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RUSH: Big deal about the Confederate flag coming down. It happened just… I think it was just after 10 this morning or just after 9, something like that. It’s just the beginning. As I have said countless times over the course of this amazing broadcast career that spans now 26 years: A liberal solution to a problem is never the end of anything. There are never liberal solutions. A liberal solution is actually the beginning of a new problem or a continuation of an existing problem. But they never solve anything.

The reason they never solve anything is because they’re the ones never satisfied with what they get. Mark my words. The two things that happen, the Confederate flag came down in South Carolina, but there’s a companion piece to it. The companion piece is that it was a Republican thing. Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! “There’s been a huge victory over the Republicans in this, folks. That Confederate flag? That was owned and flown and operated by the Republican Party. Don’t you know?” Except that it wasn’t.

The Confederate flag flew over South Carolina because of a Democrat. His name was Ernest Hollings. He used to be a governor back then in the ’70s. He’s the one that raised it. In fact, the removal of the flag was attempted long ago, long prior to today. A sitting Republican governor by the name of Beasley attempted to remove the Confederate flag. Do you know what happened to him? He was thrown out of office and accused of engaging in showmanship! He was thrown out of office by Democrats, who accused him of insincerity and showboating.

A Democrat raises the flag, a Republican governor tries to lower the flag and gets thrown out of office because of it. Grab audio sound bite number one. Today, the flag comes down and, “The only reason it did was because somebody was finally able to convince enough racist Republicans that it had to come down.” Special coverage on NBC today, anchor Matt Lauer speaking with Chuck Todd Governor Nikki Haley and her call to remove the flag that led to the law she signed at 4 yesterday afternoon. Matt Lauer says “Governor Haley. There’s been so much attention on her over the last several weeks. So much praise, but also so much criticism, Chuck! What has this done to impact Nikki Haley’s career and her political future?

TODD: We see this all the time in politics. You meet a moment. It’s an unexpected moment how. Do you handle that moment? And I think that it’s pretty clear Governor Nikki Haley has handled this as well as any governor, uh, could handle it. You could say she was late to the game. That criticism is there. She’s accepted that criticism. But again, without her, Lindsey Graham and Jim Scott locking arms on this. I don’t know if that South Carolina Republican-controlled legislature does this. They pulled this off.

RUSH: See how this happens? See how this happens? “So Nikki Haley, late in her political career — somehow, some way by media pressure or whatever — she saw the light. Nikki Haley, well-known documented Republican (which means racist), somehow miraculously saw the light. But she didn’t have the juice alone to get this done! So what did she have to do? She had to go talk to Grahamnesty and then she had to go talk to Tim Scott. They had to link arm in arm. If she hadn’t gotten with those two Republicans to put pressure on other Republicans?

“Why? (snorts) That flag could still be flying. Because the Republican controlled Legislature of South Carolina they had no desire whatsoever to lower that flag. Don’t you know it?” So you see the flag is now down, it’s on the way over to the museum, and the Republicans were defeated in the process. Even though it’s a Republican governor presiding over the flag coming down even though it’s a Republican governor signing the bill. “The Republicans wanted that flag to stay!” Chuck Todd just told everybody.

“Yeah! Nikki Haley, she knew. She saw the light. She knew her fellow Republicans were a bunch of pigs so she got together with Tim Scott and Grahamnesty and that triumvirate ladled guilt upon guilt on all those racist Republicans in the South Carolina Legislature and finally the flag came down.” So as I say, these things are never solutions because the left is never happy with what they get. They’re not happy here.

You know what they’re doing in Memphis? They’re digging up the grave of a Confederate general to move it. (interruption) I don’t know where they’re going to put it. It doesn’t matter. They’re never happy, folks. This is not going to breed contentment. So many people on our side say, “Ah, we’ve kicked another issue down the can. Aren’t we brilliant. Got rid of another issue right before the election! Man, we’ve paved our way to victory!” (chuckling) I get so sick of listening to this.


RUSH: Greetings, my friends, it’s Open Line Friday. Rush Limbaugh, the cutting edge of societal evolution.

Do you want to hear a world-class liar at work? Do you want to hear how it’s really done? Do you want to be a liar and get away with it and be heralded? There’s only one man to teach you. This is last night in Dallas, at the graduation of the Presidential Leadership Scholars Program, a new partnership between Presidents George W. Bush and William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. Here is what the man you should learn from if you want to become a great liar, said.

