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RUSH: I’m thinking last night, I’m talking to Kathryn, and we’re talking about potential, potential, future Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans books. What do we do when we write about the Civil War? Do we even write about the Civil War? Will our book get banned? We were laughing about it. Actually, we were laughing and then we kind of got sobered by it, but it is something to consider, just amazing out there.

I hope, ladies and gentlemen, you were here yesterday, and I hope you remember something that I said, as we go forward here, and as you just sit back and watch the news and watch things, you are going to see exactly what I mentioned yesterday. You’re gonna see, on the part of people who are winning, such as at the Supreme Court or throughout these culture war battles that we are having, you’re going to see, if you pay attention, that the people winning get increasingly angrier with each victory. And you see them get meaner and bolder and it’s an amazing thing to behold.

And if you pay attention to it, I mean, I’ve got examples of it today. I’m not gonna share them with you because it’s not worth the time, but you ought to see some of the stuff I’m finding on tech blogs and other things I read populated and controlled by the left. I mean, there isn’t a sense of celebration. I guess maybe there is, but it’s just anger. It’s just pent-up rage and anger, and there’s no enjoyment of any of these victories. There’s just continued rage about what they need to do next. You watch. You just pay attention, you’ll see what I’m talking about. And I think it’s important because it’s what’s fueling a lot of this.

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