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RUSH: Folks, we’re gonna go through it all here today, but everybody’s been lying through their teeth about this. Sidney Blumenthal has been essentially the secretary of state. I’m telling you, you know, since the early ’90s, I’m trying to rein myself in here. I mean, I just want to launch on this like you can’t believe. This woman’s stupid! I’m sorry. That’s not the way to persuade people. This woman, folks, she’s got a 1930s or 1940s political ideology, and her tech capability is 1950s. It is embarrassing.

For example, she found out there’s a cabinet meeting, except she wasn’t invited, so she sent somebody an e-mail. “I hear there’s a cabinet meeting. Can I go?” She’s the secretary of freaking state. “I hear there’s a cabinet meeting. Can I go?” Then she says, “I hear there are a bunch of Facebooks out there about me. Are they good? Can I see?” I do not understand. I have never understood why anybody on the Republican side of the aisle is afraid of this woman.

Sidney Blumenthal is telling her what to say and to whom to say it. He’s writing speeches, bullet points and all that for comments and conversations she’s gonna have with Angela Merkel. I mean it’s all over the place. The White House knew she had a private server. Everybody has lied about that. Axelrod knew she had a private server. He lied about it. ABC News is reporting on this as, “Hey, there’s nothing to see here,” and then they proceed to tell us what there is to see.


RUSH: All right. The Hillary Clinton e-mails. I have to preface this. I’m sorry. And a lot of this is gonna be redundant to those of you who have been listening here for the longest time, but I just have to reiterate. Hillary Clinton, and what people think of her, is not rooted in truth or substance. I know that’s true of a lot of things and a lot of people. But she’s gotten away with a massive media scam for 30 years, starting with, “She’s the Smartest Woman in the World,” starting with, “She could have been president herself but she gave it all up to marry Bill Clinton and move to Arkansas.”

You know the drill. And I’ve never seen any evidence of it. I’ve seen Hillary Clinton speak. I’ve watched her speak. I’ve watched her get flustered. I’ve read things that she’s supposedly written. I’ve never been able to intellectually understand on one side this massive, overwhelming fear for someone on the other side who is all hype. These e-mails just add more evidence to the fact that she is literally a media and public relations creation. She did not run the State Department when she was secretary of state.

Sidney Blumenthal did, when you get right down to it, her trusted aide. The White House told her, “No, you can’t hire him because Obama didn’t like the guy.” Blumenthal was behind all of Hillary’s attacks and assaults on him during the ’08 campaign, and they were similar to attacks that Democrats make on Republicans. That’s what Blumenthal is known for. His nickname is Sid Vicious, and he’s a reprobate. He’s of the same mind-set as David Brock and Media Matters for America. He’s just a despicable person.

But Hillary cannot cross the street without him. Hillary can’t give a speech without him. Everybody thinks it’s Huma Abedin. She does have a role. But without Sidney Blumenthal, literally she doesn’t know what to say or what she thinks. She doesn’t know. She obviously doesn’t have confidence. She’s got an ideology that’s stuck in the 1930s. She has technological abilities that are stuck in the 1950s. One of the things has been learned that she doesn’t even know how to send a fax.

They make fun of George H. W. Bush, supposedly didn’t recognize a supermarket scanner and they’ve made fun of other Republicans who didn’t understand the latest and greatest in high-tech. Mrs. Clinton doesn’t even know how to send a fax. She has no knowledge whatsoever of what it is that makes up her e-mail server. It was all farmed out; somebody else put it together. She has no clue about how any of it works.

She barely knows how to hit the “send” button, and I’m not exaggerating. Some of the language in these e-mails is just unbelievable. She sends an e-mail to somebody at the State Department, “I heard on the radio today that there’s a cabinet meeting at the White House. Can I go?” It turns out there wasn’t a cabinet meeting. It was a meeting of some other elements of government. Another such instance, she actually shows up for a meeting at the White House when there wasn’t one scheduled.

The UK Daily Mail has a really good overall on this: “E-mail Bombshells from Hillary’s Secret Account Show She Didn’t Know When Cabinet Meetings Were Held, Was Dumbfounded by a Fax Machine and Emailed Aides to Fetch Her Iced Tea.” She can’t even fix her own iced tea. She literally is sending e-mails to people to get her an iced tea, and the person who received the e-mails sends another one to people to actually do it. It took three people to get her a glass of iced tea, as secretary of state.

