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RUSH: We have a 10-year-old on hold here for a while from Centreville, Virginia. His name is Matthew, and, Matthew, I appreciate very much that you have held on for quite a while and welcome you to the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: How are you doing today?

CALLER: Fine. How are you?

RUSH: I’m fine and dandy, especially since I have a chance to talk to you. What did you call about, Matthew?

CALLER: I read your books, I like them, and since I’m from Ohio, I was going to think about Lake Erie and since there was a major naval battle there in the War of 1812, I would ask if you would do a part of one of your books, if you do War of 1812, about the battle of Put-in-Bay near Lake Erie —

RUSH: We’re getting, which we love, by the way, Matthew, we have readers, young people like you are now sending in requests for events that they want Rush Revere and Liberty to go to —


RUSH: — and write about. It’s really cool, I have to tell you. We’ve got young readers who want us to do a book on World War II. You have just mentioned the war of 1812 and the battle near Lake Erie. And I’ve got others that want us to do a book on slavery, you know, what it was, how it started. We’re getting all kinds of requests. What was that?

CALLER: What slavery was like?

RUSH: What what?

CALLER: Slavery was like.

RUSH: Oh, you would be interested in a book on what slavery was about?

CALLER: Yeah, that, too.

RUSH: Well, that would be for the age-group that we’re looking at, 10, that would be a challenge.


RUSH: But that’s what we’re about here. We’re looking for truthful opportunities to present American history to people your age, so that you’ll learn it and be interested in it and want to learn more as you get older. That’s our challenge. We really look forward to it, and getting calls like yours is an inspiration. I mean, you’re 10 and you know about the battle of 1812. But you want to see Rush Revere and the gang time travel back there.

So I appreciate the request, and I can’t tell you if we’ll do it or when, but note that we have made a note of it ourselves, and we appreciate it, Matthew, very much. Hang on, Matthew, because want to find out if there’s anything you need from the gang at Rush Revere and Liberty. We’ve got all the books and the audio CDs, so hang on for Mr. Snerdley, and we will be back after this, folks.

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