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RUSH: Now, obviously I can’t play video here. We can link to it at RushLimbaugh.com, which we will. I could play the audio, but the audio alone is not good enough because it will not supply you the pictures. I, as a highly trained broadcast specialist, can do a better job conveying this video, describing it to you, than just playing the audio. Our buddies at Campus Reform shot it. I don’t know where this is. It looks like it’s in a park across from the White House, but I don’t really know where it took place.

It doesn’t matter where it took place. They set up an easel with a big poster board on it. On the poster board were four or five mansions, pictures of huge homes, aerial pictures like you would find in a real estate website. The price of each mansion was clearly marked beneath each picture, and they asked random people walking by who they thought owned those houses. They told them that the people who owned them were in politics, I think a presidential candidate. “Which presidential candidate lives in these houses?”

They asked white people, black people, pretty people, ugly people, well-dressed people, unwell dressed people. They asked young people and middle-age, but mostly young people. And I have to tell you, I wasn’t surprised overall. But do you realize most of the people — and I’m telling you, these are Millennials that they stopped and asked? Almost all of them thought at least one of the homes belonged to Marco Rubio. Now, I’m asking myself, “Where is it..?” I have missed it if it’s been reported that Rubio is massively wealthy.

If that’s been reported… If that’s on Twitter, for example, I wouldn’t see it ’cause I don’t live in or go to sewers. And if it’s on Facebook, I haven’t seen it. I don’t live a lot on there. I actually don’t do that. No criticism. I just don’t. But I haven’t seen a mainstream Drive-By news story that said that Marco Rubio is wealthy. The second most mentioned name was Ben Carson. I’m telling you, folks, the people that Campus Reform asked were perfectly wholesome, normal, natural, everything-fine-looking people. They were not kooks, oddballs, weirdos, drifters.

They were not, you know, the usual suspects you would find on the left. They seemed happy, seemed basically in good moods, just out and about. Some people mentioned another name. There wasn’t one person that thought a Democrat owned any of the four or five mansions that were pictured. All of these young people thought that it was either Marco Rubio or Dr. Benjamin Carson. Again, somebody needs to tell me if I’ve missed it. Where has it been reported or where has it been given birth that Marco Rubio and Ben Carson are well off?

These are $12 million houses, folks. These are $11 million, $12 million, $15 million houses. I forgot to add that. Anywhere from $5 million to $12 million houses. Rubio? Ben Carson? Anyway, every one of them is owned by Bill and Hillary Clinton — every one of these mansions — and not one of these people believed it when they were told. A young black guy said, “What? Hillary Clinton? No way! No way the Clintons have that kind of money. It’s just not possible. Clintons? There’s no way.”

A young woman said, “Hillary Clinton? You’re telling me Hillary Clinton owns all of these?”


“It’s not Marco Rubio?”

“No. It’s Hillary Clinton.”

“All of them?”


“Wow. Well, that might actually affect my vote.”

Now, you and I know very well how wealthy the Clintons are. We know how obsessed with their wealth they are. We know how they claim they were dead broke when they left the White House and they actually stole things from the White House when they left. We know how much they charge for speeches. We know how much income they have derived from making speeches. We know it because the news sources we consultant have featured it over and over again for a rock solid, steady number of months.

Now, I don’t know what news these people listen to, watch, read. I don’t know where they get it, the people that were asked, but it wasn’t what you and I know. I don’t know if it’s TMZ. We joke about they spend their time on TMZ and the E! Entertainment network. Most people in the Millennial age-group actually get their news from Twitter and Facebook, and the news that they get is what other users are seeing wherever they get their news and then sharing. So I haven’t slightest idea how it got out there that Marco Rubio or Ben Carson have enough money to own a $12 million house.

But, by the same token, Mrs. Clinton and her husband, Bill, it was shocking. You could have dropped a bomb on these people. They could not believe it, even after they were told. Some of them didn’t want to believe it. It didn’t compute. Here’s a companion story from the Washington Post: “When the University of Missouri at Kansas City was looking for a celebrity speaker to headline its gala luncheon marking the opening of a womenÂ’s hall of fame, one of the names that came to mind was Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Because, you know, folks, Hillary is the only woman in America who’s ever done anything exceptional, so if the University of Missouri Kansas City’s gonna open a women’s hall of fame, there can be only one choice. It had to be Hillary Clinton. So they called her. They reached out. They extended an invitation to Hillary Clinton to come speak at the opening of the women’s hall of fame at UMKC. Hillary quoted a fee of $275,000, officials at the public university balked.