It’s also obvious that everybody involved in this has been lying. The White House and everybody there claiming they didn’t know she had a secret personal server? They did. They’re sending e-mail to her server. Everybody knew. Axelrod? He has been on record as saying he didn’t know about it, and if he did know about it, he would have done something about it. He was he was on MSNBC today lying again about it!

I got an e-mail from Cookie before the program began, begging to lift the ban on MSNBC to play the Axelrod sound bite. I relented. It’s coming up. You got Paul Begala, The Forehead. This is also… The Forehead is gonna be on CNN, and they’re gonna do one of these stupid little CNN Report Cards on how well the secretary of state’s doing in her new gig. Begala had no idea how she was doing because it was patently obvious nobody knew what she was doing.

So he called the State Department and asked them for talking points, and the State Department gave him whatever he wanted. So he went out there and he read the talking points that he was given and ended up giving her a grade of A+, and then wrote back to tell her. There’s another e-mail where she says that she’s heard that there’s “a lot of Facebooks” that mention her. “Are they good? Are they okay? Do we need to do anything?” A lot of “Facebooks”?

This is the woman leading the Democrat presidential polling? I don’t care if it’s name recognition or what have you. I’m telling you, folks: I bet you that 90% of Democrat Party believes that she is the most brilliant, smartest woman, that she is the most qualified ever to be president of anybody. They think that she’s on the cutting edge of everything and so smart and so adept and so skillful, she’s running rings around everybody.

I mean, the things that people have been made to believe in this country are outrageously false on so many things, and she is at the top of the list. She can’t get her own iced tea! She e-mails staff to ask a different staff member to fetch her iced tea. She had a middleman for iced tea. She uses a middleman to communicate with her husband. She doesn’t understand fax machines.

Which is now Twentieth Century low tech! These are the e-mails that she released and doesn’t mind being made public. She destroyed the most damning ones. These e-mails are not bombshells. They’re little firecrackers. But, you know, you remember Governor William J. Le Petomane in Blazing Saddles? Mel Brooks? That’s who she comes off as here, an absolute idiot!


RUSH: By the way, that iced tea that Hilary needs a middleman for when you read those e-mails? That’s not what you and I think of as iced tea, folks. I’m telling… (interruption) No, I’m serious.


RUSH: How many of you have seen Blazing Saddles? If you’ve never seen Blazing Saddles it’s worth trying to find it on Netflix or Hulu. I, of course, don’t have to find it ’cause I already have it. But for those of you who don’t buy things anymore and you want to rent them or Netflix, you should. Netflix is cyclical with their content, so I don’t know if it’s there.
But wherever, you need to see it. It’s one of the most anti-PC, anti-politically correct, humorous, funniest movies. Of course today it would probably be banned on a college campus because of its offensive nature.

It would be.

It would be banned.

I mean, if Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock say we’re not playing college campus anymore because they’re so uptight that they don’t laugh at anything, this movie would righteously anger them. But this e-mail release today (I’ve read through it and I’ve read excerpts), I’m telling you she comes across as the character played by Mel Brooks in that movie, William J. Le Petomane, the governor, and Harvey Korman who was his right-hand man, like Sidney Blumenthal actually ran everything.

And all Le Petomane did was play paddle ball with himself and spend time in the bedroom with a floozie from the saloon downstairs. That’s all he did, which I’m telling you something else, folks… It’s a homework assignment. You find these e-mails and you find the e-mails referencing Hillary seeking an aide to get her an iced tea, and you take a look at what all is involved in getting the iced tea and how it is delivered, and then you tell me if you think it’s iced tea.

I guarantee you, it isn’t Two If By Tea that they’re pouring for her inside the State Department. But you endeavor to find this on your own. Now, the UK Daily Mail, and what we learned from Hillary Clinton’s State Department e-mails… Oh, let me first tell you about the fax machine, because people are asking, “What do you mean?” I check e-mail during the break. “What do you mean she doesn’t know how to use a fax machine?” She doesn’t know how to use a fax machine.

I don’t expect any of this to matter, by the way. One thing I’m learning, folks. For 25 years, stuff like this…? We’ve been pointing out stuff like this about Hillary Clinton for 25 years. It doesn’t make a dent. You know, I routinely run into my Republican buddies places, and I guarantee you… I’m gonna do a test the next time I run into ’em on the golf course. I guarantee you the first question I’m gonna get is, “So, who do you think is gonna get the nomination? Who’s the front-runner?” and I’m not gonna answer this time.

