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RUSH: We have a couple of sound bites from Trump. Remember I asked you a couple of questions last Thursday. I will remind you in a moment. Trump yesterday was in the Bronx at a charity golf event, speaking with reporters about his campaign.

TRUMP: I think the poll’s a testament. You see what’s happening. Now they say I’m going even higher. So the country is fed up with what’s going on. You know in the old days they used the term “silent majority.” We have the silent majority back, folks.

RUSH: So Trump is saying that his rise in polling data means that there is a silent majority. Now, I have stated on previous occasions, because I know it to have been true when I said it (it was true in 2007; it was true in 2004 and ’06, and I’m pretty sure it was true this time a year ago) that a vast majority of Americans oppose amnesty for all of the illegal immigrants in the country and that the opposition is visceral; it’s angry and it is not haphazard and casual.

It’s very active. It is focused. The polling data has been very consistent. The American people in the upper 50s and low 60s oppose amnesty. And yet, where are they? Trump says that the polling data shows the existence of the silent majority, but where are the people standing up opposing it? We saw one instance of what I’m talking about. You remember Murrieta, California, one year ago?

Here comes immigration and ICE, whatever, with the busloads of illegals, and they were just going to drop them at some community center in Murrieta, California, and the people said, “Screw you!” and wouldn’t let them off the buses. So there’s one example. Where are the others? Where are the other examples of an uprising like that or a public demonstration-type affair where people are saying, “No mas!” Trump says, it’s happening. He also then said this…

TRUMP: You’re talking about illegal immigration and it is a bad subject in this country, and people don’t have the guts to address it. That’s why I just walked over here; everyone’s going crazy. They’re all saying, “Please, please, keep it up, Mr. Trump.” So you’ll see.

RUSH: I’m sure they are. I’m sure a lot of people are saying, “Please keep it up, Mr. Trump,” because there aren’t too many people who think they can keep it up themselves. There aren’t too many people who think they can make a difference. So Trump is the focus of attention. But is it a silent majority? Do you see any evidence of it? One other thing, too. All this talk about Trump destroying the Republican Party? Would somebody give me a break on that? The Republican Party has done that just fine on its own, in a lot of ways, before Trump even came along.


RUSH: So, Donald Trump is hanging in. He is continuing his assault on the concept of illegal immigration. He’s not backing off from what he has said about the elements of the Mexican population that are coming here to immigrate. There’s a bunch of different analyses of what’s going on. One of the most popular analyses is that Trump is actually not helping himself because he has become the subject and topic of debate rather than the issue of illegal immigration.

I heard that analysis on Fox. It was meant as a straight-on objective, just pure analysis of what’s going on here. But let’s look at it. Who is Trump talking about? What is Trump talking about? Trump is talking about, in his words, he’s talking about the subjects. He’s talking about immigration. He’s talking about saving the country, protecting the country, making the people of the country safe, however you want to describe it.

Trump is not talking about himself on this, which is kind of strange. Normally Trump is about Trump. He’s often about self-promotion, most of the time in a very jocular and almost charismatic way. Here comes this analysis on Fox where he’s actually his own worst enemy because he’s become the topic rather than immigration. Who is doing that? Isn’t that one of the favored tactics of the left? The left never discusses issues with Republicans or conservatives.

The way the left deals with this thing is to go destroy the messenger. The left can’t have an honest open debate about any of these issues. They simply can’t. Obama could never have been elected if he were honest about his intentions. Do you think if Obama was honest about what he wanted immigration to be and that he was going to grant amnesty to however millions of illegals are in the country, do you think he would have been elected? Do you think Obama, say 2008, and Obama is running for office and as part of his campaign he tells you that the new normal — I’ve got it in the Stack today — that the new normal is this economy.

If he ran for office in 2008 and told voters, “Folks, our best days are behind us. We face challenges like we never faced before and the best we’re going to be able to do is 92 million Americans not working. The best we’re going to be able to do is falling wages.” Do you think he would have been elected? He did just the opposite of that, did he not? He did whatever candidate does, he went out and talked about how he’s going to be better than anybody ever has in all this. And he’s going to be the one that’s going to fix all this.

