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RUSH: I’m looking at this Trump campaign. You know, every day, the Trump campaign… What’s the way to put this? Every day the Trump campaign gains a little more substance in the eyes of observers. What I mean by this is before Trump even got in the race, the smart money said, “He’s not gonna run. He’s just gonna tempt people with it and tease people, raise ratings for his TV show and this sort of thing. He’ll never release his financial data on that form they all have to fill out.” Then he did all that.

Then it became, “He’s not serious. He’s doing this. He’s a bloated, bigot egotist. He’s gonna do this just for his own personal aggrandizement, and he’s gonna get out long before he’s a factor.” Well, he stayed in longer than anybody thought. And then the smart money said, “He’s gonna implode. He’s gonna step in it. He doesn’t have the discipline. He’s not a serious politician, like we are. He’s not a serious candidate. He’s gonna say something and step in it.”

Then he said something. He said of John McCain (paraphrasing), “Yeah, he’s a war hero, but I actually don’t have a lot of respect for guys that get captured. I’d rather honor those that don’t.” The smart money said, “That’s it! That’s it! It didn’t take long. We knew it, Trump’s out of there. No way he survives that.” Not only did he survive it, he thrived because of it. It actually contributed to his growth and increase in polling numbers.

Then the smart money said, “Well, this just can’t go on. It’s a circus act. He’s a clown. I expect he’ll get tired of it. And by the time the kids start going back to school, that’s when we’ll be finished with Trump. He’ll be out of it with the first debate. He’ll show up at the first debate, and something will go wrong.”

The smart money has been wrong every stage here, and at every stage the Trump candidacy has gained. People take it more and more seriously each and every day. And now the smart money is starting to analyze. Now, they’re starting to get worried, and now they’re starting to try to analyze it. “Why is Trump working? Why do so many people like Trump? Why is this happening?” And it’s made me think about things in this regard, too, although I always have, but focusing on a story not long ago that I found.


RUSH: Okay, now, a couple things on this Trump story. Let me just continue this meme here for just a second. And then some great sound bites coming up here from Ash Carter, secretary of defense, and John Kerry. Did you hear what Kerry did? Did you hear what he said? John Kerry admitted before a congressional committee yesterday that with the new sanctions money that the Iranian, yes, they could kill Americans. Yes, they could kill Israelis. We’re gonna be monitoring this.

Yeah, they could kill ’em.

At any rate, staying focused and on subject. The Trump campaign every day people are becoming more respectful of it. I’m talking about the political experts. I’m not talking about you people, the voters. You’re already in. And many of you who are siding up with Trump, you understand why, and you know why you’re doing it, and you have your reasons. And, you know, there’s a phenomenon happening with Trump, by the way.

It’s something that usually only happens with leftist politicians. Trump is so personally likable that to a lot of people, it doesn’t matter what he believes. It’s the fact that he believes something and is willing to stand up for it that has drawn people. Not everybody, of course, because it takes a full cross section of personality and people types to make up a support base, but there’s some people who don’t care what he thinks. It’s just that he’s so different, so unique, and so real that they’re happy to support him for now.

But within the political class there is abject fear, because every — well, not every, but many of the articles or items of conventional wisdom that inform them that a guy like Trump has no future and is gonna implode. It’s not happening yet. Every prediction they’ve made has fallen flat about Trump’s campaign imploding or Trump himself imploding. I mean, look at what happened here with this rape attempt. How many people do you think could survive this?

Let’s us dissect this for a second. Yesterday this sleazy, cheesy, second-rate little website, The Daily Beast runs a story that Trump raped Ivana when they were married, and they admitted later on TV they did it simply to get even with Trump because he accused Mexicans of being rapists. So it was time to see if Trump could take a dose of his own medicine. There was no news value here. There was no truth to it.

But this is the kind of thing that usually happens to Republicans. And when it does, the usual thing that happens is the Republicans cave. But in the case of Trump, not only did he not cave, but the woman he supposedly raped stood up and said, “No, he didn’t, and I still love the guy, and I think he’d make a great president.” But even if she hadn’t done that, it wouldn’t have hurt Trump because it wasn’t believable.

He doesn’t fit the profile, if you will, of somebody behave that way. He’s not somebody that has to commit crimes in order to have intimate relations with women. People just instinctively understand this. So it was a flailing attempt, a failed attempt, and it was an attempt to capitalize on another phony meme that the media has attempted to establish, and that there is a male-dominated “rape culture” in America, primarily on America’s campuses.

So much so that the media feels comfortable reporting and supporting a totally false story such as frat boys running wild and raping whenever they want on campus at University of Virginia. Except it didn’t happen. The Drive-By Media reaction was, “Well, okay. It might not have happened here, but we know it’s happening! We know it’s happening, and this was a great story to raise awareness.” Wait a minute. There was no truth. “That doesn’t matter! We did our job. We raised consciousness.”

Rolling Stone magazine is who did that, and they’re back here today. “What the Trump and Cosby Allegations Reveal About Rape Culture.” What the Trump and Cosby allegations…? Anybody ever heard of Bill Clinton? If you want to start relegating people to side-by-side status, you don’t put Trump next to Cosby on this. You put Clinton. There’s a big story out today, by the way, in the Drive-By Media just destroying Cosby’s wife, Camille, as an enabler — that she knew it.