I’m gonna say, “Let me ask a question. What do you think the Republicans need to do to win?” I’m gonna throw the onus back on my Republican buddies, I’m gonna ask ’em, “What do you think the Republicans need to do to win,” ’cause I think I know what I’m gonna hear. “Get rid of the social issues, Rush. They’ve got to stop talking about abortion.”

At which point I will then attempt to educate them about how that’s a losing proposition, and that that thinking is exactly why we now have gay marriage, and exactly why we’re gonna have polygamy. And that kind of thinking is exactly why we’re now talking about human rights for LGBT people and why we’re talking about polyamory instead of monogamy. Polyamory. We got people who want to say they love more than one person at the same time and they want to be free to do it, they don’t want to have to get married. Marriage is gonna be so old-fashioned by the finish of this. If you’re scratching your head now over gay marriage — ’cause ten years ago the idea of gay marriage would have been pooh-poohed all over this country.

If they tell me we’ve gotta stop talking about abortion, I can’t wait. My point is that I don’t expect any of this earth-shattering information being revealed about Hillary to have an iota of effect. And I’ll tell you why. ‘Cause everything I’ve told you about it, you’re not gonna hear a word even close to it on CBS, NBC, ABC, or the New York Times, or Yahoo News, or Yahoo Parenting or anywhere else people get their news.

You can talk Fox News all you want. It’s three million viewers. Three million viewers, and it’s number one in cable news, but it doesn’t even compare when you add up — and even though all these mainstream news outlets are shrinking and they’ve lost audience, if you still combine ’em, they still dwarf whatever is the alternative or conservative media.

My point is, different techniques are gonna be necessary. The truth in these e-mails, that Hillary doesn’t know what a fax machine is and doesn’t know how to use one, not gonna matter to high-tech Millennials, because they’re never going to hear about it. And you think that’s impossible, but it isn’t. They aren’t going to hear about it. And on the outside chance they do hear about it, they’re gonna think it’s just right-wing BS.

They already have their image of Hillary Clinton: smartest woman in the world, greatest, most compassionate woman in the world, in touch, on top of everything, she’s brilliant, she’s in charge, she’s in total control. None of what they believe is true, but they’re never going to hear anything other than that. And even if they do, they’re not gonna trust the sources that they hear that from. They just aren’t.

I haven’t read the New York Times in years. I don’t even read the op-eds in the New York Times. The only time I counter New York Times stuff is when somebody sends me something from it. And even on our side, there’s still people who think it’s the Bible, that what’s in the New York Times is important, and I don’t. Well, I know it’s important, but I don’t believe any of it. The reason I don’t read it, I don’t believe it. I know who the Times people are, I know what the ideological slant is, I know that it’s not news, it is the Democrat Party agenda.

The New York Times exists to destroy the things I believe in. Why would I read it? If you agree with me, we are a minority that look at the Times that way. It is the Bible for Millennials. The New York Times for people in their late teens, early twenties, mid-30, it’s the Bible. They believe everything in it. I don’t. And you probably don’t, either. But I’m not even interested in what’s in it. It’s so far out of bounds for me, it’s so anathema to me. That doesn’t erase the fact that a lot of people consider it unalterable truth. And the New York Times is not going to print one word even similar to what’s in the UK Daily Mail.

The UK Daily Mail runs rings around the New York Times in strict, just straight-up news coverage. But a vast majority of Americans don’t read it. They don’t even know about it. The point is the New York Times nor ABC nor NBC nor CBS is going to treat these Hillary Clinton e-mails anywhere close to the way Breitbart is treating them, UK Daily Mail, me, you name it. And they’re doing it on purpose. All of those news outlets are covering for Hillary.

They know exactly. Doesn’t matter. They’re liberals first. They will cover up and protect their weakest and do whatever it takes. It is not in the agenda to destroy one of their own, only us. A December 2009 e-mail exchange between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, who spent 15 minutes trying to teach Hillary how the handset on a fax machine worked, 15 minutes.


RUSH: Somebody sent me an e-mail: “What do you mean Sidney Blumenthal was the brains behind Hillary Clinton?” Let me give you an analogy. How best to explain this? Let me think about this. I’ve got pretty good analogy, but I need to nail it down here. Actually, I don’t even think it should need an analogy. If it weren’t to Sidney Blumenthal, I’m telling you — frightening. It’s frightening anyway.


