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RUSH: Donald Trump continues to dominate the news and the news cycle. He is not backing down. Yesterday we got the news. You know, it’s amazing to witness cowardice. It’s all over the place. Emmitt Smith was a judge in one of Trump’s beauty pageants. I guess it was Miss USA. Emmitt pulled out. Says he doesn’t want to be associated with any of this stuff. Trump said, “Who needs Emmitt Smith? Judges are easy. I’ll go get another.” (laughing) You just got to love this. (imitating Trump) “Who needs Emmitt Smith? He’s a loser anyway. He isn’t a big name. I don’t know how he became a judge in the first place. I’m going to fire the person who hired him. It’s easy to get a replacement judge.”

He’s talking to Don Lemon on CNN. Don “Black Hole” Lemon. And Lemon (imitating Lemon), “Donald, why do you have to say — my God, Donald, why did you have to accuse the Mexicans of rape?” So Trump cites the statistics of women being raped, and Lemon said, “Yeah, but why did you have to –” and Trump said, “Well, Don, who is doing the raping? I mean, someone is doing the raping, Don. Did you ever think about that? You can’t have all these reported rapes without a bunch of rapists. Who are they, Don?” Blah, blah, blah.

“I just don’t think we need to go there.”

“That’s right, Don. But I’m going there because somebody needs to go there. Who are the rapists, Don?”


RUSH: Let’s get to the latest Trump sounds bites. Last night on CNN Tonight Don Lemon was interviewing Trump, and during a discussion about NBC dropping Trump and Macy’s dropping Trump… By the way, Serta mattresses is the latest. You know, Trump has a mattress line, and Serta makes it and sells it. They have announced that at the end of their deal with Trump at the end of this year, they are getting rid of Trump.

Every one of these outfits — NBC corporate, Macy’s, Serta — have all said (every one of them has said), “We are inclusive and we believe in diversity and we do not see immigrants from Mexico in that way at all! That’s just not how we see them, and we cannot abide these comments by Mr. Trump. So we are distancing ourselves from Mr. Trump.” They all say it. The fact that the immigrants are here illegally, that doesn’t seem to bother them. The fact that…

You know, the government will not tell us. There are no full-fledged — and you can’t find them if you go looking for them — statistics on the crime rates of illegal immigrants. But it’s pretty huge. I mean, there’s a story a week of some atrocity committed by some illegal immigrant. The fact that it’s happening is undeniable. There just isn’t any official news on it because the Regime doesn’t want there to be. So Don Lemon announces all of that, and he says to Trump.

“Macy’s cut ties with you today. They took the stuff off your shelves. They say, ‘Macy’s is a company that stands for diversity and inclusion. We have no tolerance to discrimination in any form. In the statements made by Donald which are inconsistent with Macy’s values. We’ve decided discontinue our business relationship with Mr. Trump.’ How do you respond to that?”

originalDONALD: Terry Lundgren folded under pressure. He called me. He said, “Gee whiz!” You know, he’s under a lot of pressure. And, you know, I guess… Who knows? I mean, they fold under pressure. That’s the problem with our country. Everybody folds under pressure. And that’s what they did. They did a total fold. And that’s okay with me. It’s okay with me. It’s a very small business. Let them do what they want to do. I’ve had this all my life. You have to ride it through. Macy’s was unable to handle pressure. They folded like dogs.

RUSH: (laughing) That’s not the politically correct response. You know it as well as I do, that’s not what you’re supposed to say. Terry Lundgren, that’s the Macy’s guy. I told you yesterday I was playing golf here, Trump International, and I was one group behind Trump. And there was a crowd of backlog on a par three. Trump and I, his group and my group ended up on parallel fairways. One of our group had hit their ball into Trump’s fairway, so went over there looking for it.

I ran into Trump. He said, “Hey, I want to introduce you to Macy’s CEO.” He was playing golf with the Macy’s CEO. He said, “Terry Lundgren, he’s the greatest guy! If you ever need help from Macy’s, he’s the guy. He’s a quick infusion. Go to him. He’s just the greatest guy. He’s the greatest guy in the world. The guy was playing with the richest guy in Italy. He has a Ferrari parked right outside the club. I’ll show you when we leave.”

I just smiled; I shook hands with the Macy’s CEO. The politically correct thing to do was, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend Macy’s. It’s a great corporate partner.” But, no! (summarized) “They folded like a cheap suit. They folded like dogs. It’s not a big business. I don’t care. That’s the problem with America. Everybody is folding.” By the way, I profoundly agree with that. Everybody does fold. So here’s Don Lemon. He said, “Well, why did you have to say…? Donald, why did you have to say Mexicans are rapists?”

DONALD: I didn’t say it about Mexicans. I said the illegal immigrants. You look at the statistics on rape, on crime, on everything coming in illegally into this country; they’re mind-boggling. If you go to Fusion, you’ll see a story about 80% of the women coming in. I mean, you have to take a look at these stories. And you know who owns Fusion? Univision!

LEMON: I read the Washington Post. I read the Fusion. I read the Huffington Post. And that’s about women being raped. It’s not about criminals coming across the border or entering the country.

DONALD: Well, somebody’s doing the raping, Don. You know, I mean, somebody is doing it. You saying it’s women being raped. Well, who is doing the raping? Who’s doing the raping?

