. Sometimes, you know, if we get… If someone delivers before we are able to see them for procedures, then we are intact.

RUSH: You know what “intact” is here? What is an “intact fetus”? Does somebody want to take a stab here? (interruption) No, no. An “intact fetus” is a baby. That’s what’s being discussed here. Well, this is the buyer. This is a person participating in the sting, if you will. “When you’re talking about intact specimens, how many of those do you see?” Planned Parenthood: “Well, anywhere as little as three up to seven. Intact, intact it’s probably less than 10%.

“Sometimes, you know, if someone delivers before we’re able to see them for procedure, then we’re intact.” You know what they’re talking about here? They’re talking about birth. They’re talking about live fetuses being born. That’s intact. If someone delivers. What is that? You deliver a baby. That’s what happens in the hospital. If someone delivers before we’re able to see them for procedures. If they deliver before we get to them to abort, then we’re intact. Then we’re dealing with a baby.

Planned Parenthood is telling this sting operator here in the video how they plot the sale of legally alive fetuses which makes it a baby. And then, “Oh, yeah, we’ll probably get caught in states opposed to this. We’ll probably get caught. But there are certain places that we’ll be permitted to do it.” So after having said, “Well, sometimes, it’s probably less than 10%…” They’re admitting less than 10% of the organs harvested are taken from “intact fetuses,” from babies.

They’re talking about it as though it’s just… I don’t know. It’s clear that these people at Planned Parenthood have something other than a soul. They’re operating on something clearly foreign to most of us, to be able to clinically discuss the harvesting of organs from newborn babies, the way they’re talking about it in here in a detached way. I don’t know how you do that. And here’s the next little section of it.

GINDE: Here’s a —


GINDE: — stomach, and heart, and the kidney and adrenal. I don’t know what else is in there. Arms.

MEDICAL ASSISTANT 2:: I don’t see the legs. Did you see the legs? Another boy!

RUSH: You know what you just heard there? Sifting through a dish of baby parts, and there was enough to know that it was a boy. And if you watch the video, you see what they’re doing here. What you just heard is the audio of sifting through a dish of baby parts, and they determined it’s a boy. Now, that you know what that is. I want you to listen to this again, because it goes by fast. It’s just 11 seconds. And here it is again.

GINDE: Here’s a —


GINDE: — stomach, and heart, and the kidney and adrenal. I don’t know what else is in there. Arms.

MEDICAL ASSISTANT 2: I don’t see the legs. Did you see the legs? Another boy!

RUSH: Here’s the stomach and a heart and a kidney and adrenal. I don’t know what else is in there. Arms. I don’t see the legs. Do you see the legs? Another boy. Note that it took me nearly two hours to get up the whatever, muster, whatever, to play this. Whatever this is. I’m out of words.


RUSH: I want to try something here, folks. It’s going to be tough to pull off because I don’t have eye contact with the broadcast engineer. So, we’re going to have to do this digitally and electronically. But you remember the piece we produced with Bob Torricelli denying that he had done anything wrong on the floor of the Senate, and we mixed that with his lawyer admitting what had been found in his home? “Three Rolex watches, $75,000 cash.” “I have done nothing!” “Fifteen fake passports.”

I’m going to try to do this here.

I’m going to read from Planned Parenthood’s press release, written for Ma Richards’ daughter Cecile, interspersed with clips from sound bite number two here, Dr. Savita Ginde, sifting through a dish of baby parts, and being all excited about it. We’ve not had a chance to rehearse this. So we may have to take two or three stabs at this but you will get the idea. I’ll start by reading the Planned Parenthood press release written for Ma Richards’ daughter: “Planned Parenthood has been a trusted, nonprofit provider of women’s healthcare for nearly a hundred years. Each year 2.7 million people come to our health centers for high quality, nonjudgmental compassionate care.”

GINDE: Is there a stomach, a heart, a kidney, adrenal?

RUSH: “Since our very beginning our health centers, providers and patients have come under outrageous attacks political and otherwise.”

GINDE: Arms.

RUSH: “These attacks are not about us. They are about the ability of women across the country to access health care, period. The most recent attacks in this decades-long campaign against us at Planned Parenthood represent a new low.”

MEDICAL ASSISTANT 2: I don’t see the legs. Did you see the legs? Another boy!

