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RUSH: The New York Post today has a picture: El Chapo drinking a beer in the copilot seat of his private airplane taken by his son and sent to the American media. He is taunting us! El Chapo is saying, “Look at me! I have beer. I’m in my airplane. I’m flying to freedom. I have girls awaiting me upon my arrival. (Raspberry) you!” By the way, there’s an author out there folks by the name of Don Winslow. He’s a novelist.

He has written a lot of novels about the Mexican drug cartels and the DEA and the US war on drugs. His latest is called The Cartel, and it’s about El Chapo. Winslow had a piece published in, of all places, CNN yesterday (an op-ed piece), in which he doesn’t believe this tunnel business at all. I mean, he thinks the tunnel is there, and he acknowledges the tunnel was built. But he thinks tunnel is just there to be used as an excuse by Mexican prison and government officials.

He thinks that El Chapo actually walked out the front door of the place. He thinks that the Mexican prison system and the Mexican government have been corrupted by the drug cartels because they have got all the money. You know, when I read his piece there is something that struck me.
Socialism is widely spread in Mexico. Socialism is widely spread all over the world. What is one of the hard, cold realities of socialism? The only people that have any money are criminals and governments.

Average, ordinary citizens don’t have any money. They do not create wealth. It’s impossible for it to happen in socialism. All the money gets taxed and then redistributed in socialism. So you have the super wealthy — until you confiscate their money. You can tax and tax and tax them. Until you confiscate their wealth, they’re always gonna have money. But the middle class ceases to exist as an upwardly mobile economic entity.

With socialism every, what does it breed? Socialism breeds corruption because nobody has any money, except criminals. So here’s a big drug criminal in El Chapo, and he’s a multibillionaire. He can pay off government officials and prison officials with more money than they will ever earn in their lifetimes administering the law, and one of the reasons is socialism. Nobody earns anything!

There isn’t any upward mobility. There’s no moving up in the middle class to the upper middle class, any of that, everything’s static. It just struck me, of all the things you can construct as arguments to oppose socialism, that’s another one. It breeds corruption because the only people that have any — when you don’t have any money, and here comes somebody offering you more than you will ever earn in your life, to just let me have filet mignon every night in my jail cell and bring me some prostitutes while you’re at it and make sure I get my Viagra, and then in a year and a half let’s engineer my escape and I’ll really take care of you, and it happens.

And this is in many ways the story of the of the Mexican drug cartels’ relationship with governments and prisons, and Winslow, again, he thinks that that tunnel, they built it, but it just is there as an excuse, prison officials to say, “Look at how brilliant this prisoner is. Right under our noses, this guy builds a mile-long tunnel and is able to get out this thing by going in the shower. Wow, what a brilliant criminal.” And everybody marvels at what a great criminal El Chapo is it, when the theory is he just walked out the door, by prison officials being paid off.

And when you look at Greece, you look at all of Western Europe, look at all of these countries that feature socialism, and we clearly have enough of our economy that’s become socialistic that there is no upward mobility in our Millennial class. They don’t even dream of any. It just opens the door for all kinds of chicanery, corruption, you name it, because money is what makes the world go round. Everybody wants more than they have. And when you can’t work hard and earn more, when you can’t be creative as an entrepreneur and earn more, what are you gonna do?

Which is what socialism does. Socialism shuts down entrepreneurism and creativity and brilliance. It shuts down economic growth. It shuts down what most people want, which is a ongoing improvement in their standard of living. Now, the left would have you to believe they don’t care about money; they’re interested humanitarian things. But don’t believe ’em. They hoard their money when they get it and they don’t give much of it away. Their charitable donations are pitiful.

They want more money as much as anybody else does. What they’ve done is put themselves in positions of power where all the money is, Washington, DC. They get their hands on it before it gets redistributed. So, anyway, here’s El Chapo and he’s running around, but here’s another thing about El Chapo. He ordered his young wife, whose name is Emma Coronel, who is a US citizen, she’s the daughter of another Mexican drug lord, El Chapo ordered his wife to give birth in California so that his kids will have US citizenship. Anchor babies.

Now, if El Chapo ordered his own wife to do this, you can bet that he ordered others in his organization to do the same thing. And of course the mothers don’t even have to be US citizens. All they have to do is be here when they give birth. As his kids become US citizens as a result of being born here, it’s gonna allow his gang to get themselves under Obama’s generous and humane family reunification plan. You know how that works. Why do you think all these minors are being sent alone to the United States of America from Central America, El Salvador and so forth?

Would you put your kid on a train for days, 28 days, unchaperoned, fingers crossed that your kid gets to America? Why would you do that? Because you know that the American president’s gonna bring you in to reunite you with your kid, if he gets there, and that’s how you’re gonna beat immigration law. That’s why all the minors are floating across the border. That’s why all the parents of these minors are risking letting them go, while at the time we’re told that it’s war torn and economically ravaged and it’s an act of love and compassion, these parents, knowing their lives are over, but they want the dream for their kids.

So they put them on the trains and they send ’em north and they hope they get into America. It’s all about Obama’s family reunification plan, which El Chapo, he’s gonna become a US citizen before all is said and done. He’s gonna be reunited with his children that his wife is giving birth to in the United States. And according to reports, El Chapo has at least four spouses and at least 10 children. Imagine what a sales force this clown’s building up.

By the way, Don Winslow also says, do not think of this guy as a funny, chubby little cartoon character. He is a brutal and ruthless, murdering, maiming drug lord who has been responsible for who knows how many deaths. There’s nothing lovable about El Chapo. And he’s got a point.

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