RUSH: All right. Here’s the e-mail exchange between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin on the fax machine. Huma says… This is 2009, folks, so we’re six years ago now. Huma… This took 15 minutes, by the way. Huma Abedin: “Can you hang up the fax line? They will call again and try fax.” Hillary: “I thought it was supposed to be off hook to work?” Abedin: “Yes but hang up one more time. So they can reestablish the line.” Hillary: “I did.” Abedin: “Just pick up phone and hang it up. And leave it hung up.” Hillary: “I’ve done it twice now.”

I can’t even envision the kind of fax machine they’re using here, but… Well, yes, I can. See, I haven’t used an actual fax machine in a long time. I use e-fax. I don’t even use a fax. That’s just me. I’m so light-years ahead of people, I have to slow down for a minute and try to remember. She’s using an actual fax machine that had a phone handset on the side, and she still couldn’t figure it out.

This is the woman, ladies and gentlemen, who is so smart, they thought she could oversee the security of her own e-mail server in her Chappaqua basement, and she doesn’t even know how to hang up a phone so that it can be called again. Huma has to tell Hillary, “Hang up the receiver. If you don’t hang up the receiver, they’re gonna get a busy signal. Hang it up!” Hillary: “I did that. I did it twice.” She’s just picking it up and putting it down, picking it up and putting it down, thinking that’s gonna activate the fax, I guess.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites and listen to how this is all treated. This is ABC’s Good Morning America, a Jim Avila report about the release of 2,000 Hillary Clinton e-mails.

AVILA: Think about it! What would our e-mails reveal about us? In Hillary Clinton’s case, no bombshells in this batch of nearly 2,000 released overnight. Instead an inside peek at the life of the secretary of state: Flashes of ego, a tinge of sarcasm — and of course, lots of kissing up from colleagues.

RUSH: See what I mean? The first thing this schlub says, “Well, what the hell would happen to us if 2,000 of our e-mails were released? What would it say about us? In her case, no bombshells, just an inside peak at the life of the secretary of state: Flashes of ego, a tinge of sarcasm — and, of course, lots of kissing up from colleagues.” Next up… And it is a bombshell. The whole thing is a bombshell in what it reveals. But people that watch ABC are never, ever going to hear that. He’s George Stephanopoulos actually talking to Avila. Avila keeps going and engenders a response from Stephanopoulos.

AVILA: The White House apparently knew Mrs. Clinton had a special e-mail. High-ranking staff from chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to political director David Axelrod, couldn’t find the e-mail in the government directory and had to ask her assistant to provide it. George?

STEPHANOPOULOS: (snickers) Okay, Jim. Thanks very much.

RUSH: He’s laughing. He’s laughing ’cause he knows they’re getting away with this. This Avila guy said, “No, no, no! No bombshells here.” It is a bombshell that everybody knew that she had a private server, because everybody there has lied and said that they didn’t know she had a private server. And everybody’s lied and said that they didn’t know that Blumenthal was advising her.

Obama specifically refused her request to hire Blumenthal, and she did it anyway. In fact, one of the aspects about the Blumenthal involvement here is the State Department was worried that reporters would discover Sidney Blumenthal was still secretly advising her. Blumenthal himself managed to spill the beans on that to an AP reporter without knowing who he was talking to. So it was Blumenthal thinking he was just talking to some guy in a bar.

“Oh, yeah. Yeah. I’m working for Hillary,” bragging about what he was doing. It was an AP reporter. And even at that, even at that, how little do we know about her? In June 2009 Hillary learned from a radio broadcast… She was probably listening to this show. You know, Clintons are obsessed with this show, and they have been since the nineties. And that’s also been revealed in e-mails. Not just knowing it from Bill Clinton’s own words, calling KMOX in St. Louis from Air Force One.

They have e-mails going back and forth.

This is in the early nineties. This is before the blogosphere and Fox News. They were paranoid about talk radio. “In June of 2009 Hillary learned from a radio broadcast that Obama was about to hold a cabinet meeting. She e-mailed her scheduler and asked, ‘Can I go?'” Now, imagine this in real life. You’re Hillary Clinton and you’re obviously not driving yourself. You’re being driven around, you’re listening to the EIB Network, and you hear that Obama’s got a cabinet meeting coming up.

You’re secretary of state.