Well, now that he’s done what he always intended to do, open the borders, transform the country, change the face of the country, flood the zone, expand the welfare state, do you think he wants to have an open debate about that? There’s no way. So here comes Trump, pointing out just one aspect of the Obama agenda that is really harming the country, and rather than debate that, they’re trying to debate Trump. Everybody is talking about Trump, what kind of reprobate he is, what kind of mean spirited guy he is, what does Trump think he’s doing and why is Trump saying these things.

And then you have all these associates of Trump from the PGA, to the USGA to Macy’s, to you name it dropping out. NBC Universal saying we’re not going to be in business with Trump anymore as long as he’s doing it. Is it Trump making it about Trump or is it everybody else making it about Trump? You get the impression that nobody really wants to talk about the issue in either party? Because what’s the issue? The issue is should we have this kind of immigration plan? Do our immigration laws not matter? That’s the issue.

Are we going to continue to let an endless flow of people into this country, and then after so many years make them citizens? Is that the new immigration policy? Nobody wants to debate that. When the illegals come in and commit these atrocious crimes, that’s the Republican’s fault, or it’s a one-off, it doesn’t mean anything. Yet South Carolina is not a one-off, that’s typical. Trayvon Martin is not a one-off, that’s typical. Ferguson, Missouri that’s not a one-off, that’s typical.

But a woman getting murdered in San Francisco, that’s a one-off. Nothing to see here. Six-time deportee killing people, wounding people in a hit-and-run in Texas, that’s a one-off, that doesn’t count. Another illegal bashing somebody with a hammer, that’s a one-off, nothing to see here. Nobody wants to talk about the issue. Like Eric Holder comes out and says we’re a bunch of cowards, we don’t want to talk about race. A lot of people are trying to talk about race. Look at what happens to them.

It’s not Trump making this about Trump, is my point. Maybe for the first time in his public life. Trump is trying to stay focused on the issue. Whatever you think about what he’s saying, he’s trying to stay focused on the issue. Over here you’ve got people saying he’s killing his own plan because he’s becoming the topic. Who is making him the topic? That’s what the left always does, and oftentimes they’re joined by the Republicans.

We have the Republicans saying that Trump is destroying the brand and destroying the Republican Party. The Republican Party got started on that long before Trump entered any presidential campaign. The Republican Party — we talked about this yesterday. We had a caller yesterday — the Republican Party has had its conservative base in its crosshairs for how many elections now? The Republican Party, what did they think of the Tea Party? They don’t want any part of the Tea Party.

The Republican Party doesn’t want any part of conservatism or conservatives. They try to say that conservative issues are ruining the party. The Republican Party believes this notion that to get elected to anything they have to be like Democrats so they have to support amnesty. Their opposition to Obamacare has apparently been verbal. My only point here is that Trump isn’t doing anything that the Republican Party hasn’t already done to itself. That Trump is destroying the brand is kind of comical to me.

The Republican establishment has made it clear that it’s almost as bothered by its own base, the conservative base, as the Democrats are bothered by it. Before we get to Marco Rubio, I’ll give you an example. Here is Dr. Krauthammer, this is last night, Special Report, Bret Baier, Fox News Channel, talking about Trump’s campaign. Bret Baier says to Dr. Krauthammer, “He’s tapping into something out there, Charles. Is he not? He’s tapping into something that’s visceral and populist and angry at politicians, Republicans included.”

KRAUTHAMMER: The offensive is too weak. It’s an insult to the entire immigrant group and he did not make a distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. These are eruptions, barstool eruptions. And the pity is this: This is the strongest field of Republican candidates in 35 years. You could pick a dozen of them at random and have the strongest cabinet America’s had in our lifetime and instead all our time has been discussing this rodeo clown.