RUSH: You should have seen Lemon’s face. I saw the sound bite. Lemon is just deer-in-the-headlight eyes. He knew in the middle of the question he had stepped it. “Yeah, Donald, look, I read Fusion. You don’t got nothing on me. I read Fusion. I read the Washington Post! I read everything, and I’ve read about all the women getting raped. (pause) No! Ooooh, no.” Well, naturally what follows: “Who is raping them, Don?” In the Drive-By Media world, women getting raped is a singular thing.

It’s just a stat to show how women are being mistreated. It’s a stat to show how women are second class citizens. It’s a stat to show how women are not respected. The only place liberals think rape takes place is on college campus. That’s the only place they think rapes are taking place. That’s the one place they’re not happening! But what is it, Rolling Stone, fake story? So liberals believe all this cockamamie crap. They believe all these rapes are taking place. But you’re not supposed to talk about who is doing the raping.

“Who is doing the raping, Don?”

He’s talking about women immigrants coming to the country being raped. That’s very, very politically incorrect. Now, here’s Greta van Susteren last night on the Fox News Channel. She said, “I’m reading every day… I wake up. Whether it’s on Twitter or the news, something going on with Donald Trump. Another person saying, no, they’re canceling you. Now, the latest, you’re going to lose a judge from the beauty contest. Emmitt Smith, a former NFL player, now because of what you said, he’s out of the pageant business with you.

DONALD: Who cares? I don’t care if he’s in the pageant business. I mean, what difference does it make?

GRETA: But, I mean, he was a judge of yours! But he was a judge!

DONALD: Who cares? So what? We’ll get other judges. Judges are very easy to get. You know, it’s very interesting. NBC left. And Univision, which I’m suing for $500 million. They left 51 wonderful young women sitting stranded in Louisiana, in Baton Rouge, and I said, “You know what? I’m putting the show on.” So I’m putting the show on. I’m going to go to the show. But they left these wonderful 51 people stranded. They could have waited a week, and they could have had the show. But NBC chickened out because they’re weak, and that’s the problem with our country.

RUSH: (impression) “Who needs Emmitt Smith? Judges, they’re dime a dozen! I don’t need Emmitt Smith! He choked! NBC chickened out because they’re weak! I’m standing by the women — who, by the way, will not be raped during my show.”


RUSH: One more sound bite before we get to the phones. This is George Pataki. Has Pataki announced he is running? I think he has. Yeah. That’s right. He announced an exploratory committee. George Pataki. He was on the Fox Business Network yesterday afternoon with Trish Regan. The name of the show Intelligence Report with Trish Regan. They’re talking about the Republican primary and she said: “A Fox News poll shows a battle ahead of you. Donald Trump coming in second of this poll. What is your reaction of what Donald Trump said about the Mexicans?”

PATAKI: Reprehensible comment. You know, my four grandparents were immigrants. My father couldn’t speak English when he went off to the first grade. “Some, I assume are good people –” that is just ridiculous. The vast majority of Mexican Americans here in the United States came here to build a better life, to make some money, to try to participate in the American dream, to help their families. That type of comment is just beyond the pale, and I reject it. I’m calling on every other Republican candidate to stand up and say that what Donald Trump said is wrong, and they should repudiate it just the way I am now.

RUSH: Have any other Republican candidates stood up to repudiate Trump the way Pataki just did? Well, now, Rick Perry was on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier last night. And Nina Easton, Fortune magazine said, “What are your views of Donald Trump’s description of Mexican immigrants?”

PERRY: I wouldn’t have said that, obviously. Mexico is our number one trading partner in the state of Texas. It’s very important to this country.

RUSH: So that’s not exactly a denunciation, like Pataki. But it still was, “I wouldn’t say it and I don’t agree with it.” But it was not a denunciation of Trump. Just one more. Anderson Cooper, 77, last night speaking with Boston Globe political reporter James Pindell. You ever heard of James Pindell? I haven’t either. I have no idea why we’re using a sound bite from the guy other than he was on CNN. We have to get liberal sound bites from somewhere, and I’ve banned them from every else. CNN is not far, by the way, either. Why prop that bunch up?

Anyway, Anderson Cooper said, “The poll numbers that Trump is getting, drawing crowds in New Hampshire, spent time talking to the people going to his rallies. Do they genuinely like the substance of what Trump is saying?” Here’s CNN’s Anderson Cooper asking a Boston Globe reporter who wouldn’t know what people who support Trump think if he went and talked to them about it because of his bias and prejudice. Here’s this guy being asked to tell everybody whether Trump’s supporters genuinely like the substance of what he’s saying.

PINDELL: I was in a New Hampshire house party for Trump last night. And look, people are saying heÂ’s the anti-politician. HeÂ’s the truth-teller. Those are the phrases that kept coming again and again. He has the largest campaign staff on the Republican side. HeÂ’s been here several times. He has a bunch of volunteers. This is what makes Trump so dangerous. He could be the Uber of politics, right? He does not play by the rules at all. And yet, itÂ’s going to be so fascinating to watch how these candidates who do play by the rules, are going to try to get around Trump, or do they ignore him, do they take him head on? But he is going to be a major factor in this race right now.

RUSH: I’ll tell you one thing, if any other Republican candidate had said what Trump had said, he would be out of the race by now. Everybody agree with that? Because he would have folded. The pressure would have forced him to apologize, done something. But would be finished. So this guy has a point in that regard, calling him the Uber of politics.

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