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RUSH: Grab sound bite number 33. Listen to this. This is Capitol Hill today. House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Department of Homeland Security oversight, and representative Steve Chabot, a Republican from Oregon, is talking to the secretary of — what is Jeh Johnson, what is this guy? Homeland Security. So talking to Jeh Johnson, spells it J-e-h, Jeh Johnson, he’s the secretary of Homeland Security, and listen to this exchange.

REPORTER: Has the administration reached out to the Steinle family, to your knowledge?

JOHNSON: To who?

REPORTER: To the family of the woman who was brutally murdered by this individual who had committed seven different felonies in four different states, and my understanding, who’d been deported, kept coming back, has the administration reached out to that family?

JOHNSON: I — I’m — I’m sorry. I don’t know the answer to that question, sir.

RUSH: He doesn’t know who she is. The director of Homeland Security has no idea, when he hears the name Steinle family, he doesn’t know who it is. Or at least he’s acting like he doesn’t know who it is. How does he not know who this is? Is it possible he wouldn’t know of a woman murdered by an illegal alien that’s been in the news for a week because of a sanctuary city provision that allows this clown to stay in town, would he not know this? Very, very, very interesting.

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