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RUSH: The situation in San Francisco. In an interview on ABC Eyeball News 7, “the man accused of shooting and killing a young woman at San Francisco’s Pier 14 admitted to the crime and talked about where he got the gun.” His name is Francisco Sanchez. The Eyeball News reporter asked, “‘Did you shoot Kate Steinle, the lady who was down at Pier 14.’ Sanchez: ‘Yes.’ [Reporter]: ‘You did shoot her?’ Sanchez: ‘Mmm hmm,’ he said with a nod.”

That means the guy is going to get off scot-free.

Do you know in our modern culture, confession is the equivalent of a get-out-of-jail free card? If you confess to doing it, it means that you have gotten your mind right with it. It means that you are remorseful. And if you are feeling remorse that means you regret doing it. That means you wish you hadn’t done it, and that means you’re okay. Do you remember, folks, all of these years when there were crimes that the left tried to categorize as hate crimes? Do you recall how much more frequently, as time went on, you began to hear — as part of every news report about said crimes — that perpetrator such and such “felt no remorse.”

At trials — hate crime trials, particularly. Hate crimes, those are worse than real crimes. Hate crimes are really, really bad crimes, because there’s hate in there. If the perp expresses no remorse, they hate the perp more for that than for the crime he committed. If you don’t remember that, don’t doubt me. This is part of our social evolution that I have noticed. It’s been going on for years, 20-25 years. The first time I heard it, I perked up and asked, “What’s that matter, if you’re remorseful or not?”

I’ll tell you why it matters, because now — in 2015 — if you feel remorse over what you did then you can get forgiveness. You can, in some places, be exonerated, simply because you feel bad about what you did. But if you had no remorse, if you didn’t feel bad for it, if you admitted you didn’t have any remorse? Well, man, that was going to get you more time than the actual crime you committed. Because to people on the left, it’s all about feelings. It’s all about intentions.

The nature of the evidence is secondary to your feelings, and to the seriousness of the charge. So when perps would acknowledge that they felt remorse, there were sighs of relief and even support. This guy, now, I don’t know if he’s expressed remorse yet but he admitted to doing it. And that’s the next step towards admitting remorse. Francisco Sanchez told ABC Eyeball News 7 “that the shooting was an accident. He says he was wandering on Pier 14 after taking sleeping pills he found in a dumpster.”

This guy must be aware enough to try the patented Kennedy defense. He probably just didn’t remember Ambien, but he remembers the Kennedy defense. I mean, this guy is a student of the American criminal justice system. The guy is an illegal immigrant. He’s been deported a bunch of times. Keeps coming back. He’s exactly the kind of guy Donald Trump was talking about. Exactly. So here the reporter, Cornell Barnard, asks, “‘Where did you get the gun?’ Sanchez: ‘In the ground. When the… when the… over there in the bench, um, um, I put my leg and I see the one T-shirt and then see over there something like that.’

“He claims a gun was wrapped in that T-shirt and that it went off when he picked it up. ‘Then suddenly I heard that boom boom, three times,’ Sanchez said. He claims he kicked the gun into the San Francisco Bay, lit up a cigarette, and walked off, not knowing he shot someone until he was arrested by police hours later. Sanchez reportedly first told police he was shooting at sea lions.” Now, shooting at sea lions now it’s going to cancel out the good vibes you had with admitting to it, buddy. What a “gift of love” this man is.

Well, that’s what we were told, that these illegal immigrants are gifts of love. “He appeared frail and nervous when he talked about returning to the US after being deported back to his native Mexico five times. Barnard: ‘Why did you keep coming back to the US, why did you come back to San Francisco?’ Sanchez: ‘Because I was looking for jobs in the restaurant or roofing, landscaping, or construction.'” Really? (laughing) All those jobs that Americans won’t do anymore. Did the fact that it was a sanctuary city have anything to do with this?

Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is last night. You can hear some of this on ABC 7 Eyeball News in San Francisco. This is the interview of Francisco Sanchez and we start with this…

BARNARD: Did you shoot Kate Steinle, the lady who was down at Pier 14?

SANCHEZ: Jes, I’m sorry for that, everybody.

BARNARD: Including Kate Steinle’s family?

SANCHEZ: Mmm-hmm. Yeah.

RUSH: “I’m sorry for that, everybody.” “Including her family?” “Mmm-hmm. Yeah.” See? Remorse! The guy is on the road to redemption here, folks. In the United States of America, 2015, remorse is the key that unlocks your guilt. Now, this guy may have a tougher time of it because of all of the crimes and all the violations. But still, he shows up in sanctuary city and San Francisco is still determined to protect him. “Sanchez said he knew San Francisco was a sanctuary city where he would not be pursued by immigration officials.”

