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RUSH: Grab sound bite number 21. This is Ted Cruz. This is last night. He was on with Megyn Kelly, and he’s got a new book called A Time for Truth. That’s what I was gonna say. Everybody’s got new books out now. Anyway, Megyn Kelly said, “One of the stories in your book I thought was so great was about Justice Thomas. When you clerked, you’re a young guy. You’re clerking for the chief justice, but Justice Thomas agreed to see an African-American boy who was paying a visit to the court. Tell the viewers what happened.”

CRUZ: Justice Thomas sat down with this little boy, spent two hours talking with this junior high kid. And, I gotta tell you, what particularly impressed Carlos was Justice Thomas is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. He had a framed picture of himself with Troy Aikman. At the end of two hours, Justice Thomas walked to his desk, and he had on his desk a Super Bowl ticket encased in Lucite that was signed by Emmitt Smith. He picked it up, he gave it to Carlos. He said, “Carlos, I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna give you this. But I want you to promise me you’re gonna get A’s in school next year.” And Carlos, with his eyes big and bright, nodded and said, “Absolutely, sir, I will.” Justice Thomas had moments like that over and over and over again. He’s a man with an incredible heart, heart for people.

RUSH: See, this is another example. I don’t understand why anybody would want to destroy Dr. Ben Carson, but they’re trying to. The Democrats are. He’s one of the most decent, finest human beings we have in the country. And Clarence Thomas is the same, and yet they’re out destroying him, and they’ve not stopped trying. In fact, this guy… There’s this guy that has a show on Comedy Central. I don’t remember the name. But he thinks he’s telling a joke.

This is after one of the Supreme Court decisions this week. He says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah! You know what? I would just love to see Clarence Thomas walking down the street, just fall into a manhole and just keep falling and falling and falling.” It’s not even a joke. It’s just an open-ended desire for Clarence Thomas to have harm befall him and to disappear. All because of what he wrote in a dissenting opinion. It probably was gay marriage, would be my guess.

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