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RUSH: This is Mike in Long Island. Hey, Mike, great to have you. Glad you called, sir.

CALLER: Hello! Hello? Rush?

RUSH: Yeah. I’m right here.

CALLER: Hi. I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you there for a second. I just wanted to find out your opinion on having Donald Trump in the race.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: What is that doing for the Iran nuclear talks? Is that putting pressure on them to sign something and get something done quick? ‘Cause the lingo that he’s using is pretty much what we’re all saying around the dinner table, but he’s saying it out loud and I think other people are listening to him.

RUSH: Is the nature of your question that the Iranians want to sign a deal now because they’re afraid Trump might be elected president and he would —

CALLER: Yes. Right. When he uses the lingo “we’ll bomb the hell out of them,” hearing a United States president talk like that, especially a multibillionaire like Donald Trump, I think that might put a little juice in having them sign an agreement.

RUSH: Well, look, I don’t actually think that Trump has anything to do with this. I think the Iranians are about to sign a deal because they can’t believe how damn lucky they are. Obama’s giving them everything they want. Obama’s lifting sanctions. In 10 to 15 years they’re gonna be able to develop nuclear weapons. I would sign this tomorrow. And the longer they wait, by the way, the more advantageous things are for them because the sanctions have been lifted. I don’t think that the Iranians at this stage are doing anything other than thanking their lucky stars that it’s John Kerry and Marie Harf that they’re dealing with, and Obama.

I actually hadn’t even considered your theory, so I guess I will have to put it in the hopper here and bandy it about. But I think it’s the Regime that’s the one acting in haste to get this done. It’s the Regime that’s trying to limit Congress’ ability, the Senate’s ability to review it. You know, the argument over 30 days or 60 when normally it’s 90 or longer, maybe even 120. The Iranians ought not want to sign anything. If it’s genuinely a deal that benefits us and Israel, the Iranians ought not want to sign it. That’s how we would know it’s a good deal. The fact the Iranians want to sign this, to me, is evidence of the fact that they think it’s a great deal for them.

And I think Obama, folks, can you say the word “legacy”? That’s all this is. Look, when Obama finishes he wants to be able to say he’s the first president to do national health care. In 200-some-odd years, every president theoretically has wanted to do this, but who got it done? Barack Hussein O. And in the midst of terrorism and an uneasy world that is teetering on the edge of terrorism daily, who is it that got a nuclear arms deal with Iran? To hell that it allows them to have them, they won’t get mentioned. Who got a deal with Iran? Not Clinton. Not Bush. Not Reagan. Obama got the deal. That’s what he wants.

He wants the legacy. And remember the old saying, the victors get to write history? Well, in this case the victors are the ones that get to pervert it. So Obama and his merry band in the Drive-By Media are gonna be able to write this great, great presidential legacy of great, great Barack Obama achievements. And right up there at the top is gonna be a nuclear deal with Iran that nobody ever thought possible. He doesn’t really care what’s in it. He wants to be able to say that the Iranians are going to postpone their development of nuclear weapons. And the Iranians may even publicly say that.

But they’re not gonna stop that. The Iranians are not gonna stop short. And the bottom line is this deal gets them there anyway, but Obama is gonna protect Iran from bombs for ten years. Or however long it’s gonna take Iran to actually build up a sufficient nuke arsenal. That’s what this deal does. There’s no reason under the sun that the Iranians would not sign this.

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