CLINTON: I almost cried when I saw that picture (choking up) of the South Carolina Legislature yesterday, with Republicans and the Democrats and the African-Americans and the white people embracing each other, and making that vote and seeing the decisive speech made by a woman who is a direct descendant of Jefferson Davis! Don’t tell me that we can’t get together across the lines of the divide. We just have to keep working at it.

RUSH: (impression) “Oh, I almost cried. You know what it reminded me of, it reminded me of the time that I signed legislation that raised the Confederate flag over the statehouse in Arkansas! Yeah, I cried then. Man, I was so happy! I was the one that raised the American flag. That’s in my history. You can look it up. And then yesterday I cried again. (laughing) I cried again when those fools in South Carolina fell for this whole thing and took it down. Man, is it a great day to be a Democrat or what?”


RUSH: No, no, no, folks. Do not be confused by the impression. Bill Clinton signed the bill that put the Confederate flag over the statehouse in Arkansas. When he was governor of Arkansas when the Confederate flag was raised high over the state capitol because of his signature on a bill. And there he is at… I guess he was at the Bush Presidential Library (for those in Rio Linda, the lie-berry), and it was a joint appearance with George W. Bush, for the Presidential Leader Scholarship Program.

(impression) “I almost cried when I saw that picture (chuckles) of the South Carolina legislature yesterday. Republicans and the Democrats, African-Americans and the white people embracing each other, making that vote, seeing the decisive speech by a woman — a direct descendant of Jefferson Davis! Don’t tell me we can’t work together across the aisle. We just have to keep working. It’s balance, just balance. All it is is balance. All we got to do is keep working at it.” So you want to learn how to lie? Don’t study Hillary. She’s not good at it. One of the reasons she’s in trouble is she just can’t pull it off. But Bill?

Bill is the best liar this country’s produced in politics. He makes you love him as he lies to you. Bill Clinton lies to your face and you stand there and you marvel. You know he’s lying and you marvel at how good at it he is! That is why he had the press and the media in the palm of his hand. Fredricksburg, Virginia, from the Fox TV affiliate in Virginia. A Virginia bakery in Fredricksburg, Crumb and Get It… Clever, isn’t it? Crumb and Get It has made a cookie cake. Ever had a cookie cake? Those things are delicious. Ever had…? (interruption)

You don’t because you’re a vegan. Man, you don’t know what you’re missing in a cookie cake. Anyway, this bakery in Fredricksburg, ” Crumb and Get It, has made a cookie cake that features the Confederate flag. ‘It was for us a business decision to do that,’ said Mike Sweeney. Why did they make it? Well, because somebody asked. ‘We had like a two-minute conversation about it,’ he said. … Mike and Sarah Sweeney have owned the bakery for about eight months.” Don’t worry, they’ll never make it to 12. (laughing)

Once this gets out that they baked a cookie cake with a Confederate flag on it in the midst of all this. Mike Sweeney told Fox Eyeball News Washington, “It should still be that you can agree to disagree with somebody, and if they don’t agree with you, you just move on and keep living your life.” No, Mike, that’s not how it works anymore. You disagree with the left, it’s not enough to just go on about your life. They’re not interested in your disagreement. They’re not tolerant of that. Not only are you going to agree with them, you’re going to love doing so.

Folks, do not ignore me on this. This is exactly what’s going on. That’s why this whole notion of Clinton referencing it here again, and you heard Christie say it when he announced his presidential run, all this idea, the notion of crossing the aisle and cooperating and bipartisan? That’s not what they’re interested in. They don’t want cooperation! The only way there’s going to be tolerance is if we cave. By cave, I mean cave. It’s not just enough to agree. You have to become one of them, or you are going to be targeted and harassed until you do.

Or at least until you say so.

Now, the old America was a place where you can agree to disagree with somebody, and if they don’t agree with you, you just move on and keep living your life. No! That’s not the way it works now. If you are in a circumstance which you disagree with a leftist, there’s no going about your business. You will be made to agree. And if you oppose and if you refuse, they’re going to harass you, bug you, try to put your business out of business, whatever it takes. You’re going to be punished for disagreeing.