RUSH: That’s exactly my point. Now, Krauthammer, his view is shared by a lot of Republicans. In fact, some Republicans think this is all a giant conspiracy, that Trump has purposely been convinced to do this to destroy the Republican Party. While it’s got the best field of candidates it’s ever had, while the Democrat Party is at its weakest, throw Trump in there to totally gum up the works. A lot of Republicans believe that’s all Trump is doing.

They look at his donations to Democrats and they think, “You know what? This guy is a Republican in wolves clothing. We don’t believe it. He’s out there trying to destroy us. He’s out there with this crazy stuff he’s saying about Mexicans. That’s going to kill the Republican Party.” But once again, even Dr. Krauthammer illustrates it’s Trump they are talking about and not his policies, beliefs or philosophy on immigration.

It would seem to me that if you believe that Trump is “a rodeo clown,” and he’s just launching like any loudmouth on a barstool would, well, then tell him how he’s wrong on the issue, and tell all the rest of us how he’s wrong on the issue. If Trump’s a rodeo clown, if he’s doing all this stuff, why? Is it because of what he’s saying about Mexicans or is it because of his immigration policies are crazy? Tell us.

I would think if you really wanted to get rid of Trump, either Republican or Democrat… But if you really wanted to get rid of Trump and you really want to limit whatever damage you think Trump is doing, then by all means tell anybody who will listen where he’s wrong. I don’t mean about calling Mexicans murderers and rapists. I’m mean his immigration policy. He wants to shut the border down. He wants to deport them. He doesn’t want all of this influx continuing.

Tell everybody where he’s wrong.

The best way to discredit somebody is to do that, is it not?

Why is nobody doing that? Or maybe some are and I haven’t seen it. I’m not watching a lot of TV here. There may be all kinds of people who are trying to, but they’re not making the news. Let’s go to Senator Rubio. He was on Fox with Cavuto, I guess the Fox Business Network. Just today… We’ve got two bites here from Rubio. Neil Cavuto said, “Are you troubled when Trump keeps saying this stuff about you? What do you feel about this? Is this being fair to you?”

RUBIO: The problem is border security is a very legitimate issue. Illegal immigration is a very serious issue. What’s happened now is that he’s made some other comments that are less responsible, and those comments are now what everyone is focused on. The bottom line is… So we’re let off the hook. All of these people that don’t want to have a debate about illegal immigration, they want to focus on Trump’s comments about, ehhh, Mexicans.

RUSH: Bingo. Bingo. That’s exactly it! I just got the transcript of these Rubio bites during the break at the top of the hour. Bingo! Border security is a legitimate issue, but now everybody’s focusing on what Trump said about Mexicans. So Marco Rubio is saying that Trump has been a distraction. Look… (sigh) I don’t have a dog in this fight yet. I don’t have a side here. If somebody is a distraction, how do you…? (interruption) Mmm-hmm. (interruption) Right. (interruption) Well… (sigh)

That’s true. In one sense, if there had just been one other Republican speaking of immigration policy in the way Trump is speaking of it, then they wouldn’t need Trump. The fact that he’s a lone voice on this — and I’m not talking about what he says about Mexicans. I’m talking about his immigration policy. You can’t ignore the policy aspects of what he’s saying. You have to combine the two. He thinks Mexico is not sending their best people here.

He says they’re purposely not sending their best people here.

He doesn’t say it, but hell, if we could get rid of our criminal class, wouldn’t we do it? The point is, why is Trump the only guy saying this when the majority of the American people agree with him on the policy side of this? So there you have it. “He’s become a distraction. Nobody is talking about the issue.” It seems to me to be real simple to speak about the issue: Tell everybody how Trump is wrong! What am I missing, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) Okay, here’s Marco Rubio, again. The next question from Neil Cavuto: “Do you think that Donald Trump is hurting your party, Senator?”

