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RUSH: Sadly, ladies and gentlemen — portions of yet another heavy, heavy portion of the program as far as what we learned yesterday about Planned Parenthood selling harvested body parts from the aborted babies that they kill.

I’m shocked. I really am shocked. There’s all kinds of people on our side just astounded that, A, the media hasn’t covered it. They are astounded that Planned Parenthood supporters are still Planned Parenthood supporters. Really? I can’t emphasize this enough.

The story was such yesterday, I think a lot of people thought that this was gonna be such a story, the left couldn’t possibly defend this. That Democrat elected officials couldn’t possibly defend this, that they would have to come out and condemn it. And I told the caller yesterday that wasn’t going to happen. They always circle the wagons on things like this and, in fact, it hasn’t happened. The first thing that happened was, it was denied. The whole thing, the video was chalked up as a right-wing sting operation. Not to say that sting operations don’t produce the truth, but they tried to say the whole thing was illegitimate and phony and fake.

Then after that failed, there was a massive Twitter campaign, a number of other campaigns designed to attack the people that did the video. When that didn’t work, the left’s next course of action was to praise the entire operation as a means of furthering medical research and to deny that anything was going on, that there was really nothing to see here, that no law had been broken, there was nothing outrageous. In fact, it was great what Planned Parenthood was doing for the very reason I just stated, advancing medical research. And this has left a bunch of people on our side flabbergasted.

If this, if something as profound and major as this is not going to cause the left any embarrassment, cause any abandonment of Planned Parenthood, then what in the world on any issue could happen. What about liberalism, what, if anything, in liberalism could be exposed for what it is? If this didn’t do the trick, what will? There’s manifest frustration.

The Daily Caller has a post today, a story, headline: “Mainstream Media Refuses To Give Planned Parenthood Scandal Legs. The Question Is: Why?” This is not to rip The Daily Caller. That’s Chatsworth Osborne Jr.’s website, and I’m not ripping the website. I’m not actually ripping anybody on our side. I’m just noting that there were a lot of people who thought this was one of those tipping points everybody’s waiting for. And it isn’t. The left is not gonna admit anything like this, precisely because it’s our operation. It doesn’t matter what it is.

We are not going to win by persuading them. And I’m talking about the leaders of their movement. We don’t know about rank-and-file leftists and Democrats out there. You would have to think that people that are anonymous that we don’t know that are never in the news, that are never quoted. Even Twitter is made up largely, the people that run Twitter campaigns are largely the 10 or 12 leaders. The mass opinion on this is gonna be really hard to figure out ’til we get some decent polling data, if we do.

The point is, there might be some Tom, Dick, and Harrys out there and Jane’s and Johns and Joe’s and so forth that we don’t know on the left that were repulsed by it, but we’ll never hear about it. We’ll never hear from them and they will never be focused on or quoted. The leadership, they’re not gonna cave on anything ever, and the idea that we can start to win or win at all by peeling people away from their issues is folly. It isn’t gonna happen. And this goes, by the way, the same strategy of saying we can compromise, we can cross the aisle, we can work with the other side. That’s not gonna win anything, and that’s not gonna win any converts, and it’s not gonna get any Democrats voting with Republicans.

You know, tryimg to compromise with these people or trying to persuade them they’re wrong, in other words, at the leadership level isn’t going to happen. They just have to be defeated, folks. They have to be beaten. And the Drive-By Media is part of the apparatus. We’re not gonna change the Drive-By Media.

Look at what they’re doing to Major Garrett because of his question. It was the only sensible thing that’s been asked of Obama in months, and the entire Drive-By Media is circling the wagons trying to embarrass and impugn Major Garrett — who, for now, is holding his ground. They’re demanding that he apologize. They’re demanding that he apologize for being rude and disrespectful to our young Dear Leader, and all Major Garrett did was ask a very sensible question. (paraphrased)

“If we are in negotiations with Iran trying to supposedly limit their nuclear weapons development, why in the hell didn’t we get a concession from them to release the four Americans they’re holding prisoner?” And Obama acted outraged and offended at the way Major Garrett asked the question, at the question itself. And then in his answer, I thought, revealed a number of things that haven’t been noticed yet, except by you, because I told you. They haven’t been noticed because everybody on the left is focused on what a mean guy Major Garrett was.

So, Obama? “Nice guy! He’s trying to save the world! He wants everybody to have health care.” Oh, do you know what Obama did today? Well, I don’t know if it was today, but I’ve got the story today. Obama has promised that housing projects, low-income housing all across the fruited plain are going to get free broadband service, free Internet. But they’re not gonna just get free Internet. They’re gonna get the fastest Internet that’s out there: Google Fiber.