Feel free to disagree with me, folks, but you’ll see evidence of it all over the place. That’s what actually denotes this new America. There is no bipartisanship and there is no crossing the aisle to work with the other side. There is no cooperation. This is the new wave or new form of totalitarianism. It’s not just among government people. It’s rank and file leftists. Average, ordinary, cellar-dwelling, pajama-clad leftists who are the sewer trolls on Twitter — and in some cases Facebook.

Mike Sweeney said, “We had someone threatening to sue us and threaten to protest our store and making all these demands. To us, it just seemed like strong-arming, trying to get their way versus realizing that we’re all individuals with our own opinions.” No, you’re not. Not for long. You do not have that kind of freedom, not when a committed leftist is involved with whatever your disagreement is about. I wouldn’t be surprised if this bakery ends up on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch List.

“When people asked about something else that has been in the news — gay marriage — Mike [said], ‘We had people calling for those and we told them we would be happy to make a cake celebrating that.” But that’s not going to be enough to save them. The only way that this can possibly be saved is if the Democrats run into their own conflict. Let me give you an example of that. You remember this story from yesterday, the day before?

A municipal court judge in Toledo, who happened to be the head honcho of the Toledo NAALCP, an African American, refused to perform a same-sex wedding this week in court. A couple of lesbians walked in and asked him to marry them. He said, “I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m Christian and my beliefs do not encompass gay marriage, and so I can’t marry you. I’m not interested in conducting the ceremony.” Well, the conflict is, “Okay, here is an NAALCP leader. That’s protected membership of the leftist coalition. African-American. “Okay. So we can’t…”

The Democrats can’t anger them. “What do we do here? We’ve got a black judge refusing to marry some gays. What the hell do we do? It’s a real conflict!” They were saved by Toledo Municipal Judge Michelle Wagner who heard about this and said “she doesn’t want to see a same-sex couple go before a judge who is not interested in conducting the ceremony. She said it is her privilege to perform those weddings.” So a huge Democrat choke point was alleviated by virtue of the fact that Municipal Judge Michelle Wagner came along and said: Don’t worry about that racist judge! He won’t marry you, I will! I’ll be honored to marry you in court.

“Her decision came after her colleague, Municipal Judge C. Allen McConnell, said he didnÂ’t marry a same-sex couple earlier this week because of his religious beliefs. Another judge was brought in to perform the wedding the same day.” Now, we don’t know what’s going to happen to the NAALCP leader and judge. We’re not quite sure what’s going to happen to him. At some point he’s going to have to face the wrath for not having had his mind right on this. But he’s also protected. The NAALCP is a protected group. Thankfully another judge came along and saved.

“The Connecticut Democratic Party is considering to rename its annual fundraiser dinner because its namesake … Thomas Jefferson, owned slaves.” You’ve heard of the Annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner. “Since Dylann RoofÂ’s mass shooting at a traditionally African-American church in South Carolina, states have taken down statues and renamed buildings that commemorate leaders from U.S. history that were linked to the Confederacy. … Connecticut Democratic Party chairman, Nick Balletto, has proposed to strike Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from the title of the partyÂ’s 67-year-old annual fundraiser, the Jefferson Jackson Bailey (JJB) Dinner.

“‘Democrats are the party of inclusion,’ Balletto said in a statement to The Daily Caller. ‘And in my opinion, the time has come to reevaluate the name of the JJB to reflect the diverse makeup and forward-looking vision of our party.'” We can’t have a dinner named after an avowed racist and owner of slaves, Thomas Jefferson. We’re just not going to do it anymore. “Among those in support of BallettoÂ’s proposal, the Connecticut NAACP president, Scot X. Esdaile, who is pressuring Connecticut Democrats to reconsider honoring these figures in history.

“‘Democrats have a deeply rooted history with slavery,’ Esdaile said to The Hartford Courant, ‘They need to do the right thing.'” This guy, somebody’s going to have to have a meeting with this guy. Now, he’s the Connecticut NAALCP president, but you don’t say in public that, quote, “‘Democrats have a deeply rooted history with slavery.” The Confederacy was Democrats, folks. The Confederacy, the slave owners, the plantation owners, they were Democrats, and here comes this Esdaile guy pointing it out? No, no, no, no! Somebody’s going to have to… The old proverbial trip to the woodshed is up and coming.

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