There’s a cabinet meeting, you haven’t been invited, and you are secretary of state. She didn’t e-mail the White House. She didn’t call the White House. She e-mailed one of her schedulers to find out if she could go. In another e-mail exchange, Huma… (laughing) This is kind of hilarious. Huma is pressing Hillary to make a tough decision on a departure time for a trip. Huma is telling Hillary to delay the departure for three hours because if she does, a bigger government jet would be available.

It’d be the difference in taking maybe a G5 versus a Boeing 757. (And Huma said: Look, you want the big plane, just delay your departure three hours.) And then the iced tea references? Well… Well, it’s abundantly clear that it isn’t iced tea. These new e-mails “reveal that, despite denials to the contrary, top [Regime] officials were aware, within the first nine months of President ObamaÂ’s first term, of then-secretary of state Hillary ClintonÂ’s use of a private e-mail server to conduct government business.”

They knew.

They have all lied about that.

Now, do not misunderstand. I know. I can hear what you’re asking me. I know you people talk to me. You talk to the radio. I say things, and you talk to me hoping I hear you. I have empathy. I know what you’re saying. In this case, “Rush, so what? So what they knew? Nobody’s gonna care. That doesn’t say anything for us. It’s not gonna change her polling numbers.” I know, folks, I know. I’m fully aware that none of this is gonna matter.

I just saw a story, she’s got a 40-point lead in polling data against any other Democrat. A 40-point lead! That’s what it said up there on CNN. Over Democrats. Not Republicans. But like Biden and Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders — who, again, I’m just gonna tell you, is never gonna get the nomination. I don’t care… The Democrat Party establishment, the elites, are gonna allow Bernie to toy with all these leftist oddball “progressives,” but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, he’s not gonna get the nomination.

It doesn’t matter. They’re not gonna let somebody be nominated who’s gonna destroy their relationship with the rich, the elites on Wall Street, the elites in corporate America, and Bernie Sanders would do that, and they’re not gonna permit that to happen. They would not permit Elizabeth Warren to get the nomination, either. Isn’t gonna happen.

They’re not gonna do anything that will allow the relationship they’ve been enjoying. They have the best deal in the world going. They’ve got the country thinking that they hate the rich, despise the rich, are out to punish the rich, are out to cream the rich, and they only care about the little guy. The Democrat Party is the party of the rich, and their own numskull voters are clueless about that.


RUSH: So here’s the sound bite Cookie asked for specific permission to play today. We have this ban on MSNBC that I previously explained on countless occasions, and she wanted me to lift the ban today because Axelrod was all over there saying (imitating Axelrod), “Hey, I didn’t know she had a private server.” He’s been saying this all through this period and the e-mail dump has revealed that he knew. He even references it in the e-mails that he sent. So he’s been caught lying.

By the way, folks, one other thing. I checked the e-mail during the break as I always do, and there was a guy that said, “If this doesn’t matter, why are you talking about it?” Because there’s a part of me that wants it to matter, folks. And here’s why. Look at what we get. We get Dan Quayle can’t spell equals Republicans are stupid. We get Mitt Romney doesn’t care because the wife of a guy who worked for him died from cancer. Romney denied ’em health care, and then put his dog on the roof of the family station wagon to go on vacation.

We get George H. W. Bush doesn’t know how to read a grocery store scanner, had never heard of one, so he’s a stupid idiot. And by that, you can’t relate to average people. He has no business being president. He’s is a rich Republican, doesn’t care about people. George W. Bush is such a stupid idiot, he was reading a book on goats when 911 happened. That’s what we get. That stuff sticks. But in a contest of sheer stupidity, nobody can compare to Hillary Clinton. And it’s in her own words. It’s not manufactured media assaults.

Instead, we get Harry Reid going to the floor of the Senate saying (imitating Reid), “You know, a friend of mine told me Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years.” Media says, “Really?”


“Who was your friend?”

“You don’t need to know. My friend is irrelevant.”

“Well, how do you know?”

“No, you need to ask Romney why he hasn’t paid his taxes.”

And they say, “Oh, you’re right,” and they go off to Romney and ask him, “Why haven’t you paid your taxes in ten years?”

And Romney said, “What are you talking about?”

“Well, Harry Reid has a friend who says that you haven’t.” And so the whole thing becomes, “Is Romney a tax cheat?” It’s why this stuff matters. Manufacture abject lies all about Republicans being rich, uncaring, unfeeling, distant, stupid, you name it, and every bit of that is contained here in the person of Hillary Rodham Clinton. You don’t find somebody more aloof and removed from average people than Hillary Clinton.

