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RUSH: Did I ever call that? Folks, we’re going to get to that. But the only thing newsworthy about the Clinton interview was the way she looked when she lied. That’s it. That’s the whole story.

The Drive-Bys are doing their best to build it up and pump it up. But over there, way over there is Bernie Sanders. And Bernie Sanders has legitimate real infectious support. He’s got all kinds of big crowds, energetic, real energetic crowds, nothing phony, fake baloney about them. They’re just going nuts for Bernie. The biggest fear on Democrat side is if Biden decides to run, and Dick Morris writes a little bit about this in TheHill.com today. If Biden decides to get in he basically freezes Hillary.

Hillary cannot run against Biden without running against Obama. And she can’t run against Obama and pull that off because among the Democrats Obama is loved and adored. Obama hasn’t done anything wrong. So Hillary is saying she can do better? She’d have to pull off what JFK pulled off in 1960. JFK, it was an amazing campaign, by the way, the campaign against Nixon. The country was roaring in ’59, ’60, the country was literally roaring. We had the post-war baby boom. The economy, people were buying houses, all kinds of brand new appliances, people were buying. It was literally booming.

And Eisenhower, it’s one of my all-time favorite lines, when Eisenhower figured out he couldn’t shoot Congress like he could shoot the Nazis he said the heck with it. And he went out and played golf down at Augusta and Palm Springs and the country just roared. You might have some individual Democrats take issue with it. But JFK came along and about the only thing he could do was acknowledge how great things were and say he could do even better. And then talked about the torch passing to the new generation. And that and the dead vote in Chicago and West Virginia pulled it off.

So Hillary would be faced with much the same kind of challenge.


RUSH: What do you mean I haven’t gotten to Hillary’s big interview? Do you realize how insignificant that is to everything else that I’m talking about? Plus everyone is talking about Hillary’s interview. I told you what Hillary’s interview was all about. I’ve still got it here. But I told you when this stuff all began she bores me and this interview yesterday, it was more of the same. It was total ca-ca. I refused to get sucked in, roped in, manipulated by the daily soap opera that is the media narrative of every day. I’m just not going to get roped into it.

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