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RUSH: Our buddies at NewsBusters found a story in the UK Guardian on June the 27th that “Pope FrancisÂ’ call to action on climate change … has resulted in some strange and ‘radical’ alliances. The Guardian (UK) reported on June 27 that the Vatican added pro Occupy Wall Street activist Naomi Klein to a growing list of activists for its upcoming environmental conference.”

Now, this conference is designed to implement the global warming ideas in the pope’s encyclical. This is the conference that five different people who oppose the whole notion of man-made global warming were denied an invitation to attend. I found this out after being impugned and criticized by Cardinal Wuerl. He was on Fox News Sunday a couple of Sundays ago and Chris Wallace played a sound bite of me for him and asked for his reaction.

The sound bite was of me saying that the pope’s encyclical is basically telling people to vote for the Democrat Party, and Cardinal Wuerl said (imitating Wuerl), “Well, isn’t it wonderful we live in a country where anybody can say what they think. They are freed to express their minds even when they don’t know what they’re talking about. Isn’t it wonderful, Chris? What the pope is saying, and what Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t understand, the pope is saying let’s all gather and talk about this and talk about this together. Let’s gather the human community and solve a problem together.” Which, of course, is not what the pope is saying. The pope, Vatican, and denying people who disagree the opportunity to attend this conference.

Now, who is Naomi Klein? She’s just one of a number of activists. She’s from Occupy Wall Street, but there’s other things about her, too, that are attending this thing. I mean, wait ’til you hear. She’s scheduled to speak, Naomi Klein is, July 1st, that’s tomorrow. That’s right. That’s July 1st.

“Klein is scheduled to speak on July 1 at a press conference for the ‘People and Planet First’ Conference hosted by The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the International Alliance of Catholic Development Organisations. The Conference will focus on the practical implementation of the June 2015 encyclical. ‘A lot of people have patted the pope on the head, but said heÂ’s wrong on the economics. I think heÂ’s right on the economics,’ Klein told The Guardian. ‘The holistic view of the encyclical should be a catalyst to bring together the twin economic and climate crises.’

“Klein has a long history of economic and environmental meddling. She described her own economic views as ‘intellectually cataclysmic’ for conservatives in a November 2011 piece for The Nation Magazine. According to Klein, drastic economic changes would be necessary to address climate change. How drastic? ‘Arriving at these new systems is going to require shredding the free-market ideology that has dominated the global economy for more than three decades,’ Klein said.”

In other words, the woman is a Marxist, and she is joining the pope and attempting to make his global warming encyclical reality by destroying the free market ideology, which is capitalism. So she’s just an example of the kind of people that are being invited.


RUSH: Well, we just had a call on hold we didn’t have time to get to, but it’s about how the pope’s global warming encyclical is being mandated, taught in Catholic schools in Atlanta? It will be. Okay, we’ll have that guy on tomorrow. Yeah. I tell you, the left is taking over every institution they can, folks, stealthily and up front, doesn’t matter which way.

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