You don’t have Google Fiber, and you can’t get Google Fiber unless you live in certain neighborhoods in Kansas City and a couple of other cities. It’s expanding, but you can’t get it yet. It’s more expensive than your DSL or your dial-up or even if you ISDN or T1. It’s more expensive than that. I think AT&T and Comcast are gonna hit major new speed thresholds this fall. But Obama is giving public housing residents high-speed Google Fiber Internet. “See, he’s a nice guy. Obama’s a nice; he really cares!”

Major Garrett? “Mean! That’s a mean question, just mean!” Which is the attitude that the Drive-Bys wish to convey. It was a sensible question. But what Obama revealed was… After chiding Major Garrett for the construction of his question and then for the audacity to ask the question, Obama said something about, “Well, then they would have demanded further concessions.” I said, “Wait a minute. Further? Iran would have demanded ‘further concessions’ if we had demanded they release four Americans they’re holding prisoner?”

One of which, by the way, is a Drive-By journalist. Concessions? What in the world are we doing making concessions? We supposedly hold all the cards! We had economic sanctions slapped on ’em. We, and the other five so-called nations that were involved in the negotiations, had to sign off on Iran getting nukes. What is this concessions business? So Obama admits, unwittingly, that the entire Iran deal was a series of concessions we made, which means we weren’t negotiating from a position of strength or power attitudinally.

I mean, we were but we didn’t use it. We were making concessions. Obama said, “I couldn’t ask for the release of those four Americans! My God, further concessions would have been required,” and nobody’s focusing on that because they’re all trying to destroy Major Garrett today because he was so mean. The only thing that didn’t happen is they didn’t chase Major Garrett out of the pressroom down to the Washington Monument like they did that Daily Caller reporter not long ago named Neil Munro.

That was in the Bergdahl Garden section of the White House. Obama was doing press availability. It was stated up front there would be no questions, and Neil Munro asked one anyway, and the Drive-Bys literally got so mad at the guy they chased him out of the White House grounds all the way to the Washington Monument. Some of them did. So the idea that the media is gonna change its mind on Planned Parenthood? he idea that media is gonna act outraged at Planned Parenthood? It was never gonna happen. They’re gonna circling the wagons.

They tried a bunch of things. The first thing they tried was, “It’s phony! This video is a fake! It’s a sting operation. It’s unreal! A bunch of right wing tricksters.” And then when they couldn’t make that fly, then it turned into, “Well, this is great! Planned Parenthood is doing remarkably great work for medical research, trying to find cures for diseases and so forth.” People are just left open-mouthed on our side. The mainstream media refuses to give the Planned Parenthood scandal legs. The question is, “Why?

Well, ask yourself: Why is the Drive-By Media quiet on crime created by illegal aliens? Why is the Drive-By Media quiet on black-on-black crime or black-on-white crime? The answer is very simple. The left, the Democrats, the liberals know — don’t doubt me on this — that they cannot defend what they believe. They cannot defend their policies. Not honestly. Not intellectually. They make efforts now and then, and they always do so in the rubric of class warfare or compassion. But regardless how, the method of defense liberalism mounts on behalf of itself is always to attack us.

They don’t debate their beliefs. They don’t dare debate their policies, their philosophy, their ideology. They don’t dare debate that in the arena of ideas. They know they won’t win. They win by bullying. They win by eliminating opposition, and they eliminate opposition by discrediting individual members of the opposition. They try literally to destroy people’s careers, reputations, and in some cases, lives. Ask Scott Walker. He’s endured it for five years and three elections. It never ended.

They are still attempting to do so now, now that he’s seeking the Republican presidential nomination. They can’t defend what they believe. Furthermore, folks, they don’t believe they should have to, and that’s the real bottom line. They don’t think they should have to defend what they believe. What they believe is just what it “is.” What they believe is au natural. The people need to defend themselves are us. We’re the oddballs, kooks, squares, nerds, hayseeds, kooks, what have you. We need to defend ourselves.

We’re the ones who have to explain why it is we are so insane, why we are so intolerant, why we are so hateful, why we are so bigoted, why we are so racist. We’re the ones that have to defend ourselves. They’re never gonna enter any kind of conversation where they have to defend themselves. And if they find themselves in a circumstance like that, if they get tricked into it, it’s less than 30 seconds and they are attacking whoever they’re debating. So take your pick. It’s not just the Planned Parenthood video. It’s any other liberal policy doesn’t work.

Do you see ’em defending Obama?

Have you ever heard them actually defend Obamacare without lying about things? “Well, it lowers everybody’s premiums, and people have been able to keep their doctors!” But they don’t defend the actual plan. They lie about it, but they don’t enter into a debate about how it’s superior to alternative ideas. They never do. And they’re not on this. Furthermore, not only is Planned Parenthood engaging in great, compassionate, long-term medical research — not only is Planned Parenthood deeply seeking the cure for many modern diseases — why, it’s all legal, if you listen to the left.

It’s all legal what they’re doing.

Aborting babies and then harvesting body parts for sale?

Yes, it’s all legal, and it’s aboveboard!