Now, what a reprobate this guy is.

He shoots at sea lions and smokes cigarettes, and still they don’t hate him, because he’s an illegal immigrant. This guy is a great opportunity to show what a bunch of creeps Republicans are. Do not laugh, and I am not trying to say anything outrageous to get your reaction. That’s exactly the purpose this guy serves. You’ve probably heard the left is going out of its way to defend this guy. The left is going out of its way to warn, “We should not be hasty in our judgment of Francisco Sanchez.”

This guy could be a tremendous vehicle for once again shifting the blame to Republicans. So the conversation between the reporter and perp continued.

BARNARD: Why did you keep coming back to the US? Why did you come back to San Francisco?

SANCHEZ: Because I was looking for jobs in the restaurant or roofing, landscaping, or construction.

RUSH: How convenient. “I was looking for jobs in the roofing, landscaping or construction.” (chuckles) Right. This guy has been gaming the system. He knows exactly how to do it. He knows exactly where to go to be able to break United States law, and let’s not forget the first law in all the laws he’s broken is being here! He’s an illegal immigrant. But people who point that out are the bad guys. This guy is a victim. Somehow, somewhere, of something, this guy to the left is a victim. Most perps are victims.

Victims of white supremacy, victims of white privilege, victims of socioeconomic circumstances, whatever. But he’s a victim. And as a victim, there are reasons why he did what he did and we must endeavor to understand him. And this is not knew. This has been a leftist trend for 25 or 30 years, maybe longer. Mrs. Clinton supports sanctuary cities. Let’s go back to September 26, 2007 in Hanover, New Hampshire, at Dartmouth College, presidential debate, Democrat. Moderator Tim Russert asks Hillary if she would allow sanctuary cities to exist.

HILLARY: If local law enforcement begins to act like immigration-enforcement officers, what that means is that you will have people not reporting crimes. You will have people hiding from the police. And I think that is a real direct threat to the personal safety and security of all the citizens.

RUSSERT: But you would allow sanctuary cities to disobey the law?

HILLARY: Well, I don’t think there is any choice!

RUSH: She would. This is the point. This is 2007. Look at what she said. If local law enforcement begins to act like immigration enforcement officers, what that means is that you’ll have people not reporting crimes. You’ll have people hiding from the police. No, what you’ll have is wanton law-breaking on the part of people living in San Francisco who do so specifically to get away with it. This whole concept, why don’t we set up our own sanctuary cities, what do you think the left would do if we set up sanctuary cities where immigration law was enforced.

Roe v. Wade was ignored. Take your pick of anything you think is destroying in America and we stop it in a sanctuary city. What do you think the left would do. Think Ms. Clinton would come out with a quote like this supporting it? She would want to put everybody in that city responsible for creating a sanctuary city in jail. This is absurd. If local law enforcement begins to act like immigration enforcement officers, why would that be necessary? It would only be necessary if immigration enforcement officers are not allowed to do their jobs in San Francisco because it’s a sanctuary city. This is upside down.


RUSH: Donald Trump made a statement that makes a lot of sense. He doesn’t understand why he is under such vicious assault from everybody when all he’s trying to do is keep the country safe.

And of course the left is out there, and even some Republicans are out there saying, “Hey, this one incident, it doesn’t mean anything about what Trump is saying. Don’t focus on this and say that Trump has a point. Trump is mean spirited, he’s extreme, he’s vicious, he’s outrageous, and this one incident of an illegal being deported five times and showing back up and committing murder and living in a sanctuary city, it has nothing to do with what Trump is talking about.” Yet it has everything to do with what he’s talking about. And yet he’s under assault and under attack for what he claims is just trying to keep the country safe.

“Donald Trump said Friday he would prevent violent conduct from illegal immigrants if elected president next year. Trump said in a statement he deplores acts like WednesdayÂ’s fatal shooting of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. ‘This senseless and utterly deplorable act of violence committed by an illegal immigrant is yet another example of why we must secure our border immediately,’ he said. ‘This is an absolutely disgraceful situation and I am the only one that can fix it,’ Trump said. ‘Nobody else has the guts to even talk about it.'”

So here’s the forehead, Paul Begala, who thinks that Republicans and Democrats should join and stop Trump from using this murder in San Francisco. This is today on CNN, Alisyn Camerota speaking with Begala. She said, “Does this terrible tragedy in San Francisco give Trump some credibility to say, ‘Exhibit A, this is exactly what I was talking about’?”