RUSH: We did it on the first take. We did it on the first take. So that’s one of the great ways of illustrating here just, in their own words, them defending themselves up against the words on the video. The excitement on the words from Dr. Savita Ginde. (I don’t know how she pronounces it.) It’s just sick. Here’s Joni Ernst. By the way, this is from this morning on CNN, and this is only the place you’re seeing any pushback in Washington is with some of the new senators: Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz.

Alisyn Camerota is interviewing Joni Ernst, the Republican senator from Iowa. “You’ve sponsored a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. The argument against that is they provide a whole host of services beyond abortion services. They provide birth control. They provide cancer screenings that tens of thousands of women and men rely on. So what is your answer to that,” huh?

ERNST: My answer to that is, “Yes, we are planning on defunding Planned Parenthood through this legislation.” But we are not decreasing the dollars that are available for those very important screenings and other services offered to women and to men, as you mentioned. That money can be applied for by other facilities such as hospitals and community health centers. Those dollars are still going to be there, just not available for Planned Parenthood. The videos that have been released are extremely disturbing. We want Americans to speak out against this.

RUSH: Ben Carson up next and his reaction to all this and Mrs. Clinton.

CARSON: Maybe Ms. Clinton would go back and look at their history, and look at the history of the person who was the major founder, Margaret Sanger — who she said she admires, who was a racist and believed in eugenics — and go back and look at many of her quotations. It’s really quite disturbing that anybody would find someone like that a heroic figure. We as a society have allowed our sensitivities to gradually be dulled to the point where it takes something of this magnitude to begin to shock us, when all along, babies were being slaughtered.

RUSH: That’s last night on Bret Baier’s show on Fox, Dr. Benjamin Carson, talking about Margaret Sanger, who was the founder of Planned Parenthood, who had an objective, and that was to rid the world of the “lesser classes.” Just rid the world of them. Not provide them healthcare or reproductive care, but to wipe them out.


RUSH: Denise in Fortuna, California. Great to have you on the EIB Network, and I’m really glad you waited. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just had a point that’s absurd. But isn’t it tremendous discrimination on the Planned Parenthood part? Fathers are part of the word parenthood. Do they offer prostate exams? Do they offer mammograms for men? They’re part of the reproductive organ. Do they offer vasectomies for men? I realize that’s absurd, but explain to me where I’m wrong.

RUSH: Well, I’ve never thought of this.

CALLER: Well, neither have I until a light bulb went off this morning, and I got so mad thinking about it. I’m thinking, “Wait a minute. Everybody else has to be equal. There’s no more separation on anything anymore. What about Planned Parenthood?”

RUSH: Well, but — I don’t know. Can men walk in there and get a vasectomy or —

CALLER: I don’t know! That’s part of the reproduction.

RUSH: Dawn, do you have an idea? You’re an expert in this? (clearing throat) Excuse me. Good question.

CALLER: Do they have a urologist on staff?

RUSH: No, no, that’s not the point, if you were a guy would you want to go to Planned Parenthood? Her point is that the libs are devoted to sameness — equality of opportunity, equality of outcome — and men are part of the reproductive process, too, much as Planned Parenthood wants to pretend that they’re not. So that’s a good question. If a guy wants a vasectomy, can he go in there and get one? I doubt it. I mean, who knows? Who ever contemplated these things?

Whoever does contemplate these things? But I wouldn’t know. (interruption) I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t trust them with anything. I wouldn’t go in there. The flaw in the question is, for this questions to be valid… I don’t mean to be insulting the caller. I never do that here. But there would have to be an example of a guy wanting some service and having it denied. And that, I just don’t know if that’s ever happened. It might be… (chuckling)

It might be something for James O’Keefe to try. Go in there with his hidden camera and ask them for a vasectomy. And sell the parts afterwards. And see what happens. That’s actually, from just an informative aspect, I don’t know. I’m now told in a flash note here that Planned Parenthood clinics do vasectomies between $300 and $500. You can get a vasectomy. I wouldn’t (snorts) in any shape, manner or form would I let them get a hold of their tweezers on me.

I wouldn’t get anywhere near it. But apparently you can, and they’re offering “non-scalpel vasectomies.” I think you can probably learn it from their website. I don’t know the source. I guess they’re an equal opportunity… (interruption) Well, yeah, butcher. (chuckling) Right, equal opportunity. (chuckling) Nothing to laugh at. Sorry. You have to do something with this. It’s so reprehensible.

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