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RUSH: So Obama’s doing damage control in Pittsburgh. He just finished. He’s addressing the — I guess the VFW convention. He finally announced they’re gonna lower the flag at the White House to half staff in honor of the Marines killed in Chattanooga. They held out as long as they could. They looked for a motive. They overturned every rock. They looked into every nook and cranny. They were desperate to find anything that they could latch onto that said this had nothing to do with militant Islam, and finally they found just the opposite. They found evidence that militant Islam is behind this, be it Al-Qaeda or ISIS. By the way, what does it matter whether it’s ISIS or Al-Qaeda?

You know, some of the Drive-Bys are trying to make a big deal, “It wasn’t ISIS. It wasn’t ISIS! It was Al-Qaeda.” What, is there a difference? What, do we now like Al-Qaeda? Is Al-Qaeda somehow not a threat now? ISIS is the only threat? Just amazing. I’m half surprised they didn’t blame all this on Trump trying to take Trump out.

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