A little university, $275,000 for a speech to UMKC. How do you even request that? Just a little school wants you to come speak, they’re starting their own little Hall of Fame for women at the University of Missouri Kansas City, want her to show up. She wants 275 grand for 10 minutes, and somehow Mrs. Clinton is a woman of the people? Somehow Hillary understands the trials and tribulations. Here’s a woman who lies about being broke when they leave the White House and actually carrying furniture out when they move out.

Yeah, I’m as frustrated as anybody. The truth does not stick to these people. They make up lie after lie after lie, and it sticks to our people like glue. This is actually the worst of it, even when you succeed in persuading — let’s say that I actually had one of these Millennial tech bloggers actually sitting here with me. And let’s say I was able to prove to this little tech blogger conclusively everything in these Hillary e-mails, it wouldn’t matter to ’em, because of image, branding, it wouldn’t matter. Because he’s not seeing it anywhere else. He doesn’t have the courage to believe it on his own. None of them do.

None of these people have the courage to believe independently, to learn independently, and when they do, they don’t have the courage to believe what they found. They need the affirmation of seeing what they believe somewhere else. And if they see it in the New York Times, it’s over. If they see it on TV, it’s over. The lie gets cemented.


RUSH: Here’s Susan in Rockville Centre, New York. I’ve always loved the name of that town.

CALLER: (chuckles) Oh, well, thank you.

RUSH: Rockville Centre. How you doing, Susan?

CALLER: I’m doing great, and I am so honored that I actually got through and I can actually speak to you.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much.

CALLER: When you were talking about Hillary Clinton and how she’s technologically challenged, I had a thought back to when I worked for Apple Computers in one of their retail stores, and we used to have people come in and we would teach them how to use their computers.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: When you told the story about Hillary, what popped into my head was the over-70 crowd used to always sit down and we would ask them, “What would you like to learn about?” and they would say, “Can you teach me about the Google?”

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Google. They didn’t understand that Google was a search engine.

RUSH: Right. “Can you teach me about the Google?”

CALLER: “Can you teach me about the Google?” And I guess… Well, you know, Snerdley laughed a lot harder than you are. I thought it was really funny.

RUSH: Well, I’m polite. You can understand it with the over 70 crowd, but Hillary, she’s not quite 70 — or is she?

CALLER: No, but for somebody who hasn’t driven a car herself for 20 years, you can understand how she’s just challenged.

RUSH: Well, no.

CALLER: She’s challenged.

RUSH: I didn’t drive myself until — what was it — eight years, eight or 10 years? One of the reasons I moved, by the way, is so I could drive again. Anyway, can you…? Look, Susan, I’m out of time. Can you hang on during the break?

CALLER: Yes, sure!

RUSH: Good, good. Be right back.


RUSH: Now, back to Susan in Rockville Centre. You know, you talked about people of 70 years of age coming and wanting to know about “the Google.”

CALLER: I did.

RUSH: And Hillary… Look, in her e-mails, Hillary talks about “Facebooks.” There’s a quote. She sends an e-mail to somebody and she says, “There have been a bunch of Facebooks on me.”

CALLER: I know. (laughing) That’s what made me think about “the Google.”

RUSH: Well, how did you…?

CALLER: The fact that she said “the Facebooks.”

RUSH: How long ago were you at the Genius Bar at Apple Store?

CALLER: Oh, I wasn’t a genius, but I was more the creative type. I’m a photographer. And just a back story, quickly: I went to work for them because my husband lost his job in 2007, and we needed health care coverage. We wound up paying for it out of our own pockets for two years, and that’s when I decided I couldn’t do it anymore because I’m one of those people who had to go into 401(k) money in order to survive with two kids in college and everything else.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: So that’s why I went to work for them. So I worked for them from 2009 until 2011, when he finally got a job with medical coverage one month in, and I had to leave.

RUSH: Well, were you able to teach these 70-somethings about Google?

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, there were certain people who just didn’t get it, and they would come back, you know, week after week and have you teach them the same thing.

RUSH: Well, you know, God bless ’em for wanting to learn. There’s a lot of people, that stuff just intimidates then and they don’t want to get anywhere near it. People that have iPhones, and they love taking pictures, and you try to show them additional things. “No, no, no, no! No, no, no! I don’t want to learn! I don’t want to!” “Would you like to maybe…?” “No, I don’t! (muttering).” So it’s good that people wanted to learn this stuff. You may need a little bit more patience with them, but still “the Google,” and “Facebooks.”

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