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RUSH: We’ll start with Perry in Madison, Wisconsin. I’m glad you called. Thank you, sir. It’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: Thank you for having me, Rush. First-time caller. I’ve been listening to you from day one that you’ve been on the air in Madison.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: The People’s Republic of Madison. Yesterday you reported on the Eyewitness 8 News dude who commented how we don’t have people come into our country to inspect our nuclear facilities. Well, I was just screaming yesterday. We are not threatening to kill China. We are not threatening to blow up Russia. You know, we are the peacekeepers in the world. And I was really surprised you didn’t bring that up.

RUSH: Well, I did.

CALLER: Well, it just… It made me livid that there are people out there that think that way.

RUSH: Well, I did it in a different way than you did, and, you know what? I’m glad you called. I’m glad you told me that you didn’t understand the way I said it, ’cause I was trying to say it in a way differently than it’s always stated. So let me repeat what I said, which is exactly what you just said with entirely different words. What happened was we had a sound bite yesterday from some guy that works at Eyewitness 8 TV news in DC, in Washington.

He was talking about me and how unreasonable I was in being critical of this Iran deal’s lax standards inspecting suspected violations committed by the Iranians. So we pointed out, it’s a 24-day delay! From the moment we suspect something until we can get in there (if we get in there at all) it’s a 24 day delay. It’s written into the deal. Obama and his acolytes are trying to deny it, but it’s in there. We’ve learned it’s even more difficult than that. And this guy at Eyewitness 8 News — “the Eyewitness 8 News dude,” as you said — says, “Well, wait a minute, now!

“What’s wrong with the Iranians not wanting to be inspected? If somebody demanded to inspect our nuclear program, we wouldn’t let them,” at which point I launched into what I thought was a pretty effective monologue on how this guy doesn’t understand the differences between the good guys and the bad guys, that there’s a moral equivalence that’s set in on the left, that we’re no better than Iran. “We’re just like Iran! We’re not special. There’s nothing exceptional about us.” There’s no concept that the United States is the good guys and they are the bad guys.

We just equate everybody. We just equate everything. And, as a means of understanding… This is, by the way, the Ron Paul rationale for not even doing a deal with Iran. Ron Paul has said countless times, “Well, nobody told us that we could or couldn’t do nuclear weapons, and if somebody did tell us we couldn’t, we wouldn’t listen to ’em. So I don’t blame the Iranians. We don’t have any right to tell them! Especially if we have one, we can’t tell other countries they can’t.” Now, that’s a strict libertarian view.

But even at such, I think Ron Paul realizes the US is the good guys. I went into quite an impassioned monologue at that point, Perry, on the differences in the good guys and bad guys and what the United States stands for and that we are the defenders of liberty. But if we’re not gonna defend our own liberty, then defending other people’s liberty is never gonna occur to us. And because we are the leaders of the world, and because we are the lone exception to the human existence on this planet…

The United States of America is alone among nations which have been founded on the premise that the citizens are free and that the government is subservient to citizens. There’s no other nation that’s ever done this, and as such we have become the lone outpost and the bright, shining beacon of individual freedom and liberty. Iran is not even in the same ballpark. Iran’s not even in the same universe. It’s incumbent on us to keep the bad guys in the world in check, because this government has that as a constitutional duty.

These people swear an oath, Obama, elected official, they swear an oath: Defend and protect the Constitution, defend and protect the people. Well, Iran, as a state sponsor of terrorism, is a threat to people all over. For this guy in Washington to equate the United States with Iran is classic. He’s obviously a product of the public education system, which has been dominated by multicultural curriculum, which states that not only is the US not exceptional, the United States actually may be more guilty of human rights violations than even nations like Iran!

That’s what kids today, and for the last couple generations, have been taught. “I mean, who are we to tell Iran what they can and can’t do? We’re the nation of slavery, and we’re the nation of women’s violations, and we’re the nation of” whatever other condemnation they want to come up with. So, as far as they’re concerned, we don’t have any moral right to tell people what they can and can’t do.

I said, “It’s not a right; it’s a responsibility! The United States has a responsibility to itself, to its people, and to free people the world over.” This guy in Washington, and he’s not alone, doesn’t even understand. I mean, that is a foreign language to him when he hears people say things like I just said. So I said the same thing you did, Perry, just in different words.

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