RUBIO: The comments he’s made has allowed people that don’t want to have a debate or talk about illegal immigration to distract from the very serious debate on hand, and that is this: We have a broken illegal immigration system and we have an illegal immigration problem that isn’t composed, by the way, of the porous border of Mexico. Forty percent of illegal immigrants in this country are coming legally. We should be focused on that and we should not through outrageous comments let off the hook those people that don’t want to have that debate. All they focus on is what Trump said, and distract from the real issue, which is the fact that we have legal immigration laws that are not being enforced.

RUSH: Well, now… (sigh) Then why get mad at Trump? By the way, did I hear this right? Forty percent of illegal immigrants in this country are coming legally? Okay, I missed it. All right. “We should be focused on that.” He’s singing my song. He said, “We need to be focused on the issue but nobody is talking about the issue because of Trump.” Well, why is Trump taking all the oxygen out of the air on this? Why is that being permitted?


RUSH: And, by the way, I saw a story on Breitbart. What Trump is saying about illegal immigrants and Mexicans is not new, and NBC didn’t care in years past. “In his 2011 bestselling book, Time to Get Tough, Trump held both Republicans and Democrats responsible for the nationÂ’s failed immigration policies and cited Government Accountability Office (GAO) data revealing the economic costs the nationÂ’s [Are you ready for this?] 351,000 criminal aliens imposed on US taxpayers at the time.”

“‘Both sides need to grow up and put America’s interests first — and that means doing whatÂ’s right for our economy, our national security, and our public safety,’ wrote Trump. ‘According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) 2011 report, AmericaÂ’s prisons house 351,000 criminal aliens who committed a crime after having already broken the law by entering America illegally.’ Trump added, ‘Making taxpayers pay for 351,000 criminals who should never have been here in the first place is ridiculous.'”

He did book signings.

He did speeches based on the contents of the book.

But he wasn’t running for office, and so it didn’t matter to anybody.

But now he’s getting dangerously close to upsetting the establishment’s ruling class hierarchy. “Trump noted that even the government’s own figures estimated the incarceration costs of these illegal criminals is $1.1 billion. Perhaps even more staggering than the economic costs are the human costs, wrote Trump. He cited the GAO’s figures which reveal that criminal illegal aliens commit acts that result in an average of seven arrests,” per immigrant, is the point. “Trump also pointed out the New York Times’ 2009 reporting on the fact that one out of every three federal prison inmates is Latino.”

He didn’t just make this stuff up that he’s saying now.

He read it in the New York Times and in GAO official reports.


RUSH: Here’s Larry in Hubbard, Oregon, great to have you on the program, hello sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, an honor and a pleasure. I love talking to you and I love listening to you. Your show keeps me going. I hear the opening bars on a bad morning and it reminds me, it’s like the sun coming up for me, so I just wanted to say that.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I appreciate that. Especially during times like —

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: No, no, I really do. I appreciate it and understand it. Thank you.

CALLER: So the silent majority thing that you were talking about a little bit ago that Donald Trump brought up, I want to suggest to you that there’s more to it than I think a lot of people are thinking. And my evidence is anecdotal. You talk about the low-information crowd. Well, there’s a low-information crowd on the conservative side, too. What I’m talking about is blue-collar, didn’t go to college, maybe not even graduated high school. These are guys that do construction. These are guys that are farm workers. Buddies of mine. I love the guys but they have not been involved in politics at all. They haven’t had reason to. They don’t understand it.

I love Rand Paul talking about taxes. I love Ted Cruz talking about the mistakes that the Supreme Court made. But these guys, the conversation goes over their head. They’re unengaged. They’re probably not even registered to vote. But these guys, when we’re talking, when I’m talking with them they’re excited about Donald Trump. They know who Donald Trump is. They appreciate the language that he’s using because the language that he uses resonates with them. It’s similar to the type of language they use. They’re unable to formulate an intellectual conversation that the establishment wants everybody to carry on and considers themselves there.

