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RUSH: Yesterday in front of the White House during a Concerned Women for America rally, Ted Cruz was speaking. Now, this a great example of what everybody says conservatism (imitating) — “needs to of good cheer. We can’t be dour and sour and mean-spirited and negative. We have gotta be of good cheer, we gotta be laughing, we gotta be enjoying life, we gotta be upbeat.” Well, here is an example of that, Ted Cruz calmly, respectfully debating the lunatics from Code Pink for 20 minutes who tried to show up and blow this event up.

CRUZ: We can have a discussion, if we actually have a discussion without being shouted at. If this deal goes through, three things will happen. Number one, over a hundred billion dollars will flow to Iran, that they will use to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and radical Islamic terrorists. Those billions of dollars will be used to fund jihadists that will murder Americans, that will murder Israelis, that will murder Europeans. Does that make any sense?

RUSH: Okay, now, the leader of Code Pink is this lunatic by the name Medea Benjamin, and Cruz let her say her piece, which is right out of the Kerry-Obama hymnal.

BENJAMIN: No, it doesn’t make any sense because the only way that we’re going to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon — if indeed they’re trying to get one — is to have this deal. That’s not just what President Obama and John Kerry are saying. That’s what British are saying, the French are saying, the Chinese are saying, the Russians are saying, the Australians are saying, New Zealand is saying, Jordan is saying. What makes you think as Ted Cruz you know better than all these countries together? You don’t.

RUSH: And Cruz came back at her.

CRUZ: Thank you, ma’am. And I respect your right to speak. You did not respond to the irrefutable point that this deal will send over a hundred billion dollars to Iran and those billions of dollars will be used to murder Americans by jihadis. The folks in Code Pink like to hold up signs saying “Peace with Iran.” Do you know who doesn’t reciprocate those views? Iran. In the midst of this negotiation, the Ayatollah Khamenei led thousands of Iranians in chanting “Death to America!” While they burned American flags and Israeli flags, Iran has stated its objective to murder as many Americans as possible. They are not seeking peace.

RUSH: What happened to Code Pink? They normally try to shout everybody down during things like this. What happened to Medea Benjamin? Where was she? She was there. She had nothing to say. He treated her with respect. He acknowledged her points and then told her that she was not responding to his.

And, by the way, at that moment, Ted Cruz didn’t know, because we only learned later that John Kerry got hold of the Ayatollah Khamenei and told him to stop with this “Death to America!” stuff — that it was like silly and stupid and it is a problem. And the Ayatollah Khamenei said (Paraphrasing), “Okay I’ll stop chanting death to America.” Ted Cruz didn’t know that Kerry had warned the ayatollah — (Interuption) You didn’t hear that because you were screening calls.

Kerry told the Council on Foreign Relations, just had the bite, he told the ayatollah all this Death to America! stuff is silly and to stop it. And next he’s gonna call Vladimir Putin and say (Paraphrashing), “Look, don’t fly those bear bombers so close to Mendocino County. Do you realize — that’s not good.” And then Putin will reportedly say (Paraphrasing), “Okay, all right, we’ll stop.” (Interruption) I’ll bet he did. I do I believe Kerry called the ayatollah said (Paraphrasing), “Hey, stop with the ‘Death to America.'” And I believe the ayatollah hung up and looked at Rouhani and the rest of the mullahs and said (Imitation), “God bless Allah for delivering us such a fool.”

CRUZ: Sir, I recognize that you find the truth very offensive, but under the First Amendment, the date means you have to listen to things you disagree with, and I have listened to what you have said. I would ask you to show the same courtesy, particularly since you have come to our event and crashed it. We have shown you respect and civility.

RUSH: Ted Cruz.

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