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RUSH: Here’s Brennan in Bakersfield. He’s been waiting for a long time, and I gotta get to him here. I really appreciate your patience, Brennan. Thank you, and great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. My dad and I are long-term listeners, and I’d say I speak for him when we say you’re a true patriot.

RUSH: Thank you, el mucho.

CALLER: I’m a Millennial, probably by just the age part of the definition, 24. But I don’t believe in Bernie Sanders and I think that the climate has more to do with the sun. So I guess in that respect…

RUSH: Look, see, this is another example. They’re trying to say every Millennial’s a liberal Democrat. That’s another thing that they’re trying to make us all believe. We know that’s not true. It can’t possibly be true. But that’s one thing they say. You feel compelled to tell us that you are not a Democrat because you assume everybody thinks every Millennial is.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That’s how they do this, folks. They convince everybody.


RUSH: So, anyway, I’m glad you called. What is the point of your call?

CALLER: So, the point of this would be that a lot of the outlets I’m sure you go to, that you frequent… You say that you go to tech blogs and things like that. I want your two cents on what to do as a Millennial. I know you get them. They call in now and again and ask you to weigh in, but I’m talking about within less than a day of all this stuff coming out about Planned Parenthood.

This website I frequent on the very front page had an article about how we should encourage women to donate their aborted children to science. I mean, and these people are agreeing. They say (paraphrasing), “Yes, you’re right. These women should understand that it’s not just a waste of their baby, that it’s going to help somebody. And that one life should, you know, help out millions, and that’s really what it’s about.”

It just blows my mind. I’m super disheartened, as someone who lives here and who has planned on establishing a family here. I plan on getting engaged at the end of the year, and I’ve got big plans for my life and my family going forward. And when I see things like this happening, especially as young as I am, it’s very easy to lose hope, especially when all the news is just nothing but fearmongering. And, you know, how can you blame me?

RUSH: Okay, see, here’s, I think, another good teachable moment. I’m gonna rely on what I think is my common sense and faith in a majority of Americans. Now, I didn’t hear everything you said, and what you’ve said scrolled beyond my ability to read it. But did you say that you read on a blog somewhere that you’re seeing people urge women to do what with their babies?

CALLER: Donate their babies. Well, they call it “fetal tissue.” I call it babies. But they’re encouraging women now to donate fetal tissue. They advocate what Planned Parenthood does.

RUSH: Oh. Okay. They’re advocating pregnant women to go and have their babies’ body parts harvested?

CALLER: Yes, and there’s people agreeing to it. It’s crazy.

RUSH: Yeah, but, see, this is the thing. It’s got you all down in the dumps, because this is not the world you want to live in. You’re seeing a blog, and you’re seeing some comments on a blog where people think it’s a good idea. I’m telling you, it is not a majority of the country. Most, if they saw that — particularly people older than Millennials, but even most of them, too — would be repulsed by this.


RUSH: Remember: We as a country went to war to stop another country that was in effect doing things like this. It was World War II, and it was Adolf Hitler and the Germans. We have not become them. We may have pockets of our perverted, sick culture that have become that, but it’s not who we are. It’s not who the majority of the country is. Do not assume, just because you read it on a blog and because the words are printed somewhere, that it represents a majority of thought.

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