No. These guys, they like their Bud Light. They like their Copenhagen. They smoke their cigarettes. But they’re disenfranchised. Donald offers them a way to get excited about the political process. And I think he, for him, if he’s successful, is getting these guys, getting these people… It’s not just guys. It’s not just males. It’s their wives; it’s they’re girlfriends. It’s getting these folks registered and to the polls. If he makes it through the primary process, I really got to believe that he’s a lock.

One more bit of anecdotal evidence for you to think about. Some years ago, I heard only a quarter of Americans wind up going to college or something like that. So you’re talking about fully 75% of Americans have not been indoctrinated in the liberal education policies and all that stuff going on. Where are these folks? These folks were not engaged with Romney, they weren’t engaged with McCain, because they just felt like they couldn’t understand the conversation. It’s not their fault, but nobody has reached out to them. I use the term “low-information voter,” not a pejorative but really as a description of these folks.

RUSH: I’ll tell you, I give these people… I don’t mean to be disagreeing with you here, but I would characterize them a little differently than you. I think they’re completely aware. I think they think all of politics in Washington is bogus and rigged. Even the day-to-day news and discussion, I think they think is rigged. So they tune it out.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: They go about living their lives because that’s the immediate pressure. The daily challenge is living their lives, earning a living, supporting their families. And all this political stuff is a sideshow. The only thing that ever comes out of it harms them. High taxes, great limitations that limit their ability to work what have you. They resent it; so they don’t pay much attention to it. But they instinctively distrust it. That’s why when somebody comes along and talks their language like you’re saying, it resonates.

But I don’t know how many.

The number of them out there that is the big question. You want to lump them in with the low-information voters that vote Democrat; I understand that. So what you’re basically saying is that there’s a potentially much larger silent majority that somebody could tap into than anybody is thinking. Okay. Maybe. But if what you’re saying is true, we won’t know until Election Day. My only point is this: You’re talking about people — and I understand the guys you’re talking about, men and women you’re talking about.

You’re basically saying they’re fed up and they, on a daily basis, have tuned out of the system. They’re working. They’re doing everything they can to make ends meet and all the other things. But my question: Where are the people that are ticked off by all this (that want to do something about stopping it) before Election Day? I know. “People on our side work. They don’t come from a formative experience that includes the public protest marches and civil disobedience and so forth.”

But you look at some of the things that are happening…

Let me repeat again, folks: Do you know what’s happening in Oregon and Wisconsin? In Oregon, two people that refused to bake a cake have been fined an amount of money that will close their business. They have had a gag order slapped on them by local prosecutors, state attorneys, forbidding them to discuss it. They’ve had two elements of the First Amendment denied them. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. They have run the risk of further fines by at least informing us of this circumstance.

In Wisconsin, these John Doe investigations are doing the same thing, and the targets are conservatives. State governments are targeting private citizens and ruining them! When people find out about it, what do they do? “Oh, wow. That’s horrible,” and then it’s over. My only question is, at what point…? What’s it going to take, if anything ever…? I’m just ruminating. What’s it going to take for people to do more than say, “Oh that’s horrible,” and then move on to something else?

Aside from GoFundMe campaigns to help these people (which are significant, don’t misunderstand), where is the outrage of people doing this? Where is the outrage of people who are publicly, openly, proudly, laughingly denying people their constitutional rights? You remember the old adage about Nazi Germany. One guy sitting around talking, “They went for the Jews, and I didn’t say anything. They went for the women, and I didn’t say anything. They went for the diamond men, and I didn’t say anything.

“They went for the construction workers, and I didn’t say anything. And when they came and got me, there was nobody left to say anything.” Now, I’m not suggesting anything like that. I’m reminding you all of this stuff happens and as long as it doesn’t affect you, “I’m not going to get involved, Mabel. It’s too risky! I don’t want to become a target. I don’t want them saying things about me like they’re saying about Trump. (sobbing) I don’t want to get that kind of treatment. I don’t want anybody to even know who I am.”

So the fear of the state — the state. Not Nebraska, Arkansas. The state. Fear of the monarchy, if you will.

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