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RUSH: I can’t tell you the number of people echoing my sentiment, my philosophy, my theory on Hillary. You’ll hear it everywhere now.

And it goes like this: The more Hillary speaks, the worse she does in the polls. The less she speaks, the less she’s seen, the better she does. And the reason supposedly is, by the experts of smart analyzing polling data, “Well, you know, Hillary’s always been seen in a supportive role, and that’s where she shines, but when she’s out front and she’s taking the lead, that’s when she has problems.” Well, she’s taking the lead, and she’s got big problems.

TheHill.com: “Democrat Fears Over Clinton’s Strength Grow After New Poll — Democrats are seeing warning signs after a new poll showed Hillary Clinton losing three swing states…” We told you about this yesterday but there’s more detail here: “[A] new poll showed Hillary Clinton losing three swing states and deep in negative territory on questions of character.” That character question, by the way, is a big one.

Remember, the character question, as it manifests itself in Democrat presidential politics, is not, “Do you have a good character and are you moral and upstanding?” because they wouldn’t pass that test. Democrat “character” is defined as, “Do you care about the little guy? Have you been able to convince everybody that you care about the little guy?” That’s how you define character in a Democrat candidate. And it was expressed in the exit polls in 2012 when Obama scored 81 and Romney scored 19 to the question, “Cares about people like me.”

Hillary is diving on that question.

Hillary is plummeting on that question.

Hillary is artificial. Hillary has no charisma. Hillary is robotic. Hillary is not genuine. She can’t… Look at all the years she’s been in public life! She ought to be the best person in the world at doing a stump speech, or among the best, if experience matters. She been out there for as long as I have, even longer, campaigning for her husband in Arkansas. She’s been around the public scene 30 years. You’d think she’d have this down pat; you’d think she’d be able to go out, make a speech, and have people love her and fire people up.

She can’t. Even now, and the Democrats are starting to get nervous. Now, last night I looked deeper into these polls after having heard about them yesterday. They’re really, really, really bad. The only bright spot — and there’s only one bright spot for her in this poll that shows her diving in three swing states — is that she’s not underwater on the leadership. But, man, does she have no trust. The majority of people in this poll think that she is a liar.

The only place that she scores points is leadership, which is odd, but it’s what it is. “Other findings are also poor for her, including on the question of whether voters trust her. Those results seem ominous given that the former first lady has been in the public eye for around a quarter-century,” a quarter of a century, and it looks it. (Gasp!) Did I say that? Well, it’s a factor, sorry to say. Sad though it may be, it is. The fact that she’s been in the public eye for so long means it’s going to be all that much more difficult to change these perceptions, because they’ve had 25 years to settle in.

So changing all these things overnight is gonna be tough, particularly on the question of honesty. The Quinnipiac poll showed Coloradans asserting by an almost 2-1 margin that Clinton was not honest or trustworthy: 62% said she was not, whereas only 34% she was. The findings were not much better in either Iowa or Virginia. Respondents distrusted Clinton 59% to 33% in [Iowa], and 55% percent to 39% percent in [Virginia].

There’s a strategist quoted in the story in The Hill who wanted to remain anonymous, and he “said that deep panic would not set in until more polls show similar results. But, the person added, ‘You have to address this issue, and youÂ’re better doing so 16 months out than 15 months in.'” Whatever that means. It means she better handle this now. But how does she do that? How does she overcome the fact that people don’t trust her? How does she overcome the fact people don’t think she’s honest?

I mean, that didn’t just happen yesterday or last night or last week. It’s settled in for 25 years! Anyway, there are giant fears.

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