“‘Yikes!’ one e-mailed another.” They can’t afford that. So what did they do next? Off the top of your head, what do you think they did next? Hillary Clinton charged ’em 275 grand for 15-minute speech; they said no. Who did they then offer this opportunity to? (interruption) No, they offered it to Chelsea, and Chelsea demanded $65,000, and they paid it. “The university paid $65,000 for Chelsea Clinton’s brief appearance Feb. 24, 2014…”

This is before, I mean, this is not Chelsea now. This is Chelsea a year and a half ago. They paid Chelsea 65 grand. “More than 500 pages of e-mails, contracts and other internal documents obtained by The Washington Post from the university under Missouri public record laws detail the schoolÂ’s long courtship of the Clintons. They also show the meticulous efforts by Chelsea ClintonÂ’s image-makers to exert tight control over the visit, ranging from close editing of marketing materials and the introductory remarks of a high school student –” Yes, a high school student was gonna introduce Chelsea. Chelsea had total control over what that student said.

There were also mandatory agreed-to time limits on how long Chelsea would spend on campus. “The schedule she negotiated called for her to speak for 10 minutes, participate in a 20-minute, moderated question-and-answer session and spend a half-hour posing for pictures with VIPs offstage.” So for a full hour with Chelsea Clinton, the University of Missouri Kansas City paid $65,000. “As with Hillary ClintonÂ’s paid speeches at universities, Chelsea Clinton made no personal income from the appearance, her spokesman said, and directed her fee to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.”

So here’s Campus Reform, a poster board on an easel, four or five mansions, anywhere from five to $15 million, asking random Millennial passersby, who owns them? They all think either Marco Rubio or Ben Carson. One person said George Bush. None of them guessed Hillary Clinton. And when they were told that Hillary owned all of them, they could not believe it. And then learned that in February 2014 Hillary demanded 275 grand for a 10-minute speech at the University of Missouri Kansas City.

So Chelsea left her $10.5 million-dollar home and her hedge fund husband, to schlep to flyover country. I used to live there. Where people used to be sensible. This is incredible. Just absolutely incredible. And yet all of these stories on the speech fees the Clintons get, folks, Millennials have no clue. Probably the vast majority of the American population has no idea how wealthy the Clintons are, they have no idea how they’ve acquired their money. They don’t think they have any money. They’re for the little guy. Just like the Kennedys were.


RUSH: Okay, I see what happened. I see what happened. When I was on vacation that week, a couple weeks ago, the New York Times ran a story on Marco Rubio buying an $80,000 boat, and they referred to it as a huge yacht and how he had spent all this money, 80 grand. It’s a fishing boat, for crying out loud. But the New York Times does a story on Rubio buying an $80,000 boat, and they dress it up, and I don’t think there’s any doubt that these Millennials are devoted to the New York Time.

In all the places they go to get news, you can’t miss the New York Times. The New York Times is the Bible. It’s not just the Bible for the people that live in the city of New York. For our age-group the New York Times is a joke. The New York Times is filled with lies and distortions, and it’s the epitome of what’s wrong with the media. To these youths, it’s the Bible. So they run a piece on Rubio buying an $80,000 boat. The Clintons would spit on an $80,000 boat. They would torch it. The Clintons wouldn’t get on an $80,000 dollar boat. They wouldn’t be seen on an $80,000 boat.

The New York Times compared or makes an $80,000 boat out to be an Aristotle Onassis type yacht. So there you have it, that’s why they thought the mansions we were Rubio’s. Now, Carson, probably ’cause of the word “doctor”… (interruption) What? (interruption) Doesn’t matter. He’s quitting. Stewart ragged the New York Times on the Rubio story? (interruption) Doesn’t matter. I think there’s certain myths out there that have become believed, automatic belief. I don’t think that’s one of them. But nevertheless, it obviously didn’t matter.

I mean, if Comedy Central’s ragging on the New York Times for going overboard on Rubio’s little Podunk fishing boat as some major mega rich yacht cruising the South of France — you don’t find any Republicans over there. You don’t find Republicans at Cannes. You don’t find Republicans over there at the Cannes Film Festival. You don’t find Republicans at this advertising thing they just had at Cannes. You don’t find Republicans at Monaco. I’ve been over there. I have yet to see one Republican. (laughing) It’s amazing. It has to be it. What else is there that’s been out there that Rubio is floating in money? Doctor Ben Carson. Everyone thinks doctors are multi-gazillionaires, proving again that people have no idea what Obamacare’s done to doctors and what Medicare has done to doctors, no idea.

It may be truthful to say that we live when there’s more media than ever. We have currently the most ill-informed or uninformed population at any time in our nation’s history, even going back to the founding. The things people think they know that are wrong and don’t know, every day there are more and more examples of this that actually, frankly, are hard to believe, ’cause there’s an absence of common sense. They don’t refute anything. They don’t disbelieve anything they see in the liberal media. Nothing. They accept it as Bible.