Now, folks, I know this is gruesome. But since many of you are dissatisfied with the lack of outrage on the left and what it’s been discovered that they’re doing, let me try another tack at it. I will admit that going into this is gruesome. But this group that has produced the video has exposed a brochure that Planned Parenthood has. There’s more than just the video, in other words. They’ve exposed Planned Parenthood in that video, but they’ve got much more to back up what they’re doing in the form of an entire brochure that proves the profit motive in the sale of fetal body parts.

A Planned Parenthood brochure that circulates that talks about selling these body parts for profit. Which I thought was a dirty word on the left. Well, since that brochure has surfaced… There’s a link to it. We could put at RushLimbaugh.com here in just a moment. I have to take a break right now. But since they’re doing this for profit, and think it’s all fine and dandy and wonderful, I have some questions that, if they answer them, we could maybe find out just how successful they have been at this.


RUSH: Okay. So there’s a brochure explaining what Planned Parenthood’s doing, doing it for profit. Everything’s great, they say. Yes, they’re doing everything they can to find cures for diseases! Fine and dandy. Folks, I know this is gruesome, but hang with me. Let’s ask to see how much money Planned Parenthood made, say, for livers in 2014, and then let’s ask to see if there’s a breakdown for how much profit they made in harvesting and selling hearts and heads. Let’s see the spreadsheet. I mean, they’re bragging here about profits.

They’ve got this brochure. The left is out there talking about what a legal and wonderful project this actually is. Well, let’s see some signs of success! I mean, other corporations sometimes report sales figures. Let’s audit all the files. Does each Planned Parenthood operation operate off a budget? I mean, they’ve got a business model that includes the harvesting and sale of body parts of living human fetuses. I mean, what good is…?

It has to be that. I mean, if it’s all legal, it’s all aboveboard, let’s see the details! Let’s find out how much they make. If it’s so wonderful here, let’s see the data. Let’s find out how many cures there have been. Let’s find out what advances in medical research have taken place as a result of this, and let’s see the amount of money that’s involved in this. Is it a major American business? (interruption) No, no. I know, it’s barbarism. It’s shameful. And it’s all underwritten with taxpayer money, folks.


RUSH: Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair. John Boehner this morning, Capitol Hill, weekly press conference.

BOEHNER: This week at my request our committees have begun looking at some of the gruesome practices embraced by Planned Parenthood. I’m also demanding that the president denounce and stop these practices. Now, if you’ve seen this video, I don’t have to tell you how sickening it is. So rest assured we’re gonna get to the bottom of this and protect the values that we hold dear.

RUSH: Now, does anybody expect that Obama will denounce Planned Parenthood? I know Boehner probably doesn’t expect Obama to denounce it, but he’s demanded that he do so. While I have your attention about this ’cause I know I do, I happen to be one of those people that commands the attention of others; it just happens. So I know I have your attention. While I have your attention, can I remind you about something?

Can I remind you about Barack Obama as a state senator in Illinois. Long before he became a United States senator, and many moons prior to his running for the presidency in 2007 and 2008, in Illinois — paraphrasing this — they struggled with all kinds of abortion law. And at the end of it all, it would be entirely accurate to say that Barack Obama voted for infanticide.

The bill in question dealt with botched abortions, what to do if the baby survives. The bill that Obama supported gave the doctor permission to finish the job outside the womb. So expecting Barack Obama to denounce what has been seen in this Planned Parenthood video is a misguided expectation. And I don’t expect that Boehner really thinks he will. But Barack Obama is right in there with these people, and so is every other elected Democrat.

I mean, ladies and gentlemen, it has been said countless times and it remains true, abortion is, for all intents and purposes, the sacrament to the religion of liberalism. And there will be nothing, no time, any time, anywhere, by anybody that is going to change that nor denounce the practice, in any form. I mean, you remember how difficult a job it was to get even some of those people to speak out against partial-birth abortion, which, what’s partial-birth abortion? That means the baby is born and then — we use the word “aborted” rather than “kill.”

So language, as I’ve always said, words mean things. So we soften the impact of what all’s really happening here with the way we choose to term or describe these things. I know, it’s only partially born. That’s the point. Besides, life hasn’t begun yet until liberals say it does. In the case of abortion, that’s the operative truth. Life begins when liberals claim it does, or when a future Supreme Court decision decides when life begins. Anyway, that’s that. Wouldn’t expect much to change other than it’s going to remain intense, and I have a feeling the group that did the video and is exposing this has some more up their sleeves.

Yeah, wait ’til the IRS gets hold of them, not Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood ought to be in the crosshairs of the IRS. I mean, they’re a charity. Planned Parenthood is tax-exempt. They get taxpayer funding for all of this, and yet they’re out there involving themselves in politics, and they’re out there engaged in for-profit activity. If there’s any group that was ever made to order for an IRS inspection, it’s Planned Parenthood.

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