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RUSH: Greg in Richfield, Minnesota. Greg, you’re up first. Great to have you here. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Glad to talk to you. Well, I was at the protest yesterday, and Dr. Walter Palmer is my dentist, who is a very decent individual, who I believe to not have violated any law knowingly. What I witnessed out there was what you’ve often talked about is mind-numbed robots. These people are out there screaming for his death, for his extradition, for his hanging, for his murder, with signs that “there’s a deep place for you in hell,” “there’s a cavity waiting for you to be buried,” and stuffed animals placed up against the front door with signs.

RUSH: I saw that. These people must have taken a day off from Twitter to show up.

CALLER: Probably so. Well, what I did is I walked around feigning like I was taking people’s pictures with my less than smartphone — AKA flip phone. After I pretended to take their pictures, I’d say, “Post this, post this.” I probably saw at least half a dozen, eight people walk away after I did that, and I just did that to put it in their face.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. I don’t understand. After they thought you took their picture they left?


RUSH: What are you saying? They only just wanted to be shown as being there, then they left?

CALLER: They just wanted to be there but they didn’t want to be known for being there.

RUSH: Oh, oh.

CALLER: So I asked the police if I could take down the signs on his front door that were calling for his extradition and the fact that he deserves a place in hell. And they said, “Na, not really. It’s kind of like a freedom of speech issue.” I said, “All right,” and I got engaged in a conversation with a couple of individuals that actually had a good point to make from their perspective, and we had a respectable dialogue. But the thing of it is I cannot believe how these people bring their little kids there and get the little kids to chant and command. “Cecil! Cecil, oh Cecil!” It just went on and on and just made me want —

RUSH: What do you mean, you can’t believe that?

CALLER: Pardon me?

RUSH: What do you mean you can’t believe that? That is the essence of this kind of stuff. That’s where these little skulls full of mush are trained and inculcated.

CALLER: Yes. I had never seen it for myself. I’ve heard it talked about. But it was unbelievable.

RUSH: Yeah, now that is a big. You’ll see this stuff happen on TV or you hear it reported about. But when you see one of these mobs and you are within close proximity, maybe even in the middle of it, you find out exactly who these people are and how dangerously manipulatable and mindless they are. And then you realize they all vote Democrat, and then you get depressed.

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