She knew that her husband was getting hold of Quaaludes and essentially date raping all these babes into submission. She knew it, she let it happen, she enabled it, and then when it was discovered, she tried to defend her husband from it. They’re just excoriating her. I’ll find the story in a minute. Does that remind you of anybody? Does it remind you of Ivana Trump? Does it remind you of Melania Trump?

Does it remind you of any Trump woman, or does it remind you of maybe Hillary Clinton? Who ran the bimbo eruptions unit in the Clinton campaign and the White House to deal with women who came forward and claimed that Bill Clinton had sexually abused them? Hillary was right in there with Betsey Wright running the bimbo eruptions unit, the purpose of which was to destroy the women who came forward with the allegations about Bill Clinton, to threaten them, to intimidate them, to maybe bribe them.

But it was clear what they would do.

They would publicly defame and impugn any woman who said she was going to come forward with a true story about what Bill Clinton did to her. And yet here we have Rolling Stone magazine, “What the Trump and Cosby Allegations Reveal About Rape Culture.” This is the magazine that wrote the lie about the rape culture at UVA, and here they are back, and they think they’re gonna hurt Trump with this? This is the kind of thing that’s gonna propel Trump even more if it gets a wide berth.

If it stays within the Rolling Stone universe, nobody’s gonna know about it. But if it escapes that and if the Drive-Bys try to pick this up, it’s only gonna help Trump because are gonna realize, “What a gonna of phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollers this is,” and “What a fake, phony, transparent attack and attempt.” Rolling Stone: “On the heels of New York magazine’s moving interview and photo project with nearly three dozen women who’ve publicly accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, The Daily Beast published a reminder this week that Ivana Trump once made similar accusations against her then-husband, Donald,” except that she didn’t!

At the most, during the divorce, she said she felt violated in an emotional sense. Ivana Trump categorically denies there was any kind of rape. But what’s the truth matter to Rolling Stone or many in the Drive-By Media, when they can push their fantasy about a rape culture? And now try to attach Donald Trump to it on the basis of an allegation that has been blown to smithereens by the supposed victim? They write here in the Rolling Stone, “Regardless of what happened that night, what’s undeniable is that Donald Trump is a sexist pig of the first order.”

Really? Undeniable? That Donald Trump is a sexist pig of the first order?

Here you go, folks. This is what passes for journalism in 21st century. Rolling Stone used to be very hip. Rolling Stone used to be defining. This is pathetic. This doesn’t even reach the standards of Gawker. “Regardless of what happened the other night, that night, what’s undeniable is that Donald Trump is a sexist pig of the first order.” You people want to build Trump support, you keep writing this drivel. “Trump’s continued presence in the Republican race has in some ways been a godsend to the Democrat Party (not to mention late-night hosts),” that we love.

“Now, with this erupting scandal,” There is no scandal, “it’s also an educational opportunity for the rest of us: We have a chance to talk about what, exactly, makes men rape.” Well, except that there isn’t any here, unless you’re talking about Cosby. Have you seen anything more ridiculous? Now, here’s the thing, though, folks. This is the thing to remember. If Rolling Stone were trying this on pick any of these other Republican candidates, they could make it stick. Do you see…?

Pull a name out. Pick a name of any Republican with Rolling Stone running a story like this, the Drive-By Media picking it up, amplifying it. Maybe not reporting it verbatim, but raising the question sort of like, “Well, the seriousness of the charge is so much more important than the nature of the evidence. It’s a serious charge here! Donald Trump’s a rapist. We need to take this very seriously. We may look.” It doesn’t go anywhere with Trump. But can you imagine them running this story about any of these other Republicans?

It would pick up traction, and it would have life. But with Trump it’s gonna flop, and it already has flopped. What we have here is an educational opportunity to show how the leftist news media actually lies about rape. I mean, this is incredible. The original liars, the original fabricators, Rolling Stone, exposed as a publication that made it all up at the University of Virginia is back now lumping Trump and Cosby.

Trump is “undeniably a sexist pig of the first order.” Nowhere in this story will you find the name Clinton. Nowhere will you find name Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton. You won’t find it anywhere, and if there is any couple that comes close to associating with and being next to Camille and Bill Cosby, it would have to be Bill and Hillary. And the Washington Times has a story here that I happened to put together here with this Rolling Stone piece. Ready for this?

“Appeal of the Family Man? Donald Trump Has ‘Huge LeadÂ’ Among Republican Women Voters.” Trump is standing everything on its head. Every theory, every formula is upside down. The establishment types think that women gonna hate Trump. He’s too braggadocios. The hair is yucky. He’s all about himself. He’s not touchy-feely. Women are not supposed to like this guy, and he is leading a huge lead among Republican women. And there’s much more to this, folks.

Byron York had a story on May 2nd of 2013, two years ago, and the headline of the story: “Winning the Hispanic Vote Would Not Be Enough for the Republicans to Win the Presidency,” and this has been well known. The reason support is because the Republican establishment is still, as we speak — the entire campaigns of the establishment front-runners — oriented toward winning the Hispanic vote.

They think, they believe, they’ve been told by the left and the Democrats and the media that they can’t win the White House unless they broaden their base with Hispanics, and they believe it. And it isn’t true. They could double the support Romney got of Hispanics and still lose.

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