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RUSH: We start Long Beach, California, with John. Thanks for calling, sir. You are up.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing? I interviewed you one time many years ago in Long Beach, when you were here back around 1992 when you were emerging as a force. But, anyway, that’s not what I called about. I wanted to agree with you and your contention that — I’ve been in the newspaper business, in journalism, for 36 years now. The first week I started was when the hostage crisis started in 1979 so, you know, I go back that far.

And I can tell you that there’s no doubt, and you said it before, and I’m a member in good standing with a lot of these people, but I’ve become more conservative as I’ve gotten older, and they haven’t. When I disagree with them I get looked at like, you know, you seem like such an intelligent guy, John, I mean, how could you possibly be talking this way. I think the reason is, and you’ve mentioned it, too, that they view conservative thought as evil, going back to when we were all Baby Boomers trying to save the world and everything. They view it as evil, and anything you do to be evil is considered to be okay, like Harry Reid when he does that about Mitt Romney. That’s okay for them to do it, because they’re beating the bad guys, the evil, and it doesn’t matter.

That’s how they justify it. That’s why the New York Times, which I shock my journalistic friends by saying I don’t think it’s a great newspaper because it’s too imbalanced in its coverage about important issues. They would never do the Hillary Clinton kill shot. They will never do it on Benghazi. They will do it for somebody else but they will never bring themselves to take her out, because she represents a bigger cause.

You know, I could go on, give you other examples, but I think that’s what prevails. And I can tell you straight up that’s what happens. You mentioned somebody the other day said, “Well, the immigration is broken, immigration system is broken.” I just ask, “Well, who broke it?” And you could just feel the disappointment, you know, of course I’m pointing out that, you know, the —

RUSH: Well, now, wait, wait, wait, wait. When they say the immigration system is broken, they say the law isn’t working, and that’s wrong. The immigration system is being corrupted. Like everything else, the law is the law, and it works. It’s just not being enforced. It’s being corrupted. And then when that happens they claim the law isn’t good. The law is not accommodating current reality like they say about the Constitution, the Second Amendment and so forth. Yeah, I know they look at conservatism as evil, but they look at it as otherworldly, too.

I know this is gonna be hard for people to believe. It’s a psychological thing. Most uber-leftists do not even think of themselves as that. I mean this psychologically. They think they are normal. They call themselves pragmatists. Anything not them is what’s odd, weird, kooky, major minority, really, really small, unhip, uncool, whatever. They are ideologues, but they don’t have to calculate their ideology every day. It’s just who they are and it’s how they operate. And it is what guides them. I mean, they are that first, second, and third. They are liberals first, liberals second, liberals third, whatever else they are then weighs in.

But they’re not open to an alternative point of view ’cause there isn’t one, in their minds. There is no “other side” to any story. It’s just a bunch of kooks over there who got this crazy ass belief system that, gee, man, this is weird, and they treat people that way. It’s not very complicated at all.

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