BEGALA: Well, I’m sure he will seize it even if it doesn’t give it to him. Mr. Trump is not shy about sharing his views. First off, good manners and any human decency requires that we, that I offer my sympathies to Steinle family. It’s a horrendous murder. Republicans and Democrats ought to join and not allow Mr. Trump to get away with using this murder in San Francisco to smear an entire ethnicity. Nobody used the South Carolina shooting to smear white people.

RUSH: They didn’t? They didn’t? They still are. They’re using not just the South Carolina incident they’re using the Confederate flag. They’re trying to smear an entire region, Paul. You know it as well as I do. You’re probably the architect of some of the strategy. The whole thing in South Carolina is designed — I’ll tell you, it got shut down. I will admit something to you, folks. There was a full-fledged effort on that was going to tar and feather not just Charleston, but the entire state of South Carolina and all of the states that comprised the old Confederacy. The left was ready to roll. They were going to do everything they could to take that incident and use it to smear the Republican Party, the southern states last geographic strong hold of the Republican Party and anything else that got in their way.

And you know what shut it down? And maybe not shut it down, but you know what impeded it? No, not the gay marriage decision. What impeded it was the surviving family members forgiving Dylan Roof in court. They had a chance. Dylan Roof, when he was arraigned, family victims of the nine slayed people in the church forgave him. They invoked their deeply held Christian religious beliefs. They essentially said vengeance is the Lord’s and they forgave him.

And once that happened, that took the wind out of the sails and it took the energy out, because to go further now, to try to take and use it, I mean for Begala to talk about this shouldn’t be used as an example. How about every time there’s a shooting in a school the Democrat Party rushes to blame the entire Tea Party. I mean it’s incredible the double standard that exists here. The problem is the Republicans go along with it.

The gay marriage decision coming out somewhat quickly took some of the steam out of the movement. But if it hadn’t been for those people, the families of the nine people slain by Dylan Roof forgiving him, I’m telling you it’s hard to move forward when you don’t have the anger and vitriol of the victims propelling you. I thought it was remarkable, frankly.

I thought it was one of the greatest public illustrations of Christianity in real world daily life that I’ve ever seen in the modern era. It took all the energy out of whatever the left had planned. They’re still trying to use it. The Confederate flag is still in the news today and how horrible and vicious and whatever. And the college professors are still doing everything they can to move forward. But in Charleston, the scene of the crime, so to speak, got shut down.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, an article from Breitbart on July 3rd: “Exclusive: Four-Time Deported Illegal Immigrant Murdered Wife with Hammer in Texas.” This thing in San Francisco is not a one-off. Everybody now is trying to say, “Hey, let’s not join Trump in this! Hey, hey, hey! It would be unfortunate to tar and feather an entire ethnicity over this,” when that’s exactly what the left does! Sandy Hook school shooting? Columbine? Aurora, Colorado? Gabby Giffords? Every damn one of them!

Every one of these mass shootings or deaths or even natural disasters are somehow blamed on Republicans and Republican policies, and now it’s even got more specific. Now the “white race” is being specifically blamed for all of these societal ills, and the “white race” is being used as the justification for all the crime being committed by minorities and victims and what have you. Now from the Breitbart article: “Breitbart Texas has exclusively confirmed that a man who confessed to murdering his wife with a hammer in Laredo, Texas is a four-time deported illegal immigrant who would not have been in the US had he not been able to illegally cross back into the country multiple times from Mexico after his deportations.

“In addition, the Laredo Police Department continuously encountered the man in violent episodes with his wife…” But they wouldn’t do anything about it, let alone turn him over to ICE because they “didn’t want to lose the trust of the local Hispanic community” which is mostly illegals. Now stop and think of that! The local police did not want to turn the perp over because they didn’t want to lose the trust of the local Hispanic community. I don’t think the word trust… That might be what they say, but trust is not what they’re worried about here.

They didn’t want a mob uprising.

It’s no different than what’s happening with speech. You can’t say the truthful thing in many cases because it will create mob hysteria, and so you shut up or you utter some politically correct nonsense to placate the would-be mob. I mean, this is classic bullying, but when the cops admit to being bullied or when the cops admit they’re culpable to being bullied, good grief! And you’ve got Mrs. Clinton in 2007 saying (summarized), “Well, this is really bad in San Francisco if the local law enforcement begins doing the job of ICE, immigration officers.”

