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RUSH: Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter is back. Folks, I gotta tell you a story, setting this up. He was at the funeral for Richard Nixon. Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn were there, and Dr. Kissinger was there. Everybody was there. Even Clinton showed up. Clinton made a party out of it. He put a bunch of his buds on Air Force One and flew in out there, Southern California, and they made a weekend of it — orgies and stuff, you know? Reagan and Nancy showed up, and everybody lauded Richard Nixon!

I mean, every eulogy!

“He opened the door to China. He was the greatest at this; he was the greatest at that.”

The cameras would cut to Jimmy Carter sitting there, and he and Rosalynn were fuming. They were just fuming. You know what happened after that. I’m sure that the Carters left the Nixon funeral and Rosalynn said to him, “You see what’s happening here? I mean, here’s Richard Nixon– the hated, worst president ever — and they’re making him out to be a hero. You’d better do something or they’re gonna start talking about you as the biggest loser president we ever had!”

That’s when Jimmy Carter joined Habitat for Humanity, was after the Nixon funeral. He’s had a chip on his shoulder. He doesn’t like being called the Worst President of the Century. He doesn’t like the fact that the economy tanked and that failed rescue effort from the Iranian hostages. So whenever he is asked to render his opinion on any president’s foreign policy, you can guarantee he’s always gonna rip it. He has done so with Barack Hussein O.

“Carter told an Aspen Institute audience that Obama’s accomplishments on foreign policy ‘have been minimal’ and that the United States’ influence is ‘lower than it was six or seven years ago.'” That happens to be when Obama was inaugurated. Here’s just a brief audio sound bite from the Q&A yesterday at the Aspen Institute. Walter Isaacson, who wrote the book on Jobs, said to Jimmy Carter, “What about President Obama’s success or failures on the world stage? How would you assess that?”

CARTER: On the world stage, I think they’ve been minimal. I think he’s done some good things domestically. But, uh, on the world stage — just to be objective about it as I can — I can’t think of many nations in the world where we have a better relationship now than we did when he took over.

RUSH: I’m telling you, he says this because of what happened at the Nixon funeral. That is the only reason to throw a Democrat president under the bus. Guaranteed. He’s trying to still salvage his own foreign policy reputation, because that Iran Hostage Crisis? (sigh) That was the coffin closing on the Carter presidency.

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