RUSH: Okay. So I have dug deep here during the break. I have discovered that the New York Times story on Marco Rubio’s fishing boat, $80,000 fishing boat, apparently just took off on social media (this is what I thought), the sewers of Twitter and then Facebook, and it just got expanded way out of proportion, an $80,000 boat. Of course, when the Clintons buy anything? Like, folks, I’ve got a story. Let me find it here. Let me find it. What did I do with it? I hope I put it near the top here.

Bill Clinton was in Paris recently and had a five-car caravan, and they pulled into an exclusive shopping area, and they pulled down all the shades on the windows, and he went into Hermes. He went to the Hermes store. (shuffling papers) Oh, darn it. Maybe I didn’t print it out. Maybe I… (chuckling) You know what I did? I probably looked at it, said, “This is a waste of time. This doesn’t mean anything.” I bet I didn’t print it out. So I’m having to tell you about it from memory. But it was in Paris and Clinton shows up in a five-car caravan, SUVs, security detail and all that, to go shopping.

They closed all the windows, maybe even shut down the store while Clinton was in there, and you were not allowed — passersby were not allowed — to see what Clinton was doing in there, what he bought, not see anything. They literally closed the drapes per se, and apparently Clinton walked out of there with five or six shopping bags full of stuff but nobody knows what. The agency, the news site reporting it was reduced to simply quoting what various things in an Hermes store cost, like a belt. Just a belt for a pair of slacks can cost you a thousand dollars in there.

An Hermes’s necktie — which I frankly wouldn’t wear one but if you live in New York and work on Wall Street, the financial markets, you’re almost required to have a bunch of them as the uniform. I’ve seen it. I’ve been to Paris with those guys, to cigar dinners, and I’ve seen ’em go shopping at Hermes and they come out with the red, the blue, the green, and they get the uniform ties. These are middle managers, upper-middle managers on the upcoming, the ladder of success, and Hermes tie is required part of the uniform. Here’s the story.

“Bill Clinton Gets in Some Retail Therapy at Hermes in Paris.” What’s the website? People. Unbelievable. People mag. “When in Paris, even former President Bill Clinton can apparently spare a little time for shopping — at Hermes. A five-car convoy carrying the former president and a security detachment arrived out front of the luxury brand’s landmark boutique on Monday at noon.” I’ve been to this place. I didn’t go in. I’ve walked past it. It’s not far down the street from the Hotel Bristol. You don’t see many Republicans in this place, but I’ve been there.

“‘There were about a dozen security men — American and French — with him and they went inside,’ an observer tells People.” Ah. It’s People magazine that has the story. See, that makes it okay, see? People is a celebrity rag; so it makes it okay. The New York Times reported on Rubio’s filthy rich boat. “Hermes on Faubourg St Honore is a shopper’s mecca known for scarves, leather goods and luxury items. A spokesperson for the shop tells PEOPLE, it ‘never discloses details about its clientele.’

“Clinton, 68, spent more than an hour on the shop’s third floor section, where windows were closed after his arrival. The observer speculated: ‘He’s up there, probably buying the store.’ He reportedly left with several shopping bags though they’re hard to spot in the video below. We can’t help but wonder what he purchased and whether Clinton was shopping for himself or his wife,” or… (chuckling) It’s left blank. “The luxury store sells ties for about $225; a leather belt can set you back nearly $1,000.

“It certainly seems like the former president would be able to afford the luxe shopping trip — as the New York Times reported June 17, the Clintons’ net worth is somewhere between $11.3 million and $52.7 million…” So the Times has reported that and People magazine reported Bill on a shopping trip. But you see, here’s the difference: The Clintons are considered nice, good people. They care about the little guy! They’ve worked hard for them; they were dead broke when they left White House and look what they’ve overcome.

You know, these dumb people just lap this stuff up and they accept it. I’m telling you, folks, Bill Clinton can go out and buy a $2.5 million yacht and the people at Campus Reform could run their same test, and nobody would think the Clintons owned any of those houses when they own ’em all. (sigh) Anyway, there’s also even more on the Rubio story. Apparently Rubio had a great comeback when the Times was ragging him and social media was ragging him about his $80,000 “yacht.”

He said, “It’s not a luxury boat if you have to pee over the side.” And then the next thing that happened, Rubio recently put his house on the market in order to move his family to Washington. His house is in Miami. His house was listed for around $675,000. It’s in a working-class neighborhood, same neighborhood that he grew up in. He put his house up for sale in 2013. I don’t know whether it sold or not. But what does it tell you that when your average Millennial on the street is shown a picture of four or five houses between $5 million and $11.5 or $12 million, they think they’re Marco Rubio’s?

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