The only reason they would have to is if ICE isn’t doing its job. I’ll tell you, things are so out of whack it’s difficult to understand. People who engage in criminal behavior, either to a little bit or a large extent, are somehow protected and shielded because we don’t want to offend them. Remember the days when we used to make jokes? The left would always say, “It’s risky to call the Soviets communists. It’s risky because it might make them really mad. It’s risky to tell the truth about them. It might make them really mad, and they might leave the START talks or they might nuke somebody or what have you.”

Look at what that’s become now. “We’d better not anger that mob there of illegals, otherwise we won’t be able to control them. So we’ll let some guy who beats his wife up continue to do so because we don’t want to lose the trust of the Hispanic community in this town,” and then right on cue here comes Paul Begala. Grab sound bite 7 again. This is from just this morning on CNN, and he’s asked, “Does this incident in San Francisco not kind of give Trump some credibility on this?”

BEGALA: I’m sure he will seize it even if it doesn’t give it to him. Mr. Trump is not shy about sharing his views. Eh… eh… First off, good manners and any decency requires that — that we — that I — offer my sympathies to Steinle family. It’s a horrendous murder. Republicans and Democrats ought to join and not allow Mr. Trump to get away with using this murder in San Francisco to smear an entire ethnicity. Y’know, nobody used the South Carolina shooting to smear white people.

RUSH: Ohhh, man. That’s so not true. They tried. They had every plan in the world. They still are trashing the entire southern culture because they’re going after the Confederate flag and they’re telling us the Confederate flag stands for all these horrible rotten things. And they’re smearing tar and feathers, impugning an entire region of the country. And it’s not new. The left has been tarring and feathering, impugning and criticizing the South for who knows how long. Racist, hayseed, pro-life hicks! Pickup trucks with gun racks in the back.

You know the drill. Of course, Democrats never ever do this. No, not after Sandy Hook they didn’t do it. Not after Columbine. Not after Aurora, the movie theater shooting. Not after Gabby Giffords. No, no, no! The good Democrats, they never looked to anything other than the true perpetrator. What a crock! At every major crime that gains national attention, the Democrat Party and the American left do everything they can to blame it on Republicans, conservatives and white people en masse.

So Begala is essentially saying here, “We should not allow this to smear an entire ethnicity. We should not do what we do. The Republicans ought not get away with doing what we do every time one of these events happens. Republicans and Democrats ought to join together to make sure that what we do doesn’t happen in this case, because one of the guys we believe in is to blame.” I mean, they are the champions of illegal immigrants, are they not?

Who is it that has the justification of explaining this? Who is it that should have to speak up to this guy? Who is it that should have to explain themselves that this guy is in the country? Why should Trump have to explain himself on this? Why should any Republican have to explain himself? Why is it not that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and whoever else? They’re the ones. The city of San Francisco, why did they not have to justify their policies?

Why do they not have to apologize? Why did they not have to explain their thinking and their behavior in permitting this kind of thing happening? It’s all out of whack. It’s all 180 degrees out of phase. Here’s Trump. This is from Saturday morning, Fox and Friends. Clayton Morris said, “What do you say to the critics that say, ‘Trump is running for president just to embolden his own brand’?”

TRUMP: People who say I’m doing it for my brand? This isn’t good for my brand. I think it’s bad for my brand. I lose customers and lose people and give up hundreds of millions of dollars of deals when I do this, and you hear about a NASCAR and you hear about an NBC and you hear about different people that dropped Trump because Trump wants safety in the United States. I mean, if you think of it, what am I doing? I say, “Let’s make our country safe,” and people are offended. It’s incredible.

RUSH: Weeeeell, the way people are mischaracterizing what Trump is saying, they’re not granting him the contention that he’s trying to make the country safe. They’re trying to peg him as a racist bigot, who has an animus towards Mexican and Latin people. They’re not going to grant him this notion that he’s trying to keep the country safe. They’re going to brand him a bigot because that’s how they think they can get rid of him. You look at what’s happening to Trump. NBC waves goodbye, Macy’s waves goodbye, and I imagine some others.

And he’s hanging in there. If I’m not mistaken, what Trump is doing — the way that he’s hanging in, the way he’s not being bullied out of this — why, this is what I keep hearing when I travel around. People tell me, “What the Republican Party needs is…” and they start telling me what characteristics they want. “We need somebody who is not going to cut and run! We need somebody who is going to stand up for us! We need somebody who is going to tell the truth!” Well, here you go. Trump is not being forced out.

