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RUSH: White House Press Secretary, I mentioned this to you earlier, Josh Earnest, I said yesterday, by the way — and you’ll remember this — that this murder, Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco, before the end of the day they’re going to find a way to blame this on Republicans. They always do. And it was probably happening right when I made the prediction because it happened yesterday.

“When asked by reporters about critics of President ObamaÂ’s immigration enforcement policies, Earnest insisted that it was actually Republicans who are fault for voting against the Gang Of Eight bill last year, pointing out that it contained funding to increase border security.”

Josh Earnest said, “The fact is that the president has done everything within his power to make sure that we are focusing our law enforcement resources on criminals and those who pose a threat to public safety and itÂ’s because of the political efforts of Republicans that we have not been able to make the kind of investment that weÂ’d like to make in securing our border.”

I don’t know how to describe this other than to say it’s dangerously wrong. It’s obscene. The president has done everything in his power to make sure we’re focusing on law enforcement resources? The president is doing everything in his power to stand them down. The president’s doing everything in his power to use them to transport all these illegal miners for the past 12 months into this country and relocate them. The president’s doing no such thing. Securing the border. The Republicans won’t give him the money. When did that stop him? When is the fact that the Congress hasn’t authorized any money stopped him from spending it? We have the actual truth of this, ladies and gentlemen. President Obama addresses the subject for you.

(Playing parody).

RUSH: I left my heart (singing) la, la, la, la. I left my heart in Memphis. I left my machete. A mainstream Arizona newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star, is very, very upset about a small section of the Arizona-Mexico border that has a 14-foot high primary fence because the fence is just too high for illegal immigrants to safely cross. Are you kidding? The newspaper is editorializing against the fence because it makes it too hard for illegals to cross the border.

It is serious. The story is from July the 5th. My immigration Stack has been so high I’ve had to parcel the news out. I’ve had to stagger the reporting of this stuff. The article is titled “Border Fence Jumpers Breaking Bones.” It includes the claim that sections of the border with a 14-foot high fence are as tall as a two or three story house. It tells the stories of several women who broke bones and were treated extensively to healthcare and even surgeries at the expense of US taxpayers.

The article was written by Perla Trevizo of the Arizona Daily Star, and it casually mentions that the foreign women with broken bones had been deported multiple times. The newspaper editorializing against the fence because it’s too high. Illegals, when they jump from the top, they break their bones. (interruption) Well, they want to get rid of the fence.
They don’t want the fence higher. The fence itself is an obstruction. Well, maybe mattresses at the bottom, but they have not editorialized for mattresses at the bottom.

The assertion at the border fence is as tall as a two- or three-story house came from Fernando Valdez, Mexico’s deputy consul general in Nogales, Arizona. He was quoted as saying, “What surprises us is that people continue to jump from heights that can be the equivalent of a two- or even three-story house. But we hear they feel pressured to do it because they are holding the line or (the smugglers) start insulting them, telling them to jump.”

You know, houses south of the border have got to really have low ceilings if 14 feet equals three stories. I mean, three stories would be a minimum 30 feet. But these people still are jumping from 14 feet high, and it’s too much.

By the way, folks, yesterday on this program I pointed out something that I had been noticing. I first noticed it actually when I was in Sacramento. Gosh, I wish I could remember the exact case. But it was a murderer — folks, I kid you not. It was an actual murderer who was brought into court for sentencing, and he did not express remorse for what he had done and the media just had a cow. The media and some spectators just had a cow.

Was that the Polly Klaas case? Maybe it was. That happened after I left Sacramento. Well, then maybe I’m confusing the two. Maybe it’s just one. Maybe it was the Polly Klaas murderer that this guy did not express remorse, and people literally had a cow over this. And I began understand what that meant. If he had expressed remorse, if he would have just asked for forgiveness, if he would have said he really didn’t mean to do it, then we would hate him less and we would be more inclined to sentence him to fewer years. Okay. It was the Polly Klaas case. I warned everybody, be on the lookout for this because this is the latest technique of the left.

What does it matter? You have a mass murderer here. So what if he’s got remorse or not. And what it meant then and what it means now is that if the mass murderer or any kind of severe, as Mitt Romney would say, criminal expresses the slightest bit of remorse then we can forgive. We can forgive, yes, and we can maybe use lighter sentences. Well, I pointed out that this murdering illegal in San Francisco had not expressed remorse. In fact, he had laughed about it and I said this guy is in deep trouble because all he’s got to do is say he’s sorry. Anway, I haven’t seen it. I didn’t click on the link. For some reason, I don’t like watching videos on my phone or computer, unless they’re closed captioned.

But ABC Eyeball News, let me make sure it was ABC Eyeball News. Somebody interviewed this guy, the San Francisco media. I’m sorry, I can’t, at a glance here, find out who did it. But it was somebody in the media in San Francisco interviewing Francisco Sanchez and they coached him. In the interview they kept asking him if he felt sorry for what he had done. “No, I’m not sorry.”

“You’re not?” They kept coaching him. Okay. Okay. So KGO-ABC Eyeball News, they kept coaching him, “ou don’t feel sorry.” “No.” “Really? You don’t have the slightest bit?” They repeatedly urged him to say he’s sorry in English, and after some pauses he finally mutters that he does feel sorry for killing her. And it was clear when you watched this, it starts at about the 17-minute mark in the video. The precise moment is the 18-minute mark, the interpreter asks him — oh, that’s another thing. The interpreter was not honestly interpreting what he said in Spanish back to English. The interpreter, I have always been worried about this. I don’t care if it’s at the UN, I don’t care if it’s some Chicom leader speaking, how do we trust that the translator is telling us the truth of whoever is talking is saying.

What happened in this KGO interview yesterday is the interpreter… The illegal only speaks Spanish, and the interpreter people found out later was making up things that the perpetrator was not saying, because they were hell bent on getting him to say he was sorry. the interpreter asks him ‘te sientes mal’? Do you feel bad? His response of ‘No’ — shaking his head from side-to-side is crystal clear.) At first Sanchez tells the interpreter in Spanish that he feels no regrets about shooting [Kate Steinle]. He repeats that assertion until the interpreter berates him: ‘Are you sure you don’t feel any regrets?'”

Are you sure?

Finally this idiot figures out what’s going on. He figures out he’s being coached and manipulated. “They repeatedly urge him to say he’s sorry in English. And after some long pauses, he mutters that he feels sorry for killing her. The English-speaking reporter [from Eyeball 7 News] then puts words in his mouth,” in the form of a question: “‘You feel sorry for everybody, including Kate Steinle’s family?’ But it’s not clear whether Sanchez has any idea what the English-speaking reporter is saying,” because he doesn’t speak English.

So he just says, si.

“He just agrees, ‘Yeah.'”

So they finally coerce this guy, coach this guy into admitting he feels sorry for what he had done and sorry for everybody! “[T]he interpreter also coaches Sanchez to say he’s sorry to the family of Kate Steinle. Sanchez says he has nothing else to say (in Spanish.) Then the interpreter says, ‘Are you sure you have nothing else to say?’ The interpreter urges him to think about how he would feel if this happened to his family. Finally, after more pauses, he mutters out that he’s sorry ‘to everybody.'”

Make no mistake: That’s what all this remorse business and feeling sorry is all about.

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