Everybody that’s in business with Trump or a lot of people are trying to pull out, embarrass him and humiliate him and harm him financially — and he’s still not backing down. And he’s not making the obligatory trip to the microphones with his tail between his legs and apologizing and saying, “Please forgive me! That really wasn’t who I am! I didn’t know what I was thinking. I love Mexicans.” He’s not doing that. That’s what they want him to do.

So here’s a guy antithetical to your average, ordinary Republican of the day.


RUSH: I don’t care. Take Trump out of the conversation for all I care. It doesn’t change anything. Take Trump out of the conversation. What’s happening is the media and the left are still doing everything they can to pretzel themselves into some sort of position where we have to understand the perp in San Francisco, and we have to understand that somehow law enforcement is responsible, and that San Francisco as a sanctuary city, is a city of love and tolerance, and everything would be fine if law enforcement would just stop trying to pursue the guy.

I mean, this is what they’re telling us! I’m telling you, folks, it’s a bastardization of common sense. It is a bastardization of law and order. It is a bastardization of actual civilization that is taking place here. The reason you can’t leave Trump out of this is because Trump is running as a Republican, which means all of this is going to have to be blamed on him or the Republican Party, because that is how you advance the Democrat Party agenda. So you strip all of these distractions away, and what do you have?

You have a wandering shred of human debris named Sanchez who wantonly murdered a woman in San Francisco. He has been deported five times. He keeps coming back. Five times. He’s been deported five times. He keeps coming back. He goes to San Francisco because he knows that it’s a sanctuary city, which means he knows that they are going to ignore federal law that they don’t like when it comes to immigration. He knows he’s going to be free to do whatever he wants to do.

When asked why he keeps coming back, he miraculously cites the industries that we are told Americans would no longer do work in: Landscaping, butlering, car washing. Whatever the hell industries he cites, they all happen to be businesses that we are told immigration’s necessary because Americans won’t do that work anymore. The bottom line is the left is pretzeling itself — and the media, the Democrats and everybody — is going to whatever lengths necessary to avoid, admitting what’s really responsible for this.

A, San Francisco is a sanctuary city; B, ignoring federal law, which is the real root of all of this. The guy is illegal! But we can’t say that, because, “That is dehumanizing,” we’re told, “and that does not respect his dignity and humanity.” Well, he has violated the law five times minimum that we know of to be here. (interruption) Seven felonies, five times deported, and the last felony a murder that he admits to, but says it was an accident. He was just trying to get some sleeping pills from a dumpster. It’s the old Kennedy defense.

I guess he forgot the word “Ambien.”

But the point of all this is that since Trump’s involved, Trump becomes the bad guy in this, not the perp! The bad guys in this are Trump and anybody who defends him and people who speak out against sanctuary cities. People who speak up for immigration law become the bad guys. Now any comments on this guy (from Jeb Bush, you name it) are considered to be inopportune and impolitic and ill-advised and unnecessary, meaning we’re not supposed to say what we see. We’re not supposed to talk about what we know.

We’re supposed to ignore this episode lest it be considered typical. We’re not permitted to make the connection between this guy and Democrats’ and Republicans’ desire for open borders. We’re not permitted to make that connection. We’re not permitted to say that if we were enforcing immigration law, this guy would not have killed a woman! He would not have been here. He would have been deported once and that would have been it. He was deported five times, which means five times minimum he got into this country illegally.

We’re not allowed to point that out.

Paul Begala says it would be outrageous to try to impugn and tar and feather an entire ethnicity just because of the actions of this one guy, when that’s exactly what they’re trying to do in South Carolina with the flag. That’s what they tried to do every time a shooting happens. They blame the Tea Party. They want to blame it on the Tea Party, blame it on Sarah Palin or talk radio, you name it. And I’m telling you, it is ripping us apart. In Laredo, Texas, another illegal immigrant — four-time deportee — beats his wife to death with a hammer.

Local cops said, “We had to be very careful because we did not want to lose our credibility with the local population, which is largely Hispanic.” (snorts) Boil that down to its sheer essence and what do you get? It is the embodiment the left has been telling us about criminals. “Do not try to catch them. It will only make them angrier! Do not try to hold them accountable. It will only make them madder, and that will place everybody at risk.” And then we get to hear how it’s not really their fault anyway.

Because whites discovered this land and turned it into this giant, imperialistic slave state. We stole the land from the Indians. We stole the land from Mexico. We stole this and we stole that. We’ve even been accused of stealing the backyard barbecue, folks. White supremacists stole the backyard barbecue from slaves and Native Americans.

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